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Why Read The Classicsis An Elegant Defence Of The Value Of Great Literature By One Of The Finest Authors Of The Last Century Beginning With An Essay On The Attributes That Define A Classic Number One Classics Are Those Books That People Always Say They Are Rereading , Not Reading , This Is An Absorbing Collection Of Italo Calvino S Witty And Passionate Criticism

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    This collection of essays collected after the author death, is just one manifestation of the truly encyclopedic mind and creative mind of Italo Calvino Many a pedant is widely versed in literature but few have the power to infuse their knowledge with the entertaining and enchanting self deprecating spirit of Calvino.How Calvino would have assembled or edited this collection we shall never know, so it is up to the reader to judge how well the structure stands up The number of writers is daunting and I do not think there is a thematic unifier in the in the collection but the spirit of the assembly is certainly to be found in the first two essays Why Read the Classics and The Odysseys Within The Odyssey These may account for the eclectic and curious inclusion of some of the esoteric writers in this collection.If you want to be enlightened and aesthetically challenged, this a good place to stop Many have I hope read or at least heard of Homer, Hemingway, Borges etc but Ponge, Gadda, Tiro lo Blanc The number of footsteps in this journey are to numerous to mention Whatever destination each reader arrives at, it will be worthwhile.

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    The Breadth of his compass.

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    It s Italo Calvino at his most intimate Loved his interpretation and analysis of his personal classics, even if I don t totally agree with them all I found a new interest in the works of Charles Dickens which I intend to thoroughly explore.

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    Calvino is a marvelous intellectual and a fine tuned teacher His reasoning is specific and makes it easier to model his role.

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    This was a book club book and we all found it boring to read, with the exception being chapters about books we had read I would just rather read the classic instead Overall, not a good choice for our group.