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Should You Finish Every Book You Start How Has Your Family Influenced The Way You Read What Is Literary Style How Is The Nobel Prize Like The World Cup Why Do You Hate The Book Your Friend Likes Is Writing Really Just Like Any Other Job What Happens To Your Brain When You Read A Good Book As A Novelist, Translator And Critic, Tim Parks Is Well Placed To Investigate Any Questions We Have About Books And Reading In This Collection Of Lively And Provocative Pieces He Talks About What Readers Want From Books And How To Look At The Literature We Encounter In A New LightThese Pieces Were Originally Published As Columns In The New York Review Of Books This book is an excellent proof that one person cannot be a good writer and respectful literary educator and critic at the same time I love Tim Parks for his literary essays, and Where I m Reading From is a real joy to read Because, here Parks is at his best a formidable essayist and an intellectual who is exploring and presents the topics he had been working on for the whole of his career If anyone wants to proof read this book and compare it, for ex., with his renowned novel Europa If this book is a sparkling excursion into literary history, sort of dessert for intellectual, written in bright, sharp tongue of a professional, Europe presents a practical example of how NOT to write Ever By itself it s also a valuable example, I agree With its idiotically long half page sentences, lack of harmoniously constructed ideas and yes, how it was noticed by most of his critics, terribly pretentious But, you can try to write sentences even a page long, it will not make Tolstoy out of you Those who stumbled once upon Tim Parks novels can be scared to death by that experience and try to run from his books like from the fire Vainly Parks essayist, literary critic and professor of creative writing, what is book is about, is just inimitable. Some of these essays I ve read before in the NY Times Often, I don t agree with him but still no one is bringing up the topic of the world of books and it s a topic we should discuss I did learn a great deal about the Nobel Prize for Literature which certainly was eye opening. wonderful book Tim is absolutely correct that we have wasted too much time reading books we dislike, especially in schools, which left us insufficient time for interesting books. Tim Parks is an excellent author, and an even better critic, so I m not surprised he has collated many articles he s written for the NY Times on writing, books and culture in the lit world He has an amazing and busy mind asking questions many of us probably never think of Where I m Reading From is an original books in terms of trend I doubt it will go on to be a bestseller like some of the celebrity autobiographies are, but it s an interesting read nonetheless.I think it is certainly most suited to avid readers of literary fiction and authors themselves will find these essays extremely engaging I found this book thought provoking to say the least and found myself disagreeing with some of Parks s opinions, but I m guessing that was the point Parks can sometimes have some extreme views on things, which can spark a debate right there in the coffee shop, bus stop or wherever your favourite book nook is.It can be tough going at times, especially if you ve only got a spare five, ten minutes to read as it contains elevated lexis, complicated themes and critiques of well known literary classics all with quotes Definitely worth a read if the ever changing world of books takes your fancy. Very good Tim Parks addresses topics that often are not talked about in the literature business and for that alone he deserves a lot of respect His style is straight to the point and very rational, which i, coming from the sphere of technique computer science can really appreciate.