free When the Sky Breaks: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and the Worst Weather in the World (Smithsonian) By Simon Winchester –

Excellent book. New York Times Bestselling Author Simon Winchester Looks At Which Way The Wind Blows In This Exciting Book About Giant Storms Simon Winchester Is An Avid Weather Watcher He S Scanned The Skies In Oklahoma, Waiting For The Ominous Finger Of A Tornado To Touch The Earth He S Hunkered Down In Hong Kong When Typhoon Warning Signals Went Up He S Visited The World S Hottest And Wettest Places, Reported On Fierce Whirlpools, And Sailed Around South Africa Looking For Freak Winds And Waves He Knows About The Worst Weather In The World A Master Nonfiction Storyteller, Winchester Looks At How, When, Where, And Why Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones, And Tornadoes Start Brewing, How They Build, And What Happens When These Giant Storms Hit His Lively Narrative Also Includes An Historical Look At How We Learned About Weather Systems And Where We Re Headed Because Of Climate Change Stunning Photographs Illustrate The Power Of These Giant Storms My kid love it Love the graphics and information Macro science on weather change which emphasis on what happens and why leading to the problems should be addressed His range of interest lead to good reading. A master piece just as you would expect from SimonWinchester