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What would you do if you found out your girlfriend laid an egg every time she had sex? Who would you be if you were invited to a party in Beijing but had to make up a brand new identity for six weeks? Peter Tieryas Liu's Watering Heaven is a travelogue of and reuiem for the American dream in all its bizarre manifestations and a surreal fantastic journey through the streets alleys and airports of China Whether it's a monk who uses acupuncture needles to help him fly or a city filled with rats about to be exterminated so that the mayor can win his reelection bid be prepared to laugh swoon and shudder at the answers Peter Tieryas Liu offers in this provocative debut collection

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    This marvelous collection of short stories is crazily inventive completely creative fascinating superbly written and reality expanding Peter T Liu is one of those writers that make you wish your mind worked even half as well and that creative writing classes really could have given you a drop of his brilliance All the stories had their own beauty and life but my favorites involved eggs or dancing Highly recommended and I can't wait for from this exciting writer

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    如果这本书是天空词是明星view spoilerif the book is the sky the words are all stars hide spoiler

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    Reader's Digest version of my review Watering Heaven is simply and unuestionably one of the best books to come out in 2012 I cannot stress this enoughI've been fumbling for days now searching for the exact right words to describe this book I'd started writing my review even before I finished the book So many stories stood out that it became hard to pick which ones I could claim as my favorite Even that word—favorite—all but loses its meaning when you come across such a wonderful collection One of the elements of Liu’s collection I enjoyed most was the way he elegantly layered in different myths with his modern stories where the protagonist would ultimately learn something Beyond that Liu has a way of tying the myths and stories together often with incredible single lines They’re like a punch to the solar plexus when you see what he’s done“I wanted something so badly I tried to destroy it when I couldn’t have it”“Moths don’t eat you know? They’re born they transform they fuck then they die”“Unfortunately my essence too was just a shard a sublimation of everything I’d wanted Death was the normal end for everyone there and only there would my search for normalcy end”These three uotes are from three different stories but they share one commonality they guide the reader toward what’s really important from the story They help the reader as well as the protagonist take something awaySome of these stories demanded that I put the book down and let the impact of the language sink in For other people the book can be read in a couple sittings but for me I had to process each story on its own I felt like it’d be a disservice not to give each one individual attentionTherein lies one of the other elements I enjoyed most the way each story stands out on its own yet feels perfectly selected for inclusion in this collection There are recurring characters—Larry Chao might be the most memorable—as well as recurring themes though never do they feel rehashedSuperlatives run thin at this point in some reviews I can’t recommend the book enough It’s got an incredibly tender human element that is missing from so much of today’s literature which is really some of the highest praise I can give a bookMy hat is off to Peter Tieryas Liu— chapeau

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    I really enjoyed this one Initially I was wanting to make comparisons to Calvino or Borges both of which would be accurate except as I worked through the collection what stood out even when there were bursts of intense creativity and magical realism was the personal and emotional energy running through all of them the elegance and the tendency to do away with unnecessary artifice The stories are about alienation love self discovery to the same extent they're concerned with self representation mythology Some of the standouts for me were The Political Conceptions of Getting Fired Gradients and especially Chronology of an Egg It was also great to see so many stories dealing with China or Chinese Americans In general the only thing I felt was missing was a longer story to act as sort of the center of the collection the longest story was about 17 pages whereas I would have preferred to see one or two between 30 and 60 since so many of these pieces dealt with the relationships between people over long periods of time It's been a while since I read through a short story collection in just a few days and this is one I would definitely recommend checking out

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    LOVED IT5 STARSMove over George Saunders who's book of Short Stories was rated #1 Best seller this year Peter Tieryas Liu's stories are betterCreative REALLY CREATIVE engaging to the point where you'll need to take a walk and 'think' for a several hours after each one Enjoyable Very human and heart touching Great dialogue relationship connections Global intimacy challenges Witty writing damn wonderfulPeter has just now become my new favorite author I admire his work I am starting to feel 'that feeling' I have towards Dave Eggers Some authors are great writers which Peter is MUCH TALENT But through his writing I see something else This guy is an exceptional humanitarian a guy who would 'walk the walk'I'd bet my ass of itBy the way For those who sayBut I don't read SHORT STORIESThey do nothing for mea camp which I felt I once lived in Well then read THIS BOOKYou just might change your mind

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    Great writing great stories Will say soon These stories are very original and fascinating All but a couple I think were told in first person this and the setting hold the collection together Themes range from love loss belonging and not belonging identity connection or lack of connection in relationships etc Liu has a particular way with language that forces the reader to pay close attention sentences that move from funny to moving to sharp and deft or deeply metaphorical I was especially taken with the dialogue throughout There are no throwaway lines It made me think this collection would be fantastic as a series of short films because of the dialogue the strange characters the surprises each story seems to hold for the reader Previous reviews have done a good job of summarizing the stories so I won't do that here My favorites were Chronology of An Egg Staccato and 58 Random Deaths and Unreuited LoveSome favorite linesFrom Staccato Riveting is a word I shouldn't use carelessly as I've had a bad experience with rivetsUsed to be religious but couldn't understand how any superior being could create an animal so uglyAnd this whole amazing exchangeYou really sell dead moths? I askYou really sell vitamins?The Maotais are strong I'm an accountantAnd I'm a failed violinist she replies You enjoy your work?I love numbers especially imaginary ones I say You realize the fall of society began with the concept of irrational numbers?How so?It uantified madnessShould I have said legitimized?I love that I love the parenthetical Liu's characters are so smart and broken and odd and searching Staccato is to me one of the sadder stories of the collection but the sadness creeps up on you as you're busy watching the thing unfold I love when a story does that to me Most of the stories end on a strong line of dialogue and then perhaps an added small gesture a thought a brief action that manage to resonate without pounding you over the head with what the writer wants you to come away with There's a confidence to the writing that I appreciated Every story seems to contain something unexpected or strange or delightful which again I appreciated and enjoyed Every story makes you think Highly recommend this collection and look forward to of Liu's work

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    Watering Heaven is Peter Tieryas Liu’s debut short story collection and it is a beautiful anthology of stories about human loneliness vulnerability love loss and the crushing weight of the American dreamAll of the stories have some connection to Asia most of them take place in LA or Beijing and the combined AsianAmerican perspectives were really interesting to readThis collection contains both realistic stories and surreal pieces that meander into magical realism; there’s a man who reconnects with his old crush only to find that she is no longer desirable a man who forsakes his dreams for a fat paycheck and a man who is obsessed with listening into other people’s phone calls but there’s also a girl without a reflection a man who can die and then come back to life and a monk who uses acupuncture needles to fly around a decaying amusement park These stories are about alienation emotional baggage and unreuited love but they’re also about joyful nights partying on the Great Wall getting to know fascinating new people and discovering new truths about the worldIt took me a few stories to really get into this collection but when I did get into it I became really absorbed Although I usually like to dip in and out of short story collections reading one or two stories at a time and then doing something else Watering Heaven was really easy for me to sit down and read for an extended period of time The writing is gorgeous and the stories flow really well together weaving a beautiful tapestry of insecurity heartbreak and self discoveryThe characters in these stories are stunted in different ways In “Unreflected” a former chef loses his sense of taste and smell and a girl loses her reflection The woman in “The Buddha of Many Parts” can only fall in love with pieces of people not their whole beings Characters in multiple stories are stunted by their belief in the American dream by putting their dreams and childhood desires on hold to pursue prominence and high salariesAs with any short story collection there were many stories that shined brightly and that I really connected with and a few that I didn’t uite love Among my favorites were the stories that incorporated Asian folklore and mythology such as “The Wolf’s Choice” and “The Buddha of Many Parts” a story about being inspired by perfectionimperfection and the jealous human drive to destroy the perfection we can’t attain Another favorite was “Cold Fusion” a story American excess and egotism but also about a man’s inability to tell his lover how he feels and ask her not to leaveWatering Heaven is a beautiful short story collection filled with imperfect sympathetic characters haunting situations and elouent yet understated writingI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for my fair and honest reviewMore book reviews at Books Speak Volumes

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    There was something terribly unromantic about falling in love in Beijing And yet it was the most romantic city I'd knownShe couldn't see me in motion and our desires became frozen in the strata of memoryI watched the trains each one a moving billboard selling commercialized happinessWalking on water is easy if you know where to stepWe were like those two ill fated lover gods who shouted at each other until they became so cold and obdurate they turned into mountainsWatering Heaven is a beautiful read The author is a very good reader too I wish there were stories

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    45 stars Short stories are usually not my genre of choice There have been a couple books in 2012 that have changed my mind a little bit Watering Heaven is most definitely among those ranks You must read this book If you like authors who know how to use magical realism to elicit really gorgeous stories you must read this book If you like authors like Borges or Murakami that make the unreal seem plausible and even real you must read this book If you are an armchair traveler you must read this book Here's what I'm trying to say to you this book is going to appeal to a lot of people and I wholeheartedly suggest that you pick it up and take a look This book tells a lot of different stories about a lot of different people Most of the stories are told from a gentleman's perspective Some of the stories are from the first person point of view Others are from the third person point of view Many of the books have a magical realism element that I absolutely love One of my favorite stories in the book is about a woman who lays an egg any time she has sex which for obvious reasons perhaps seems to drive her lovers away I know this sounds like a really crazy scenario but the way that Liu writes you almost find yourself wondering why this doesn't happen to people It's a real talentI also loved the traveling in this book Many of the stories take place in California and China I have not read a lot of stories set in China so those stories were especially interesting to me You get a great sense of place in this book which I absolutely love You can see the cityscape You can see the street corners and stores and building You can see the different people that inhabit the world of these characters Bottom line A great collection of vivid short stories

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    I have always heard that good short stories are trickier to pen than good novels but they certainly pose no problem for Peter Tieryas Liu These are full of fresh ideas and surprisesClever and thought provoking phrases abound 'We all have our costumes None of us likes to be found out' 'A connoisseur of eclectic conversations' 'the music of discordance singing songs that had never been sung' and 'the misery of joy and the bliss of sorrow' The loneliness of mankind is touched on often and moths seem to be key too I can't seem to get the uestion out of my mind 'Can milk make crows talk?' Reading this was like eating ice cream It was a first reads giveaway signed by the author Thank you