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Enables Novices To Find Their Own Aesthetic His Fans And Those Seeking Basic Design Advice Will Find Much To RecommendLibrary Journal, STARRED REVIEWJam Packed With Helpful Decorating Advice Shares Tips Like How To Pick The Right Size Sofa, How Low Pendants Should Hang, And Pretty Ways To Arrange Store Bought FlowersHGTV MagazineNot Just A Coffee Table Book Filled With Beautiful Interiors, But A Grab And Go Resource On What It Takes To Create Timeless Style At HomeLos Angeles TimesGives You The Design Formulas And Principles You Need To Achieve That Flawless Je Ne Sais Quoi In Every Room Of Your Home Plus, The Beautiful Images Of His Own Homes Are Not To Be MissedPopsugarOprahStrategic Secrets To Creating An Inviting Living SpaceOprahRemarkably Practical AdviceAtlanta MagazineWHAT MAKES A HOME BOTH SMART AND BEAUTIFUL Have You Ever Wondered Exactly How High To Hang Your Artwork How About The Light Fixture Over Your Dining Table Do You Know How To Ideally Size A Rug For Any Room, Or The Best Way To Arrange Your Furniture Trusted Designer Vern Yip Answers These Questions, And , By Revealing The Right Formulas And Measurements That Can Make Any Room Feel Just Right And Once You Know These Key Design Principles, Youre Free To Confidently Create A Home That Uniquely Celebrates Your Needs And Style Vern Shares His Favorite Insider Tips, And Opens His Doors To Show How Hes Made Them Work In His Own Beloved Homes Vern Yips Design Wise Provides Both The Inspiration And The Clear, Essential Guidelines You Need To Create A Home That Perfectly Reflects You