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They Can T Stand Each Other Or Can They For Years, Hard Work And Perseverance Have Been The Tenets By Which Santiago Vila Lived His Life As Such, He S Achieved Everything He S Gone After Except Abena Dubango She S The Total Package Of Brains, Beauty, And A Sense Of Humor Even Though She Wears Another Man S Ring, He S Never Forgotten The Moments They Spent Together And He Ll Make Sure She Doesn T, EitherAbena Has Plans Get Married, Have Children, And Live Happily Ever After She Even Has A Fianc To Achieve Her Goals But Two Things Stand In Her Way Santiago Vila, And Her Undeniable Attraction To Him

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    Highly recommended That is a lot of expectations from one parent when it comes to Abena As an adult it s hard to find your way when too much is riding on your shoulders As for Santiago, his father is a total butthead and a sad individual Santiago deserved his happiness from his spiteful father I enjoyed the outcome of the story Great work Ms.

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    Delaney delivered again Loved this Latin Men Series A very good ending Abena and Santiago had a very special kind of love Very sweet and not much drama A must read.

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    Good Two little issues 1 This author has to learn how to use the past participle form of the verb Using the simple past tense in every, single situation is wrong and jarring 2 There is one incident where the Ghanaian protagonist s face is being held tenderly as if her skin were made out of the finest porcelain Come on Throughout the book, the reader is told how beautifully dark Abena is Granted, porcelain does not only reference colour but texture, yet we know that both are conjured mentally upon usage Let s not rely on the old and hackneyed for our characters please Whiteness and its attendant adjectives have no space in this book.

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    Really loved this couple 5 undeniable stars

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    Santiago and Abena, when love takes holdIt s bittersweet that the Latin Series has come to an end, but Delaney did what only she could do Fusing together two cultures of strength and love What we have in Santiago and Abena was magical It was not perfect but instead perfectly imperfect Abena having to come into her own womanhood while remaining true to her upbringing Santiago having to not allow his past keep him from his present It was a good mix of emotional pull and internal strength to succeed It was beautiful and I rooted for them each step of the way As I paraphrase the line, love chooses you, you don t get to choose love It was the freeing moment between Abena and her aunt that reconciled her heart to Santiago.

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    Undeniable is the story of the love between Abena Dubango from Ghana and Santiago Vila from Argentina They work in the highly competitive world of restaurants, in Miami, and have a story in their past But Abena is engaged to a seemingly better suitor However, the attraction between them is just too strongThis is a very entertaining novel, hot and steamy, but also tender, with a very strong and likable female character and a really attractive male counterpart I love it when romance tells stories about job, family and personal growth too, and this story does I can recommend it to any romance fan.I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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    I have wanted to read Abena and Santiago s story since I was introduced to them in More Than a Mistress Latin Men Book 6 I was so happy when this book came out that I rushed to read it and it didn t disappoint Filled with the couple s personal history, friendship, passion, and a true romance My main issue with the book was Abena s stubbornness when it came to Santiago Of course it had a basis, and to an extent I totally understood why she resisted him for so long, but there were a few times when I wanted to yell at her so she d finally wake up and accept the deliciousness that was Santiago Other than that the book was amazing.

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    They can t stand each otheror can they Wow The fire between Abena and Santiago had the pages in my book sizzling I loved the passion and the way Delaney Diamond is able to create a wonderful picture of a couple s banter heated arguments, and love It was great Then the added shocker from Santiago s father Had me shaking my headYou ll find you won t put this one down A riveting conclusion to the series A recommended read

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    Really enjoyed this storyLoved that they were friends before they became lovers and all the characters were very interesting Santiago s Dad was awful I also liked that we got to read about Sonia and Estaban in the story Very entertaining and I liked Abena introduced him to her culture A very enjoyable read.

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    Undeniably Excellent Read The latest last novel of the Latin Men series did not disappoint Abena and Santiago s story picked up where it left off in the previous novel their argument in Estaban s office They had excellent chemistry and both had to overcome a few demons for them to be together.