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There Are Only Two Notable Differences Between Toys For Little Boys And Toys For Grown Up Boys The Toys Get Bigger With Age And Expensive Matchbox Cars Give Way To High End Sports Cars, Model Boats Become Motorboats And Sailing Yachts, And The Plastic Wristwatch Turns Into A Swiss Chronograph With A Perpetual Calendar And Minute Repeater The Toys For Men Series Has Always Stayed Abreast Of This Male Drive To Play In The Latest Volume, We Present The Ultimate Wish List, A Selection Of The Most Exclusive, Most Innovative, And Most Luxurious Toys That Men With Money Can Buy Of Course, The List Includes The Classic Male Fantasies Of Executive Jets, Mega Yachts, And Super Sports Cars The Truly Giant And Great Things That Move Men In The Air, On Water, Or On Land But It Also Includes The Little Gadgets From Headphones And Wristwatches To SLR Cameras That Make Tech Loving Men S Hearts Beat A Little Faster We Also Include The Vices That Speak To Connoisseurs, Like That Special Bottle Of Spanish Wine Or One From The USA, Scottish Whiskey, Or Cigars From The Dominican Republic And Last But Not Least, We Include One Of The Greatest Luxuries Of All Having A Product Tailored To You And You Alone, Bespoke Style But We Re Not Just Talking About Custom Tailored Suits Cars, Golf Clubs, Skis, Nearly Everything Today Can Be Customized To Suit Your Particular Tastes If You Re Searching For The Ultimate Toys For The Gentleman Who Has Everything, You Ll Hit Pay Dirt Here Because As Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche Already Knew, There Is A Child Hidden In Every Man And It Wants To Play written in multiple languages