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Twentieth Century Literary Criticism Is A Major Anthology Of Key Representative Works By Fifty Leading Modern Literary Critics Writing Before The Structuralist Revolution It Is A Companion Volume To Modern Criticism And Theory Longman , Also Edited By David Lodge, Which Anthologises Contemporary Criticism As It Has Developed Through Structuralism And Post Structuralist Theory Together These Volumes Provide The Most Comprehensive Survey Available Of Traditional And Radical Literary Theory In ActionThe Critics Collected Together In This Volume Have Been Drawn From England, America And Europe, And Each Essay Has Been Prefaced By An Editor S Introduction Which Suggests The Historical And Methodological Significance Of The Piece And Gives Bibliographical And Biographical Information This Writers Collected Are M H Abrams, W B Yeats, Sigmund Freud,Henry James, Ezra Pound, T S Eliot, Virginia Woolf, TE Hulme, I A Richards, D H Lawrence, E M Forster, William Empson, G Wilson Hight, C G Jung, Maud Bodkin, Christopher Caudwell, L C Knights, John Crowe Ransom, Edmund Wilson, Paul Val Ry, D W Harding, Lionel Trilling, Cleanth Brooks, Yvor Wiinters, Erich Auerbach, W K Wimsatt And Monroe C Beardsley, George Orwell, Jean Paul Sartre, Mark Schorer, Francis Fergusson, Northrop Frye, C S Lewis, Leslie Fielder, Alain Robbe Grillet, George Luk Cs, Richard Hoggart, Walter J Ong, Norman O Brown, Ian Watt, Claude L Vi Strauss, Ren Welleck, Wayne Booth, Raymond Williams, R S Crane, Marshall McLuhan, George Steiner, Susan Sontag, W H Auden, Frank Kermode

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    Der Inhalt wird oben eingehend erl utert.Das Buchg ist anspruchsvoll aber ein hervorragender Reader f r jeden Anglisten oder anderssprachigen Literaturwissenschaftler David Lodge, der bekannte Schriftsteller, zeigt hier, dass er nicht nur witzige und selbstironische Texte verfassen kann Der britische Literaturwissenschaftler hat in diesem Band Texte versammelt, die man gelesen haben muss, wenn man sich ernsthaft f r englische literatur interessiert.

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    My cousins friend asked for this book he is an English professor overseas and I just opened it up and started reading Very cool easy read Interesting does not read like a boring text book.

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    This is an interesting collection of articles on a range of critical approaches to literature The arrangement helps readers to find connections and contradictions as well as follow the trends and shifts in critical direction I think it is worth having on the shel for ready reference to 20th century schools of thought..