Prime Trompe l'Oeil BibleAuthor Christopher Westall –

If you want some trompe l oeil tips along with photographs of finished work, this is a great book Step by step instruction of many illusions. This book is simply depicted It should be enough for anyone to get started It could have used specifics but is well illustrated If you are searching for something technical, which is hard to find, this item only goes so deep I will use this as a good reference piece. This book has a lot of useful information for the ordinary painter All of the items shown are something that could be used in a lot of areas Very satisfied. In short this book is fantastic I am a novice painter with no art background or formal training, simply a passion to try my hand at murals and trompe l oeil and this is by far the best book I ve found It gives a good explanation of the materials needed and the basics of trompe l oeil Colors for each project are shown, along with how to mix them for the light, medium and shadow tones and how to use the color wheel to get realistic looking shadows for any color and it works There is a discussion of perspective and light and shadow, necessary to make your painting look real If this in any way sounds complicated, it s not The author makes it very clear and simple I m sure this book is not a definitive work on these subjects and I know people can spend years studying this, but it is plenty for a beginner like me to start getting cool results quickly Sure my stuff doesn t look as awesome as the authors yet , but I m pleased with the results so far They re better than I d ever expected in so short a time My wine glass actually looks like a wine glass The other really great thing about the book is that one technique or element is shown and explained in detail and then the author gives lots and lots of variations to let your tastes and creativity take over Specifically, this book shows great examples of how to do several variations of windows and doors, a stone rosette panel, columns, stone work, and dozens of other items like wine bottles, glasses, birds, vases, grapes, greenery, skies, trellis, door pediments and I could go on and on It has tons of ideas, so many you can get really inspired to create Tropical scenes, castles, classical gardens, ruins, Provencal countryside and seascapes are a few of the things shown in the book I don t want to mislead anyone not every one of the items I ve mentioned has completely detailed step by step instructions, but there are than enough that do so you will start to understand how it works and be able to apply the principles yourself in just about anything shown in the book I love how this book has so many examples.Many thanks to the author for writing this book and sharing his technique in a straightforward step by step style that is easy to follow, and including so many examples of his work I really feel this book is intended to teach people, compared to some other books I have on trompe l oeil where the authors seem concerned about showcasing their important commissions than really teaching people Not the case at all with Chris Westall And I really appreciate that, I think you will too I don t usually write reviews but I m so impressed with this book I just had to In my opinion, this really is THE Trompe L Oeil Bible a must have for all beginners I have read through it several times, and each time I do I get out of it I really appreciate the abundance of material in this book Overall, I highly recommend this book and the author s other book Trompe L oeil Interiors for inspiration, examples and techniques as well A Collection Of Over Inspirational Trompe L Oeil Motifs And Practical Step By Step Projects To Embellish Your Home Each Section Contains Two Full Scale Projects, One Large Scale And One Smaller And A Wide Selection Of Templates Offers Countless Designs To Mix And Match The Tools, Materials And Techniques Sections Are Comprehensive And Easy To Follow, Providing All The Know How, From Choosing Locations And Preparing The Surface, To Planning The Design, Understanding Perspective And Applying Paint