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I just received the book about an hour ago and started flipping through the pages for a quick preview Instantly I could feel and hear the book binding falling apart Additionally, on the dedication page it looks like the image smeared from the opposite page I m very disappointed, as the topic of this book really interested me I had planned to also purchase another book as a gift for a fellow traveler, but sadly, I won t be doing that, and I ll also be returning my own poorly made copy The authors should be very concerned about the lack of quality control as I m sure they put a lot of effort into writing the book Unfortunately, it is so cheaply bound, it will not last through a single reading. It s the best read, quick browse, well received gift or gorgeous table ornament I LOVE this book It s so well done I bought a handful of extras, and cannot wait to toss out as gifts this holiday season It s so thoughtfully organized, inspiring and complete with interviews from each homeowner, which makes the tour of each gorgeous home that much personal.It s clear that the authors put than just a ton of work into their debut book as a mother daughter duo, their history together and passion for what they do best is warmly apparent.Brava, Caitlin Flemming Julie Goebel 3 I love this book, savoring both mother and daughter and their design travels The photos, resources and text taking me, passport in hand, to my favorite places in the world This is the perfect guide to those who love travel, all elements of design and would like that reflected in the space they call home. This book is i n c r e d i b l e As an artist, designer, and stylist, it will be on my shelf forever. Usually I look at the pictures in decor books and read the pages where the photo catches my eye This book, written by a traveling mother and daughter was so engaging that I read it from cover to cover Delightful It encouraged my to book a trip to Mexico City. Travel Through Sophisticated Homes Of Designers Deeply Influenced By Their International Adventures Abroad A Road Map For Bringing Far Flung Design Ideas Back Home, Travel Home Shows Us How To Curate Interiors That Reflect Our Favorite Places And Experiences In Ways That Are Beautiful And Authentic Touring The Homes Of Leaders In Global Design Who Share A Deep Affection For Travel, The Book Explores Interiors With Influences As Widespread As Marrakesh, Paris, Cuba, Tokyo, Portugal, And Beyond Vivid Photography Is Supplemented With Insightful Essays, Interviews, And Hardworking Tips For Cultivating Your Own Global Home For Globetrotters And Armchair Travelers Alike, Travel Home Showcases The Interplay Between Travel And Design, Revealing How We Can Take Inspiration From The Beauty We Experience In The World And Bring It Into Our Everyday Lives