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Looks At The History, Technical Developments, And Aesthetic Tradition Of Indian Jewelry

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    Veramente un collezionista ed appassionato di gioielli etnici non puo non avere questo libro.E ben scritto, contiente le informazioni necessarie per capire le tecniche ed il lavoro degli artigiani gioiellieri indiani.Ci sono molte fotografie dei gioielli indossati nel loro contesto rurale, un libro corposo che non ci si stanca mai di sfogliare scoprendo cose sempre nuove OTTIMO.

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    While content is everything other reviewers claim it to be, the quality of my publication is so bad I m wondering if its a low budget edition or bootlegged copy Previous reviewers discuss the high quality of photographs, but the quality of what I received makes it unreadable and a waste of money.Upon arrival book appeared unopened Shrink wrapped in crisp,unblemished plastic No wear, tightly compressed pages Arrived on time and indeed, appeared new A few weeks passed before I d time to really relax and enjoy thumbing through for the first time What a surprise pages fell loose from the jacket, many separating from the binding than half way just from the effort of turning them Once the book was opened and looked through, the entire block of pages fell away when turned, as if this was an unbound manuscript Flimsy card stock cover simply ripped itself from the binding and back cover Aside from glue, nothing else was holding my book together Because I d given this a good rating when it arrived, I didn t have the option of returning itPhotos in my copy are blurred, many black and white this isn t what other reviewers are describing when discussing their copies Text is sharp on some pages, blurred on others Abundant offset ink soon turns the fingers gray and is probably responsible for the blurred text and smudged appearance of the pages.Inspect your copy carefully when it arrives, and thumb through a few times, or you ll be stuck with a stack of useless paper like I was.

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    This is a book that educates the collector as well as jewelry making individuals to show a interesting design The techniques of making jewelry is also helpful in determining how complicated is the process The photography is excellent and this book helps to identify jewelry of the different regions of India as well as tribal groups.The book is especially helpful because the author takes you on a journey in pictures showing how the people wear ornaments in their hair, bangles and necklaces This book helped me determine that the recent ethnic necklace that I purchased is probably from Gujarat, since the style is wrapped silver I definitely would recommend this book to anyone interested in the Indian culture and jewelry.

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    This person brought me to understand significance in gold.The phrase good as gold certainly is explained.If I can afford another of his books I ll buy it here..

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    The photographs and information in this book are lovely, astonishing, and intriguing I have been told that the author was the absolute authority on traditional Indian jewelry Although it is paperback, the quality of each page is very good.

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    GREAT pictures Nice clear details.