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The Tractatus Logico Philosophicus First Appeared In And Was The Only Philosophical Work That Ludwig Wittgenstein Published During His Lifetime Written In Short, Carefully Numbered Paragraphs Of Extreme Compression And Brilliance, It Immediately Convinced Many Of Its Readers And Captured The Imagination Of AllIts Chief Influence, At First, Was On The Logical Positivists Of The S And S, But Many Other Philosophers Were Stimulated By Its Philosophy Of Language, Finding Attractive, Even If Ultimately Unsatisfactory, Its View That Propositions Were Pictures Of Reality Perhaps Most Of All, Its Own Author, After His Return To Philosophy In The Late S, Was Fascinated By Its Vision Of An Inexpressible, Crystalline World Of Logical Relationships CK Ogden S Translation Of The Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Has A Unique Provenance As Revealed In Letters Of CK Ogden And In Correspondence In The Times Literary Supplement, Wittgenstein, Ramsey And Moore All Worked With Ogden On The Translation, Which Had Wittgenstein S Complete Approval Leider springt in meiner Version der deutsche und englische Text hin und her Es wechselt die Sprache nach 20 bis 30 Zeilen mitten im Satz von Englisch auf Deutsch und umgekehrt. I read this book in college and loved it It s beautiful, but you have to know a bit about symbolic logic to appreciate it The last few pages are really elegant He writes of ethics the world of an evil man must be different than the world of good man And of mysticism that the fact that the world exists, that is the mystical.Wittgenstein s mysticism can be summed up like this The word hornet connects somehow with the real insect, but, when I try to explain what the connection is, I am left with nonsense this is the mystic it is how the world is this is the mystical.He writes only a few lines about God, but I think he acomplishes than most writers on this subject, since, as he points out in his motto All that a man knows can be said in three words. I wouldn t recommend it, it s very poorly edited, the transitions are bad and the German isn t even German I was looking for an electronic version for my kindle but unfortunately this is a mispurchase and beyond that totally overpriced.