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Starting Over Was Her Only OptionForty Years Old And Still Reeling From A Public And Painful Divorce, Thalia Blackwood Is Looking For A Fresh Start, Somewhere Far Away From Her Upside Down Life When She S Offered A New Job As The Sports Therapist For A Football Soccer Team, She Jumps At The Chance This Is Just What She Needs To Leave The Heartbreak And Shame Of Manchester Behind, Trading It In For The Warmth And Hopeful Vibrancy Of Madrid He Was Her Only DesireTwenty Three Year Old Alejo Albarado Is Rising Up The Ranks In His Career As The Charming Forward For The Real Madrid Team, Alejo S Life Revolves Around Women, Parties, And Being A Tabloid Darling, That Is Until The New Sports Therapist Joins The Team Their Passion Could Not Be IgnoredWhat Starts Out As A Strictly Professional Relationship Between Thalia And The Young Spanish Player, Slowly Evolves Into Something Much Their Relationship Was ForbiddenBut Their Combustible Chemistry And Simmering Sexual Tension Can Only Go So Far Should Thalia Give Into Alejo S Advances, She S At Risk Of Not Only Losing Her Job, But Succumbing To A Much Younger Man Will Drag Her Through The Spotlight AgainAlejo Might Be Worth That RiskUnless He Breaks Her Heart In The Process This Is A Complete Standalone Book Coming December Th My Bday

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    5 stars The bigger the love, the greater the risk Wow This was so good Emotional, sensual, forbidden, beautifully written, and one of the best age gap romances I ve read in a long time It gave me the same kind of feels of my all time favorite Karina Halle romances The Play, Love in English, etc and I loved it so much Thalia is a forty year old recent divorcee looking to get away from her current life drama, so she takes a job in another country She is a physical therapist and changes teams, from Manchester to Madrid Madrid is different than Manchester in many ways and she s changing and growing with this move Everything is going good for her until the unexpected happens Alejo Albarado.Alejo is a popular player for Madrid and when he hurts his knee, he spends a lot of time with Thalia Alejo and Thalia have this beautiful and real connection from the very start Their chemistry is palpable and even though it could cost her her job, Thalia finds it hard to stay away He s forbidden to her in every way did I mention he s twenty three but Alejo is something special What you feel from your heart, what you feel from your soul, it always comes first My goodness, I loved these two characters together so much I felt their bond, their connection, and I wanted them to defy the odds so badly I knew things wouldn t be easy for either one of them, but they brought out the best in each other and were truly meant to be Thalia was such a great character She was strong, independent, and learning how to be on her own and come into her own Alejo may have been young, but he was mature for his age and part of that was due to how he grew up I completely adored him and his family For all the lovers of Love in English , you re in for a real treat Alejo s coach is none other than Mateo Mateo and Vera play a rather big part in this story and I couldn t have been happier There were also some great side characters in this story aside from those two, and I hope Karina writes from this world I could use a Luciano book This book was amazing It gave me all the feels, had the perfect amount of angst, heartbreak, and romance It was steamy, gorgeous, and oh so passionate I couldn t have loved it A must read for sure She s like the sun El sol de mi corazon The sun of my heart, but a sun that s always rising, always beautiful

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    HOLA Since I actually haven t updated my Goodreads since Love in Spanish was released back in the day, nor been on here at all sorry for all the missed messages over the last four years , I thought it would be fitting to share a different excerpt of THE YOUNGER MAN every Sunday up until the release which is my bday, December 11th Preorder now.2nd EXCERPT now posted scroll below to read the 1st excerpt Excerpt is exclusive for you guys and totally unedited and unproofed and subject to change I walk over to him, conjuring up the confidence I played softball and tennis as a young girl, and despite my size, I was actually pretty good at basketball I used to play horse against my three brothers and won often than not From here I ask him, stepping up to what I think is an appropriate place to shoot from Phhhf, he says from behind me Anyone can make the shots from there Back up I move back a foot No, no, he says Come to me That s not fair, I tell him You re so much taller than me He laughs That only counts in real basketball, not this one You re actually closer to the height of the net than I am That s not exactly true I sigh and move back another foot The ball is tiny but so is the hoop and I m pretty sure you re meant to be playing it right up against the machine like you do at an arcade This okay He responds by mumbling something in Spanish What was that I ask Fine If you must The thing is, if I do score from here, it s just going to look like it was only because I was closer than he was.I end up shuffling right back until I m standing just in front of him Better, si he asks me, and with him looming behind me like this, I can feel his body heat Doesn t help that his already deep voice has taken on a huskier tone.I swallow hard, totally aware that his presence is affecting me in ways it shouldn t.Don t dwell on it, I tell myself You just need to get laid, that s all.It s true It just can t be with him Better, I manage to say I take in a deep breath, hoping he can t hear how hard my heart is pounding I raise my arms and the ball, trying to focus on the net.I shoot.It bounces off the rim and back to us Alejo reaches out and intercepts it before it has a chance to roll away Concentrate, he says to me Don t be nervous I pluck the ball from him and shake my ponytail over my shoulder Who said I was nervous I thought perhaps I made you nervous, standing so close to you I give him a quick smile as my pulse accelerates Not at all I try to shoot again but this time the ball doesn t even come close I swear I m good at this, I tell him as I walk over to pick up the ball I can feel myself getting flustered, not just because of him but because I hate to lose It s one reason why I never made a career of sports myself, I was too hard on myself and prone to losing my temper and quitting out of frustration I believe you, he says as I walk back over to him You re just doing everything wrong I stop and put my hand on my hip Wrong The tip of his tongue pokes through his teeth as he smiles Let me show you He makes the motion for me to turn around.A wave of nerves comes over me as I turn around and go back into my position to shoot.He comes up behind me and puts his hands those large, warm, strong hands on my upper arms, moving me in place Just relax, he says in a low, gravely voice that makes my hair stand on end Let your body be loose, let it be easy Loose and easy, that s how you like it, huh I say under my breath Loose and easy, tight and hard, I m not too picky, he remarks and though his tone is light, there is definitely an undercurrent of desire in his voice.What the hell are you doing Stop overthinking, he says, sliding his hands down my biceps and over my forearms until they rest at my wrists That s your vice Vice I have other, better vices than overthinking, I tell him Such as he says His thumbs glide over the top of my thumbs Let them be loose I try to let my thumbs be loose I mean, how loose can your thumbs be, really I inhale through my nose and try to relax.He s not making it easier I like red wine too much, I admit Who doesn t I swear too much I swear in two languages I can eat an entire bag of sour candies in one sitting I can eat a lot of things in one sitting, he says and fuck me if that s not innuendo Now look at the net and shoot I do as he says.The ball goes soaring right into the net, then rolls down into a hole as the electronic scoreboard starts tallying up I knew you could do it, he says to me.I burst into a grin and scamper over to the machine, picking the ball up I throw it to him and he throws it right back to me Don t lose the momentum, keep going You have nine shots This time I ll let you do it on your own Oh you re letting me, are you I tease him.He shrugs and steps out of the way.I take shot after shot and in the end, I end up scoring seven times out of ten I m starting to think perhaps you were, how you say, hustling me, Alejo says, stroking his chin.I throw him the ball You re up next Alejo gets nine out of ten shots, which was to be expected, but still I m glad I held my own against him You should be resting, Mateo s voice booms across the games room and the both of turn around to face him You too, he says to me This is resting, Alejo says Helps me relax Why put a games room here if it wasn t for this purpose I didn t put it here, Mateo says He looks strung out and worried, not the unflappable coach I m used to seeing I guess everyone reacts differently before game day Meet in the warm up room in twenty minutes And with that he disappears down the hall.I look at Alejo questioning Is he okay Mateo Si He ll be fine tomorrow, it s always the day before where he seems to lose it He pinches his thumb and finger together in demonstration Un poco Thank god you seem to have it together How can I not be fine, playing games here with you he says Besides, I have my superstitions Now I m intrigued Like what That s for another time, he says and starts walking toward the door He chucks the ball behind him like an afterthought and then kicks it back with his foot.The ball somehow arcs up and goes right in the net, the scoreboard lighting alight.He gives me cocky smile, because he knows how good he really is, and then leaves.1ST EXCERPT Excerpt is unedited and subject to change Takes place early in the book, after Thalia s first week of work at Real Madrid She s having drinks with her boss the coach and his wife You re doing than enough, Mateo says to me and then raises his glass of wine Vera raises what looks to be a dirty martini Here is to you, Thalia, for your first week at work And here s to your proper introduction to the city of Madrid, Vera says before she clinks her glass against mine and takes a hearty sip.I do the same and immediately know that Mateo probably bought me the most expensive wine in the bar It s a big, bold, smoky red and it s divine My eyes flutter closed momentarily, my tastebuds dancing, my body immediately relaxing Vera was just telling me that you get a lot of shit when you go out, I tell him, starting to feel real good.He gives me a lopsided smile I do That comes with the territory Real Madrid territory Back when I coached Atletico even when I played for Atletico I wasn t hassled often Maybe for autographs But the fans the Madridistas They re what was that saying you taught me He looks at Vera As crazy as an outhouse rat, she says Si, Mateo says with a grave expression Crazier than an outhouse rat Sounds a lot like Man U, I tell him Stewart couldn t go anywhere without someone yelling at him over something The moment Stewart s name leaves my lips, I immediately feel awkward Like it s a word I should have erased from my vocabulary, like it means something than just my ex husband s name It s a word that still hurts.Mateo seems to pick up on whatever vibe I m giving off because he nods slightly, a sympathetic look shining in his eyes Luckily, there are some spots where we re given some privacy, he says And I don t happen to go out all that often as it is Which means I often have to go out by myself, Vera says.Mateo smirks at her By going out, you mean watching Netflix by yourself Well, maybe Thalia and I will paint the town red whenever you feel like staying in Mateo glances at me, raising his brow Please don t let my wife talk you into anything She knows that how important you are to the team He sits back in his chair, taking a sip of his drink while resting his hand on Vera s knee I also know how important it is to rest, Vera says adamantly You always talk about how rest is as important as the work I mean, hello, the whole country is built around siesta Siesta and rest is one thing, Mateo says Going out with you is something else entirely I m barely man enough to survive it myself He smiles at me But, since we are about to go into the new season, there s nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves for tonight Are you this strict with the players I ask him I hate to keep bringing Stewart into my mind but I can t help with the comparisons Stewart was pretty relaxed with the team, which may have been his downfall on than one occasion A few times players showed up either drunk or with hangovers and the whole team suffered I have to be, he says I m involved in every aspect of their lives Even if I didn t need to be, the boss would make it so Jose believes in control, even though the players are free to do whatever they want They aren t slaves But if it were up to Jose So what exactly do you know about them I ask Their sleeping patterns They re supposed to log in their sleep details into an app every morning, though half of them forget Their diet What they did in their spare time Please don t tell me you re asking them about their sex lives, Vera says with a scowl No, Mateo says hesitantly But they also know that, uh, if they ve been fucking than normal, then it could aggravate an injury I m trying not to laugh at the way he said fucking, but yeah, this is way intense than my last job was I guess if it creates champions for the most part, then it works Poor guys, Vera comments, munching on an olive from her drink They re all young and in the prime of their lives, with all this fame and money to burn, and my husband has to make them cut down on all the fucking I didn t say that, Mateo says I just mean So what do the players do on a Saturday night, since we normally don t have matches on Sunday anyway I ask him They re at home Most of them live close to Valdebebas They re with family Wives, kids I feel so silly, I admit I feel like I should know all of this by now I should know every player and who they are, deep down, you know Oh, cut yourself a slab, Mateo says A slab Vera asks with her brows raised Yes, Mateo says testily Cut yourself a slab Like a slab of ham Give yourself a break Eat the ham Vera stares at him for a moment with wide eyes until she breaks into a grin I don t know if it s the dirty martini, but you just made a lot of sense I can t help but laugh at his version of cut yourself some slack Okay, yes I will eat the ham.

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    5 STARS I loved it so much, so nice to be back in Mateo and Vera s world but this time with Thalia and Alejo who where fantastic I loved their romance so much Super hot, sensual, emotional ,sweet and it has the perfect amount of drama I fall in love with each character and it felt like I was a part of their story I swoon and melt with these two They make me feel warm This has everything I wanted and even .I loved how the relationship between Alejo and Thalia developed and I liked the age difference, you don t find easy books with older woman Alejo is protective , super hot and sweet He was mature duo to what happened in the past and I like him a lot He is definitely a swoon worthy hero Thalia is also good, I could easily connect with her This is a must read, you have to pick it up Favorite book of the year

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    This is a MUST READ It s a BEST BOOK of 2019 It s passionate, sexy, downright unforgettable This book gives your feels FEELINGS, lol It s intoxicating, unputdownable, magic on the pages Pure romance Heart stopping goodness I m than in love I m obsessed A GUARANTEED BOOK HANGOVER

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    December 11th Come quickly I just can t wait

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    Author Karina HalleGenre Contemporary Sports RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating A messy divorce forced Thalia Blackwood to completely overhaul her life Moving to Madrid was supposed to be the fresh start she desperately needed However, falling for Alejo Albarado s impossible to resist charm was the last thing she ever expected and it became a complication neither of them was willing to face I love the older woman younger man dynamic because it s not very common for an age gap trope And this one has quite a significant gap, so I was drawn to this book by that alone I m happy to say, this one hit the right spot Bossy boy, aren t you He raises his chin in defiance Not a boy A man that s going to tongue fuck that sweet, pink co o of yours until you re coming on my lips Alejo was intense and incredibly sexy I loved how he tackled everything in life passionately He was young and cheeky, but he knew how to take responsibility Considering her past and present situation, Thalia was understandably cautious She was in the worse position between them with much to lose I liked how she was levelheaded without being uptight Together, their chemistry was palpable and the sex scenes would make readers sweaty and breathless as if completing a full time match.One of the author s strengths is immersing the readers into the ambiance and in this book, Madrid and several other cities came alive within the story I also loved the energy at the matches The Younger Man is a story of taking chances and new beginnings It would appeal to readers looking for an age gap sports romance with a forbidden element Note 1 I m not into sports romance but soccer is one of the few sports that I have knowledge about, so it was nice knowing all the real life teams and players mentioned in the story.Note 2 I love Luciano and his Portuguese proverbs lol For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    WowI m seriously at a loss for words to describe how amazing this book was The love, drama, and angst were all present in perfect doses Their journey wasn t easy, but it was worth it Thalia was such a strong character Her ability to rationalize, stand up for herself, and make sacrifices for others showed that she was a wonderful person Alejo was such a fun hero His cockiness, ability to make jokes, and the fact that he never wavered in his decision made me root for this romance that much .I honestly could not put this book down Their chemistry was hot, the forbidden aspect had me holding my breath in hopes that they wouldn t get caught, and their genuine love for one another had me swooning Even the secondary characters that were apart of their story made it so much enjoyable I have never read Vera and Mateo s book, but you can bet that it s now on my list An Arc was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Karina Halle delivered a soul crushing romance that was forbidden, sexy, passionate and full of love I had no idea what I was going to get with a forbidden sports romance with the leading female being older, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this one.Coming off of a heartbreaking divorce, Thalia is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and start over With a new job in the works and the chance to re establish her career, things are starting to look a little bit better for this newly forty year old single woman Being a physical therapist for the best soccer team in Madrid, Thalia knows she has to take care of the players and make sure that their recovery is top of the line But things suddenly get complicated when one of the star players changes everything for her.I loved the setting for this story and if I closed my eyes long enough, I could have pictured myself in the scenery and soaking up everything The food, the excitement of watching the games, the sight seeing, I loved all of it and this author did a good job of making me envisioning it I will admit that Thalia needed to be self confident in certain things and I felt like I would have loved the story even if it was a bit shorter Aside from that, I think if you love a good forbidden romance, then you should give this one a try because it s definitely worth it.

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    Does your heart make sense of us Oh Lord Karina Halle slayed me with this book The Younger Man is simply amazing full of tension, sinfully forbidden, heartbreakingly beautiful and deliciously steamy I was so hypnotized by this story that the real world didn t exist for me Only Alejo, Thalia and their taboo romance mattered Karina took the risk with these characters, because for some they can be controversial, but the story she described is totally worth it My heart alternately broke and filled to the brim with emotions Every now and then I had tears in my eyes, and then I swooned and laughed and I was sitting with the biggest grin on my face There are no words to describe this brilliance.Thalia has my undying admiration Despite the unpleasant and heartbreaking experiences, she is a strong, independent, brave, smart and level headed woman She draws conclusions from her mistakes and tries to be reasonable She is a good woman and it would be an honor to have her among your friends.Alejo has his own baggage of soul crushing experiences, but despite that he s a young man who is full of life and optimism He s the perfect combination of youthful cockiness and sensual maturity This man is wild, passionate, caring and possessive But he has also vulnerability in him that makes him such a swoon worthy character He s just perfect a passionate lover, fierce protector, caring and supportive partner Okay, that s enough, because I ll have to divorce my husband if I continue to praise another man like that, lol.Perhaps according to generally accepted morality their relationship is not typical, but that doesn t mean that it s inappropriate I have not encountered such a level of fervour and such electrifying chemistry in a book in a long time Alejo and Thalia are combustible The heat their relationship is packing is ice melting Particular scenes dripped with such sensuality that I had to pause reading for a moment and take a calming breath.The Younger Man is the most outstanding and magnificent sports romance I ve ever read It s sinfully sexy, angsty and raw It s also deeply emotional and touching I love how Karina showed that love is worth every risk And I adore that she once again shared her travel experiences, because the way she presented beautiful Madrid made me want to pack my suitcase and move to sunny Spain Everything in this book was perfect the main characters, storyline, sports environment , scenery descriptions, secondary characters, every plot twist And in combination with Karina s excellent writing style it resulted in masterpiece I can t recommend this book enough.