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Idealistic young scientist Henry Jekyll struggles to unlock the secrets of the soul Testing chemicals in his lab he drinks a mixture he hopes will isolate and eliminate human evil Instead it unleashes the dark forces within him transforming him into the hideous and murderous Mr Hyde The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde dramatically brings to life a science fiction case study of the nature of good and evil and the duality that can exist within one person Resonant with psychological perception and ethical insight the work has literary roots in Dostoevsky's The Double and Crime and Punishment Today Stevenson's novella is recognized as an incisive study of Victorian morality and sexual repression as well as a great thrillerThis collection also includes some of the author's grimmest short fiction Lodging for the Night The Suicide Club Thrawn Janet The Body Snatcher and Markheim

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    The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories turned out to be a relatively uick read Here are my thoughts on these storiesThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeThis was a little different than I expected It's rather introspective if that's an appropriate word The emphasis is not on the action or the dirty deeds that Mr Hyde perpetrates Instead the focus is on the duality of the natures of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde In truth they are not separate men They are two different aspects of one man's nature Dr Jekyll somehow discovers how to separate out the primal aspect of himself the one who follows his most deepest uncivilized urges As time passes he comes to realize that Mr Hyde is winning control over himI would think that this is really an allegory here As human beings we all have a dark side Some of us try to control it than others Some throw a hypocritical facade over that dark person inside of them pretending to be upright and moral I don't believe that Dr Jekyll really needed a serum to undergo this change To see this story played out in the fantasticscience fiction manner makes it interesting surely But humanity often needs no potion to be at its darkest and most monstrous In learning something about Mr Stevenson's background I can see why he chose to write about the hypocrisy of society He came from a Presbyterian tradition which follows the religious theory of predestination in which some are called to salvation and they have a better prosperous life as a result Those who are doomed to damnation will lead low desperate lives Mr Stevenson came to uestion this and reject these doctrines in his life I could see some of his philosphical musings about his religious background playing out in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Dr Jekyll was born to privilege He worked to keep up a facade of morality when he really wanted to indulge his darkest desires the whole time When he invented the serum this allowed him to do so without so called feelings of guilt However this became his fatal flaw His true self could no longer be hidden To my surprise this was not an action oriented or lurid story The narrative shows the observations of the friends of Dr Jekyll and towards the end an epistolary narrative is used in which we see the workings of Dr Jekyll as his life undergoes this transformation This was a thoughtful somewhat philosophical story at least in my inexpert opinion It gave me something to think about Hypocrisy is something I truly dislike It is one thing to be a person who tries to life a good life; it is another to pretend to be moral but hide your dark proclivities behind a polite mask I have a feeling that Mr Stevenson had similiar feelings on that subject At 81 pages this is a short read and it's written in a very readable style My edition has footnotes for some of the obscure terms that Mr Stevenson used I'd recommend it to the readers with an inclination towards the classics and for those who would like to see the origins of the figure or should I say figures who have become a part of pop culture through film versions pastiches and modern literary works such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1 I would give this story a four star ratingA Lodging for the NightThis was another thought provoking story The beginning shows a rather heinous murder The rest of the book shows one of the persons who was there during the murder I started out thinking the worst of this man but Mr Stevenson gave me some insight and helped me to see him through a different pair of glasses Mr Villon seeks shelter on a cold night ending up in the home of a much adored military hero He has to sit and listen to a self righteous lecture for the price of a meal and a warm place to pass the night Again Mr Stevenson's background in the privileged middle class of Presbyterian Scotland comes to play Mr Villon makes a good case for himself He wants to be a moral man but he has no other options besides thievery to keep food in his belly and a roof over his head He asserts that he follows his own moral code even if others think him behind the pale On the other hand the soldier can feel self righteous that he is not a thief and that God has blessed him with plenty for his moral actions His success in life is due to his good character or so he attests to However Mr Villon points out that as a soldier he committed or has been party to similar actions but they are deemed respectable because of his high position in life Mr Villon had something of value to say here It's too bad that the soldier couldn't look past his own sense of entitlement to see the wisdom in what this 'low' man had to say It would have been a good lesson for him I actually got uite involved in this story I would give it four starsThe Suicide ClubThis turned out to be three related stories They are very much in the mysteryadventuresuspense genre And they were uite thrilling especially the first Imagine that there is a club where men can go to have themselves done away with when they are tired of living They pay a fee and each night they show up Fate will determine when they die and how But the person pulling the strings is doing so out of his own greed Will justice be done here? This story had me on the edge of my seat I literally didn't know how it was going to end The end turns out to be open ended and it leads into two stories I liked how the next two stories start with different narrators and I had to figure out how they tied into the first story The way in which they relate was very imaginative There is mystery and suspense as each subseuent story unfolds and I learned what they had to do with our protagonists from the initial story I think Mr Stevenson had a good hand with suspense as shown through these stories Four star ratingThrawn JanetI had some trouble with Scottish brogue in which most of this story was written I had to concentrate really hard to decipher what was being said Despite that this was a very chilling story indeed The minister in this story was a brave man I could see how he was much changed by his blood curdling experience with the titular character in this story To say would spoil it If you can handle the brogue give this a try Four starsThe Body SnatcherThis is actually a reread for me Another story in which the worst monster in the closet is human and a nice facade hides a putrid center This story is based on the real life incidents of the Resurrection Men of Edinburgh Scotland 1827 1828 who started out grave robbing to provide corpses for dissection for an anatomist Eventually they started murdering people so they would have a steady supply of these corpses I liked that there were some pretty scary conseuences for the actions of the two grave robbers in this story; although it's uestionable if the person who really needed the lesson learned anythingMarkheimAt first I didn't really like this story However I got thrown for a loop at the supernatural twist it took Markheim is forced to face his life and the acts he committed through the years His false sense of righteousness and the slippery slope that took him down the path to becoming a murder It was a real wake up call for him And it gave me food for thought Four starsOverall thoughts I read The Picture of Dorian Gray earlier this month and I can't help but contrast it with this collection Mr Oscar Wilde seemed to be a proponent of not injecting his own sense of meaning into his story In contrast there seems to be a lot of Mr Stevenson's thought processes in his stories I don't think either is better or worse I feel that writers have different motivations and I can learn from any number of them finding something of personal meaning in their stories In the case of this volume I can certainly see why Mr Stevenson continually revisits the same concepts although in different ways in each story It is clear that they played heavily on his mind Perhaps these stories served as a catharsis for him Even than a hundred years later our society has similar divisions and issues which might contribute to social ills in no small way in my opinion As such these stories still have a relevance to this reader Sadly Mr Stevenson has been dismissed by literary critics as a second rate writer My personal opinion is that he wrote very well His stories were entertaining but they had a strong message to the reader That's not what I'd consider hack writing But each reader has to make their own decision about that

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    These greats from the past wrote in such a sophisticated way One could really learn a lot about how the written word is used and how language was elouent back then Words were used just like a painter uses the paint to blend and manipulate the pigments on canvas for a picture to manifest A single brush stroke could be the virtual euivalent of a beautiful sentence I often wonder that if the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson were around today what would he think of the smart phone? He would probably be amazed at the technology but at the same time he would probably be horrified at the 'text speak' What would he make of all these words with no vowels? The mind boggles Anyhow this book is another masterpiece that has inspired many writers since its conception It certainly inspires me🐯👍

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    This book basically screams DO NOT TEST EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS ON YOURSELF OR YOU MIGHT JUST END UP WITH A SPLIT PERSONALITY FROM A DOCTOR WITH REPRESSIVE DEPRAVITIES URGES TO A PERVERTED MURDERERHonestly there is to it like the basic duality between a classicists society and the individual; but also the simplified good versus evil the civilized versus the uncivilized the conscious and the unconscious and a lot of other Freudian theories I cannot care less forRead it knowing the plot is actually half the fun it is mostly about how we get there rather than what we already know Enjoy

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    This is the second time I'm reading this classic and I must say that my former rating did not do it justice Maybe it is Mr Stevenson's melancholic writing style that prompted my earlier rating I can't actually remember But having read it again today I am revising my opinionThe story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has been incorporated in many tales into comics even in The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen for example In most of those tales Mr Hyde is Hulk like; brutish and big In the original story he wasn’t On the contrary he was smaller than Dr Jekyll; dwarvish and scarred Remarkably and not too wrongly he sometimes also is portrayed as just another „normal looking“ man Because the threat of Mr Hyde is not physical strength but rather the feeling he invokes in people around him Nobody seems able to point at something in particular or even name WHY they feel so uneasy when around Mr Hyde It is simply put his not being bound by social conventions – he is the dark side of every human relishing in everything Victorian society condemns as immoral One can only guess what the author meant Physical violence was certainly a part of it there are references to well standing citizens paying for other men to perform tasks they can’t themselves because of their social standing However I think it goes beyond that In several parts of the tale the author refers to passions and lusts and temptations so it’s only logical that he meant sexual desires as well Dr Henry Jekyll was a bachelor and at the time of this novel there were several scientific papers commenting on masturbation Whatever it all was it literally split Dr Jekyll in two and makes for an interesting character study as well as a very interesting look at the hypocrisy of Victorian English society the aforementioned gentlemen still doing despicable things only having the actual deeds performed by people they pay to keep their own hands clean Interestingly Dr Jekyll at several moments in the novel says how he pities Hyde although it is Hyde who held the power – this reminded me of a junkie after rehab saying that heshe can go back to being clean any time they want but rather choose not to when we all know that that is rubbish Hubris is the term I believe a doctor a man of learning succumbing to his darker side but being unable to admit defeat because he thinks his intellect makes him superiorIn many ways there is a parallel between all or at least most novels of this time – apparently many saw the facade of Victorian English society and called it out for what it was This particular novel is perfectly rounded in its own way The writing is as mentioned before rather melancholic but that befits the story The way it is told is like a mystery case solved so the events are not always linear However all that put together plus the perfect length of the narration it being only a novella make for an excellent classic that remarks upon a lot without ever actually naming particulars the author seems to let the reader fill in the blanks with their own Mr Hyde ish thoughs and desires

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    I only read the first four or five stories in this but they were all interesting if a bit products of their times Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a weird read for me since the story really needs ignorance to work well I think So sadly I don't think I appreciated it the way someone might if they came upon it without prior knowledge of the twist It was clearly good but I was bored than enthralled unfortunately The other stories I read were much enjoyable because I had no idea what to expect Maybe next year I'll manage to read the other half of this book But right now I've got so many scheduled reads going on that I know I won't get back to this any time soon

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    This was a good story It also had some very horrific parts Reading it has made me appreciate Stevnson's work on even

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    I can’t really tell you what I was expecting when I started this story – except of course that I wasn’t uite expecting what I gotThis is another of those ‘classic tales’ that I’ve long assumed I’ve known but never have really known at all I had images in my head of foaming test tubes or beakers and of hair spouting from the backs of hands To be honest I also had visions of lots of sex too Unlike Frankenstein this story mostly lives up to what I guess could be called its image in the popular imagination It is surprising how few ‘classics’ seem to I mean how strange it is that Mary’s Frankenstein’s monster gets by without bolts in his neckThis story is particularly strange I’ve read the Penguin Classics edition but have skipped all the essays and introductions I read the notes but found them not terribly useful The ones of interest were the notes comparing Jekyll’s illness to syphilis Given this was the AIDS of the day and if anything possibly an even crueller disease causing madness symptoms like leprosy and hideous deformities it is hardly surprising that it might be vaguely referenced in a horror story Now that is the other thing I wanted to say This is a horror story but don’t expect the sort of blood chilling effect that a modern horror story might give In fact Stevenson seems to go out of his way to telegraph his punches The story is told in a very odd way But on that in a minute – what is very interesting about this is that it is almost as if Stevenson isn’t as interested in the cheap thrills that might come from a long slow build up of suspense but rather the horror of this story is something that lingers about you for a while after you have finished itHow is this for an opening sentence? “Mr Utterson the lawyer was a man of a rugged countenance that was never lighted by a smile; cold scanty and embarrassed in discourse; backward in sentiment lean long dusty dreary and yet somehow loveable” Not exactly the life of the party then Although this story is told in omniscient narration it is always through the perspective of this Mr Utterson – the dull as dishwater lawyerI think that if I was writing this story I wouldn’t have written it in this way I think this story would have had much oomph if it was either told entirely from the perspective of Utterson or entirely from the perspective of Jekyll The last bits of the story where we learn of Jekyll’s secret is all told through a letter read after Jekyll’s death This seemed less than satisfactory to me as a device for telling the storyAlternatively if the whole thing had been told through the eyes of Utterson then there could have been much to make of uestioning the man’s motives He is someone who ends up in the story making lots of money of the misfortunes of many of his ‘friends’ And he is a lawyer for god’s sake if you don’t know to not trust lawyers then you don’t know muchThis could very easily have become uite a psychologically twisted and interesting piece if the voice telling the story had been Utterson’s – in much the same way that Wuthering Heights is interesting at least partly because it is told by LockwoodCalvino plays with a similar idea to this one – the idea of the good and bad in a man being torn asunder – in his novella The Cloven Knight There are times when we look back on our lives and do think of ourselves as separate people – people with good sides and bad sides I’ve never been able to uite buy the Socratic idea that people only do bad because they don’t know the truth and that once people understand the truth they will always act in accordance with it For years I smoked cigarettes whilst despising myself for my weakness in giving into them time and again My problem wasn’t that I didn’t know enough about the ‘truth’ about smoking – my problem was one of desire pure and irrational desireAnd Hyde is the realisation of Jekyll’s unmediated desire I had expected of this story but all the same I can see why it has troubled the minds of generations of readers This is printed with two other stories – designated as ‘tales of terror’ – which really is going a little too far I only read one of these The Body Snatcher which is a cautionary tale concerning not taking the first step down the path of evil All the same the end was particularly weak I thoughThe best bit of Jekyll and Hyde I think was the reason at the end why Jekyll is unable to continue making his formulation Very clever

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    I really enjoyed this classic Still enjoyed the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I also enjoyed the short story titled The Suicide Club For me this is a creepy classic that is fun to read

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    Review originally posted on my book blog This review will be done a little differently as I will be giving a short review for each short story then an overall rating for the book 1 Strange Case of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde I went into this story knowing only the tiniest of details so I was very intrigued to see how I liked it At first it was difficult to get into because I had to get used to the writing and the time frame seems to jump around a bit but soon the story turned very dramatic very uickly It’s a rather dark story and I was curious to learn how the events were actually happening to see the logic behind it all Towards the end it did drag slightly because there were pages of explanation but I did enjoy finding out the rest of the story Rated 35 stars 2 Markheim I didn’t enjoy this story very much I remember reading it and having only the faintest clue what was going on I believe it was about a madman murdering someone but that’s all I got from it The writing seemed like the character was rambling which was probably the intention but I did find myself wanting to skip ahead I feel like this is a story I’ll enjoy when I’m older Rated 155 stars 3 Olalla This story was easier to read It was intriguing and descriptive really setting the scene well I found it to be an entertaining story but I didn’t really understand the ending that much Rated 25 stars 4 Thrawn Janet So this section of the book was uite difficult to read because it was written in a strong accent so you had to decipher it as you were going along However it was still relatively easy to keep up with the events of the story and there weren’t many occasions where I didn’t know what was going on I enjoyed it uite a bit for how short the story was but I feel like I’d have enjoyed it a lot if it wasn’t written with the accent since it took me so much longer to read Rated 25 stars 5 The Bottle Imp I think out of all the stories this may have been my favourite – tied with Jekyll and Hyde It was entertaining and easy to keep up with and wasn’t difficult to read at all I felt like it was just the right length since it didn’t drag on but it wasn’t too short either Rated 35 stars 6 The Isle of Voices It was an alright story Seemed to ramble on a bit and there were a couple of times where I didn’t know what was happening But the plot twist really surprised me so I have to give it extra credit for that Rated 25 stars 7 The Body Snatchers This one is exactly what the title suggests Since I knew what the story was about just from the title I was intrigued to see what the story would be if that makes sense I feel like there was an air of mystery surrounding the title I thought it would be boring or drag out at first but it surprised me slightly especially with the ending Rated 35 stars 8 The Waif Woman Like with Markheim I didn’t really understand this story too much I got the gist of it but other than that it just seemed to go on for a lot longer than it needed to The plot line seemed good but like I said I just didn’t like it all too much Rated 155 starsOverall Rating 35 stars

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    Jekyll and Hyde The dual natureThis is also available at my blog 149 Novels There's a popular uestion if you could choose a super power would you choose flight or invisibility? The uestion is deceptive because it's not just about entering the world of comic book heroes It's about why you want that power People who want to fly want to get someplace uickly want to stop paying for transportation and want to show off In an episode of This American Life one man specifically says that all the girls would want to sleep with the flying guy People who want to be invisible want to get into movies for free spy on people and steal clothing assuming anything that they are wearing is also invisible No one would use their powers to fight crime which is reasonable because they do not have super strength or immortalityI thought of this uestion and its moral implications while reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Dr Jekyll believes that all humans are divided creatures split between good and evil He wishes that the human mind could be freed from the struggle to reconcile the two and so he uses his medical knowledge of drugs and their side effects to make a compound that will divide the low from the high He feels as if doing this will allow him to become two separate people and even creates a name for his darker self But he soon learns that he cannot be free from the crimes of Mr Hyde which were far darker than he predictedI liked this story a lot and recommend it It's good to read a well known classic and see how it was originally presented free from the various adaptations I like that while it is essentially a horror story it has an element of science fiction with Jekyll's reference to experimenting with drugs that have known side effects I was delighted that it is not revealed that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person until you are well into the novel which seems to me an especially Victorian element It's smartly written with an effort towards timelessness Hyde goes out at night and does evil things We don't know what it is left to us to imagine what he does to adjust his crimes to our own sense of evilAccording to some reading I've done on the novel's meaning the Victorian interpretation was that good and evil exist in everyone and attempts to repress your darker nature will cause it to erupt and will cause great outbursts of evil In my own reading of the novel I perceive that Jekyll was evil than he admits before dividing his soul He wished that he could live without the struggle between his evil nature and Victorian morality and his desire to free his evil side is the goal not an effort to create a personality of pure goodness At his transformation he delights in the feeling of losing the reservations of morality Only in fear for his life does he regret what he has done The true horror of the tale is that he is a man without remorse throughout Next up is Dune by Frank L Herbert It comes highly recommended by a few fans of the novel It is also difficult to find at the library; the library search engine is not designed to provide simple results for a simple search When you type in Dune it pulls up an entire page of various novels in the Dune series putting them in no logical order so that you have to move on to the second page of results just to locate the first novel in the series And of course then you have to keep searching to find copies that are available at your local library I think the catalog divides them between distinct editions of books because a search for one novel may turn up several different results which are all the same novel along with a few books about Dune a book on dune buggies and a children's book about desertsThis is not meant as a complaint on my local libraries which are excellent I just wish some local benevolent tech genius would donate a new search engine to the library