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I m giving this anthology 4 stars practically just on the strength of the story Fat Farm by Orson Scott Card I read this than 30 years ago and still remember it I recall it being a strong collection overall, though with stories by Asimov, Steven King, H.G Wells, and T Coraghessan Boyle to boot Asimov dug deep for this anthology. Yes, George R.R Martin did once collaborate with Asimov on editing a book You might win a bet in a con suite with that trivia question It s something of an unusual and uneven collection good stories by Orson Scott Card, Frederik Pohl, and Kit Reed the H.G Wells was an interesting curiosity there s a nice story by Stephen King, though an excerpt from Thinner would have been a better choice. Boa ideia mas na pr tica n o convence muito Os contos s o desiguais e a tradu o deplor vel Vale pela introdu o do Asimov que bastante ir nica e t pica do mestre Thinly conceived ha , this anthology has yielded stories that are silly and antiquated The Stretch , banal genre fare Quitters, Inc , pretentious and insubstantial Boyle and Lafferty s contributions , and the single most monstrously stupid story I have ever read Vance Aandahl s awful, stupid and worthless Sylvester s Revenge , which has got to be the dumbest piece of shit ever submitted for publishing your auntie s Scrubs fan fiction is better literature There may be winners I have not yet delved into, but I thought Orson Scott Card s story was good. Something I would not normally be drawn to read but ended up really enjoying it Reminds me to stay open to all genres of fiction. A dated but still relevant collection of amusing, horrific, satisfying, and boring short stories on fat with a science fiction backdrop. 12 15 86 No library. Contents Introduction Fat Isaac Asimov Sylvester S Revenge Vance Aandahl Fat Farm Orson Scott Card The Stretch Sam Merwin, Jr Camels And Dromedaries, Clem RA Lafferty The Champ T Coraghessan Boyle The Truth About Pyecraft HG Wells The Iron Chancellor Robert Silverberg The Man Who Ate The World Frederik Pohl Gladys S Gregory John Anthony West Abercrombie Station Jack Vance Shipping Clerk William Morrison The Malted Milk Monster William Tenn The Food Farm Kit Reed The Artist Of Hunger Scott Russell Sanders Quitters, Inc Stephen King