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This Is A Mature And Moving Record Of Human Experience Of A Father Possessed By His Hopes For His Only Son Of A Son Who Rebels Against His Father S Ideals Yet Sacrifices Himself To Preserve What His Father Most Prizes And Of A Grandson Who Must Learn To Reconcile The Flaws In His Inheritance The Almost Biblical Story Is Embodied In The Lives Of Everyday People Abraham The Butcher, Isaac The Tailor, Moses The Music Student They Are Surrounded By A Flesh And Blood Supporting Cast, Both Comic And Pathetic The Women They Love, The Loyal Confidant, The Local Busybody, The People They Work And Worship With And Fight With, Who Emerge As Vivid Individuals It Is A Work Of Broad Humanity, Full Of Lively Humor, Without A Grain Of Cynicism, Completely Genuine And Touching It Received The Governor General S Award For Fiction In

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    I read that beautiful novel in one sittingthat s how much I liked it Wiseman s words are eloquently chosen, her ideas beautifully put, and her fiction is just plain entrancing A new favorite.

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    This book was first published in 1956 as a first novel for Adele Wiseman who has since died, in 1992 Anne Michaels, in her Afterword for the book s 2001 publishing, has described Adele as writing as though she knows her characters intimately, and describes them as full bodied, human, as large and as small as life I found that this is indeed what makes the book such a good read In the tradition of her Jewish heritage, she recreates, through the lives of Jewish immigrants in a Central Canadian city, the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac The characters even have the same names As Adele says, she wanted to explore the absolutely best reason for doing the worst thing Consequently the family goes through tragic events before and after arriving in their new country Something Abraham, the grandfather in the story says, that sums up how this plays out is in his line, A man sinks under the weight of his life finally It is insights like this one into the human condition that make the book so readable Another character says, A good natured ruffian is better than an ill tempered gentleman Anyone who wants an inside look into the nature of a Jewish family should find this book enlightening.

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    For a review in Dutch, see message 26 of the Autumn challenge of the Netherlands Flanders group.This book is definitely worth a read The further I read this book, the higher my rating became I went from three stars to four and by the time I d finished it had become five stars I m not going to comment on the story itself other than to say that it describes the hardships of a Jewish emigrant family in Canada at the beginning of the 20th century I had been wondering how the author would end her story and the ending, although fully convincing, took me by surprise.The book is incredibly well written, historically interesting and it reminded me of some other books I d read in the past about the jews in Ukraine and the pogroms, of Chaim Potok s work, and at some point also of Mordecai Richler s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz I read this book in three days time because I had a hard time putting it away, as The Sacrifice makes an extremely interesting read right from the very start.It took me a while to figure out when exactly the story was set, even though I d gathered that the begining of the story, when Abraham and his family came to Canada, had to be sometime shortly after WWI But there were a few hints in the book that helped me out in this respect I liked the biblical references in the book, starting of course with the title of the book and the names of the characters, and found them to be very fitting Being Dutch, I don t know enough about Canada to guess at the location of the story, but judging from other comments I gather it is set in a fictional Winnipeg.Although the story is set during the first half of the 20th century, it is certainly not outdated A lot of things described in the book, such as the reason for the family s flight from Ukraine, the long time it took them to get to Canada, the language problems they were having, and so on and so forth, can still be seen today when one looks at present day refugees

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    Brilliantly written characters, setting, plot are all fantastic Every event, statement, and conflict is nuanced I was impressed by the characters not one was flatly drawn and most were interesting It may be the finest immigrant narrative novels I ve ever read This is easily on par with Mordecai Richler s best and best known works, but this has a far, far subdued tone This fine novel was not particularly cynical, grand, or hilarious just unnervingly realistic, and I have no criticisms about it at all It took me a while to get into it, but half way in I was fully engaged because all the elements are present and masterfully executed.There are many beautiful angles to this book plenty of brutally apparent allusions to be found unless you ve forgotten your roots or are drunk on postmodernism , a lively bittersweet plot unless you like a digestible or agreeable offering , characters written with astounding insight unless you like your characters action packed, sexed up, and impossible I ll not get carried away This book offers much to anyone with the patience and will to read it carefully I think it s a stupid expression in the context of literature, but I savored this read I could ve easily read on beyond where it ended.To think I might have missed out on this one if a certain bookseller hadn t recommended it Crazy, and a sin it gathered as much dust as it did before I gave it an honest go.

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    Moving story of Jewish immigrant life in early 20th century Canada This narrative of a family struggling to adapt to life in a strange country moves through generations toward its violent and tragic conclusion The Sacrifice is a mesmerizing novel Winner of the Governor General s Award in 1956.

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    Very disjointed read I couldn t even finish reading this book, which I felt bad about because it was a selection for my book club I was actually quited interested in reading it initially as I live in Winnipeg and thought the topic was relevant and would bring some insight around the lives of Jewish immigrants in north end Winnipeg I think if the novel had been written like a story instead of jumping all over the place, it would have been enjoyable and held the reader s attention.

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    This book took me forever to finish I really liked Wiseman s writing style, but I was not motivated to move forward in the novel to find out what would become of Abram and Isaac I really wanted to like the novel, but it just didn t ever really happen.

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    Some adult content I never really connected with this one A novel that is set in a kind of quasi Winnipeg The main character is about as likeable as Alex in Under the Ribs of Death, which is to say, not very likeable.

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    The summary of the book is wrong It s nothing similar to the story people who rated should have noticed it too The story is about a Jewish immigrant.

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    Didn t expect that twist.