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The second installment was fast paced and with action There were a lot of twists in the plot that kept me hooked Can t wait to see how this is going to end For Gene And The Remaining Humans Or Hepers Death Is Just A Heartbeat Away On The Run And Hunted By Society, They Must Find A Way To Survive In The Vast And Avoid The Hungry Predators Tracking Them In The Dark But They Re Not The Only Things Following Gene He S Haunted By The Girl He Left Behind And His Burgeoning Feelings For Sissy, The Human Girl At His SideWhen They Discover A Refuge Of Exiled Humans Living High In The Mountains, Gene And His Friends Think They Re Finally Safe Led By A Group Of Intensely Secretive Elders, The Civilisation Begins To Raise Questions Than Answers A Strict Code Of Behaviour Is The Rule, Harsh Punishments Are Meted Out, Young Men Are Nowhere To Be Found And Gene Begins To Wonder If The World They Ve Entered Is Just As Evil As The One They Left Behind As Life At The Refuge Grows Perilous, He And Sissy Only Grow Closer In An Increasingly Violent World, All They Have Is Each Other If They Can Only Stay Alive UmI m want to see ashley June get rescued How can he fall for another girl when Ashley June risked her life for him in a huge way, and is left rotting in a hole Idk, I want to read this sequel, but the first book was quit a bit laborious in the middle I than likely will read it, but I will be highly upset of he just let s Ashley June die or something. I always hope that, where I ve enjoyed the first book in a series, the rest will prove to be at least as good Andrew Fukuda s debut novel, The Hunt, while not a favorite was an enjoyable action read, a nice change of pace from my contemplative reads In reading The Prey, I really hoped to find of the same, but instead it alternated between wtfery and completely predictable plot twists.Since I like to give credit where credit is due, there are two things that I did like about The Prey First, Fukuda writes well, doing a much better job with his syntax and diction than is typical in action based stories Second, he does give the world an origin story in this installment Where The Hunt suffered from a lack of world building, Fukuda attempts to explain how the creatures came to rule the earth While I m not exactly sold on the reasoning and it could have been better done than in a villain s infodumping speech, I appreciate that Fukuda did put thought into this, and I d like to see dystopian post apocalytpic novels that tackle this aspect.As I mentioned previously, the most solid aspect of The Hunt, what kept me flipping pages despite the nonsensical world building, was the non stop action The Prey starts off slowly and continues to chug along at that slow pace most of the novel The hepers aka humans have escaped down the river on a boat, searching for the promised land, The Land of Milk and Honey Insert eyeroll here There s a brief interlude of excitement with an attack by the creatures, duskers as they re called in this book, but otherwise the first half is to set up some new romantic tension, which I will get back to later.Mostly, this slow portion gave me time to really focus on the little details, like the character names These poor characters have some of the very worst names I have ever encountered To be fair, there is a reason behind the names, though some of it is unfortunate and Epap the most nonsensical name never is explained What really bothers me is that both female love interests, easily the strongest characters in the series, have been saddled with the most absurdly weak sounding names Ashley June and Sissy Why couldn t she just be Ashley or June Why Ashley June, a name which makes her sound like a country western singer or a girl getting ready for her Super Sweet Sixteen Of course, if she does start some sort of country western show, Sissy and the Hepers can open for her.After sailing down the river, crashing down a waterfall, and climbing up a cave, they find a village of humans Le shock They re not the only ones still alive Insert my incredibly surprised face right here They re immediately served up a feast of delicious food by beautiful girls, albeit ones with funny walks Clearly this is is The Land of Milk and Honey But, oh no It turns out that all is not well in Creepytown Insert gasp here Let s just talk about this town, shall we This town consists of nubile young women, many of them pregnant, and middle aged, obese men who call themselves elders That s about it The fact that it takes the characters any amount of time to determine that something s amiss boggles my mind Anyway, not only is this town evil, because, hey, that s how things roll in dystopian novels, but it s freaking crazypants For example, these young women all have such tiny, fucked up feet that they walk in a really weird gait Yup, this town practices footbinding Why, you might ask Well, here are some quotes from the townspeople on women s feet See, that s the thing with girls with big man sized feet, Krugman says from behind us, his voice a slithering coo When their feet haven t been beautified, when the foot glands haven t been broken Left undestroyed, these glands secrete male hormones into a girl Turn her from a princess into an opinionated ox One who fails to understand her place in society, who mistakenly things she can walk like a male, talk like a male, have opinions like a male Say no to a male Like a gold ring in a pig s snout is a girl with big feet 165 They made me a gopher I d go down two times a week with medicine, supplies That s why they didn t bind my feet but let them grow into man feet so I d be able to walk the many miles, climb the cabled ladder I hated it, in the beginning, mostly because of how my feet got so big and ugly The other girls were merciless with their taunts Man feet, man feet, man feet, she grimaces from the memory 224 In case you re wondering, yes, that did just really happen What really bothers me about this is that it seems to solely be a device to make the book dramatic and terrifying Having the women around as breeders for disgusting old fat men isn t enough They have to have their feet bound too REALLY It gets better, though Not only do they get their feet bound and be impregnated by these men, but they also are issued either merits or rewards based on how obedient they are A merit can be earned by doing good things, like birthing a baby A demerit is earned any time a woman steps out of line, like by doing something alone Each time a woman earns one or the other, the skin of her arm is marked a branded X for a demerit and a smiley face tattoo for good behavior I really, really wish I were joking Apparently this society was created by a demented child.Running through this absurd landscape of offensive horrors is a cast of flat characters Gene has all the girls wanting him, and all of the guys jealous of him The good guys are all obviously good, and the bad guys obviously bad Women, with the exception of Sissy and Ashley June, are weak Gene is the most important person, intended to be saved from harm, even at the loss of everyone else s life, which turns out to be incredibly laughable and illogical after you learn the final plot twist.The romance, though thankfully kept to the backburner, is saccharine and unconvincing, perhaps because of the entire lack of development in the characters Days after leaving Ashley June to a certain horrible fate with the duskers, Gene and Sissy are having special moments of staring, complete with added tension due to Epap s jealousy Gene and Sissy have not a bit of sexual tension, nor do they have any sort of real bond They re good at helping each other survive, so hanging together and hooking up is cool not that they do , but that does not excuse all the syrupy language used for their every interaction.The two of them pretty much made me want to throw up whenever they looked at one another, especially when he nearly drowns, she gives him mouth to mouth, and he thinks this Then velvet lips on mine, dewy and sweet Soft on soft, the lips alive and encompassing Then becoming fiercer, the grip ironclad 249 Ugh, dude, this is not the freaking Sandlot You have no oxygen in your lungs you are dying Now is not the time to rhapsodize about the softness of her lips Now, I haven t ever experienced mouth to mouth resuscitation, but I m pretty sure that the only thing I would be thinking about would be BREATHING If you re feeling horny while your lungs are full of water, you really should sort out your damn priorities.This book is nothing like The Hunger Games, though the first one had some elements thereof, so please do not get sucked into that marketing What it comes down to is, if you re curious or think those things won t bother you, then read it Other people have read The Prey and enjoyed it All I can say is that I really, really did not, and that I will not be reading any of this series. The Prey is everything I expected from the sequel to The Hunt I know that sounds like a positive reaction and I could talk about how all my expectations were met, but that s just my problem I anticipated everything Thinking back, I really liked The Hunt because it s a survival story centered around a guy in a tough situation where one wrong move meant instant death at the fangs of the vampires around him, I wasn t so concerned with the dystopian backstory, and that s why I m mildly disappointed by this sequel The Prey isn t so much about Gene s struggle to survive as much as it s an exploration of how the vampire society came about.One of my favorite parts of the first book is the vampires being so different from humans and the lengths Gene goes to survive I know it s not realistic, but sleeping on ceilings, eating raw meats, shoving elbows into armpits, craving for Hepers, the stuff Gene has to do to escape detection and the constant threat of being discovered and devoured added a layer of suspense to The Hunt that The Prey really couldn t replicate There are a few flashback scenes, including one of Gene losing his tooth and living in fear of the tooth being discovered by the vampires, but it s just not the same when I know Gene s alive, so I never got the same feeling of imminent doom that really carried the first half of The Hunt Instead, Gene, Sissy, and the boys escape from the Heper Institute and their search for the promised land of milk and honey is really like another other journey slash escape where the heroes are chased by monsters, it s not boring, there are certainly plenty of action scenes and moments when all of them could die in an instant, but it just lacks that extra psychological element that made The Hunt so truly compelling.Once Gene arrives at the Mission, the refuge for humans, the story degenerated into a typical dystopian plot for me There are hints of some bigger conspiracy at work with the treatment of the girls, the excessive resource use of the village, and the stuff with Gene s father, all written with Fukuda s at this point trademark weirdness foot binding like it s written by a foot fetishist , but the story isn t any different than any other dystopian where the protagonist knows something is wrong with the society he encounters, loudly barges around trying to get to the bottom of things, and ultimately gets nowhere Gene can openly air his suspicions with Sissy, yell at the people in charge, and rant all he wants about not getting anywhere, but it doesn t change the fact that all Fukuda is doing is concealing a backstory and reveals that are entirely predictable based on the information from The Hunt Everything Gene learns, I could ve told him based on his cursory observations of how things worked and what I learned from the previous book, so the intentional concealing of the obvious just left me extremely frustrated as Gene hits brick wall after brick wall after brick wall even though the answers are right there as even Gene knows in his gut.Only a few things keep The Prey from falling into the completely predictable category for me I took what happened to Gene s father in The Hunt at face value, which in retrospect was a mistake on my part, because I did not expect Gene s father to play as large of a role here as he did Didn t expect to see Ashley June again either, although her appearance makes me wonder why she wasn t just eaten outright Although most of my predictions about how the vampire society came about are pretty much confirmed by this book, I have to say Gene s role in humanity s future, while I easily saw it coming from what I figured out about how vampires took over the world, is actually pretty good for setting up the third book I m not sure if I like how Fukuda pretty much reveals exactly what I expected the Mission s true purpose to be and then at the very end says something to the effect of it might not be as you think because adding another layer of doubt much earlier would ve really helped to tap down the predictability, but now I really don t know what to think about what will happen next.So I made a few predictions after reading The Hunt, and I m disappointed that The Prey pretty much confirms all of them without being as character driven as the first book was Gene as the tough survivor in particular is sorely missed Sure, I enjoyed the ravenous vampire attacks as usual, but I wanted to see , although the hints towards the end make me think the third book will surprise me. 4 stelle e mezzo I liked this book pretty well I like how Sissy trusts Gene even now, and how they become closer to each other I like how Gene is smart and knows how to escape I like how they get to the one place I hate how Sissy is tortured and branded I like how they escape and how Sissy and Gene come closer together. I admit part of the reason why I liked The Hunt so much was because it was bizarre different I know, I m weird like that The hepers were the minority living among the duskers, and the bizarreness like the sticking their elbows into each others armpits or the wrist scratching made it unique, and I m a bit disappointed there wasn t any weirdness in this book.Taking those things out of the book made The Prey much a like any other dystopian one that follows the general storyline of a world that exists a certain way, and the inhabitants learned that they have been lied to al their lives However, much of the world building took place in the first book, so this one was able to take off from the start It was full of action and excitement, and even though it was predictable, it was than enough to suck me in particularly with the puzzles that the Scientist left behind.I was left with questions however, mostly from something that was explained in the first book view spoiler Sissy and her family were raised in the Dome and were said to be the last hepers in the world However, it was also rud that there was a heper farm underneath the Palace, although this was never proven Does that farm provide for the heper in the Dome because Sissy had said they had parents but they left one day and never came back , or are there other Domes, raising the future population for future hunts Since the 18th Ruler had declared hepers extinct, but the last hunt was 10 years ago involving hepers the Palace admitted they had secretly habored, it s hard to believe there are Domes out there, which makes me wonder why there was the Dome separate from the farm in the first place hide spoiler Read along with BBP, March 2013.I m afraid a lot of people will read and think it is just too weird, resulting in them not giving this one a chance This Second book was much story oriented, a lot of the oddities sort of take a back seat they are still there, but maybe just not as much of a major player I very much so enjoyed this one There were a few predictable moments, but for the most part I was constantly being suprised This was fast paced and action packed, a real adventure book.Spoilers from this point onSo, the first part of this book sort of stressed me out I was afraid they were going to be on the run for the whole book Serious heart palpatations going on So, even though the village wasn t exactly a perfect stop, I was glad for just that a stop I sort of figured out about it being a baby producing farm right off, since there was pretty much no young guys and a ton of pregnant girls running around The whole small feet thing was so strange, but I guess conformity happens in lots of ways I figured Ashley June would either die or get turned, but that ending with herHmmmmmm I am curious, because she did show some humanity toward Gene I wonder how that will play out Are we going to have to deal with a love triangle between Gene, Ashley June and Sissy Will Ashley June get cured I am a little worried about Gene s Father, the scientist Is he going to live up to all his promises Is he even going to be alive at all He better be What exactly is it about Gene and Sissy that is the cure The new addition of Clair makes me have another hmmmmm moment Is she to be trusted As you see, I have lots of unanswered questions and I m an super excited to see where the next book will take us AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 4 stars Fukuda strikes again Sidenote These names drove me crazy and I know I m not alone on this , so for them to wind up being such a critical part of the story is Crazy Fukuda might just be an evil genius