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In Suburban Georgetown A Killer S Reeboks Whisper On The Front Floor Of A Posh Home In A Seedy DC Porno House A Patron Is Swiftly Garroted To Death The Next Day America Learns That Two Of Its Supreme Court Justices Have Been Assassinated And In New Orleans, A Young Law Student Prepares A Legal Brief To Darby Shaw It Was No Than A Legal Shot In The Dark, A Brilliant Guess To The Washington Establishment It Was Political Dynamite Suddenly Darby Is Witness To A Murder A Murder Intended For Her Going Underground, She Finds There Is Only One Person She Can Trust An Ambitious Reporter After A Newsbreak Hotter Than Watergate To Help Her Piece Together The Deadly Puzzle Somewhere Between The Bayous Of Louisiana And The White House S Inner Sanctums, A Violent Cover Up Is Being Engineered For Someone Has Read Darby S Brief Someone Who Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy The Evidence Of An Unthinkable Crime

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    The Pelican Brief, John GrishamTaut thriller about a young law student whose legal brief about the assassination of two Supreme Court justices causes her to be targeted by killers She realizes just how accurate her accusations have been when her lover and mentor is murdered Forced to go on the run in New Orleans, she is aided by a journalist who helps her unravel a conspiracy involving senior government figures 1999 1373 672 1377 672 9649094083 20 1384 500 9647100671 1394 535 9789647100670

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    The Pelican Brief is darker than Grisham s usual works, but it s still very well written and original, and its descriptions of characters and scenery are very vivid and realistic.

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    Read it years ago, remember I liked it, entertaining read I used to like reading Grisham s books, maybe I ll try a new one soon, sort of lost track of all the books he wrote in the past years.

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    I worked at a law firm where part of the movie was filmed When Julia Roberts s character goes into a law firm to ask for a particular lawyer only to find out that he no longer works there and she leaves, that is my old firm It is an ornate marble lobby with a small stream of water in the middle of the lobby She goes through a glass door and can either go up an escalator or up some stairs to the reception desk, which overlooks the lobby The walls are all glass and she can see across the floor into the conference room where the receptionist goes I had just interviewed there before I saw the movie and was having major deja vu while watching the movie.

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    I read this when it came out and I was a restless teenager I never saw the movie I only gave it three stars because I remember it being exciting but still considered it pulp fiction Perhaps the topic of assassinated Supreme Court justices over environmentalism will become a relevant topic soon and it merits a re read Or not.

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    This book was a lot suspenseful and entertaining than I thought it would be I don t know why I thought it would be so boring, since John Grisham is so popular It was incredibly suspenseful at parts It was the first book I d read by Grisham, so I really didn t know what was coming I had three problems with it 1 Although, like I said, the book as a whole was really suspenseful, I thought the end was a bit anticlimatic 2 The environmentalism was a bit heavy handed I m all about preserving the environment, but I don t like being hit over the head by it Darby could get a bit preachy at times 3 I didn t think that Darby was a very good characterization She didn t feel real Towards the end she said something like, It s not fair we used my brains, looks, and legs, and you get all the glory Despite whatever Grisham s fantasies may be, women do not talk like that, nor do they obsess over their legs and toenails as much as Darby did, and if they do, everyone hates them But all in all it was a great book.

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    4 stars I was so intrigued by this plot, the story had me engaged throughout and I really enjoyed it Highly recommend if you re a fan of John Grisham s work

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    Esta bastante bien Aunque me esperaba un final un poco m s impactante.

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    My first Grisham novel and probably my last The book was much too formulaic and a bit dull not for an avid mystery reader and an adrenaline junkie though at certain points it was a fast page turner The plot was really weak Maybe this environmental conspiracy plot was breakthrough in the 90s but in 2010, it s a tad bit overused and overdone What made this book unbearable was Grisham characterization of Darby She is the generic 90s heroineextremely smart, absolutely stunning, with a spunky attitude with zero faultsmaking her unrelatable And her romance with Callahan and Grantham was oh so predicatable Apparently, for Grisham, damsel in distress always needs to be attached to a white knight.

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    I read this book when I was a freshman in high school I was looking for a book to read for a book report in my English class and the librarian suggested that I read The Pelican Brief I read it and the rest is history 15 years and 36 books later, I m still reading Grisham s books He is my favorite author and it all started with this novel.