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I finally had a chance to re read this book after 25 years it really isn t easy to find It is a true favorite of mine and might even manage to get into the rotation of books that I read on a yearly basis the others being Shadowland by Straub and Armor by Steakley.IF you can find a copy of this long out of print book, I strongly recommend it. Overall, it was ok Not my cup of tea but decent writing. I m sorry this book it was very good up until the main character degraded down into a basic serial killer I really wasn t interested in reading books about Serial killer cannibals It s too bad that this book is based on a stupid premise I could barely continued reading this once I found out that the whole book is based on the premise that at the core of every individual, at the root of ourself is only pure evil and the desire to consume another s brain Now I will admit that I did stop reading this book when the main character started killing people so I m not sure how the author ends the book, but if you re interested in reading how a normal person can slowly go insane and become a serial killer by following a mystic path go ahead and read this book may be the author found someway to come up with a happy ending My guess would be the main character probably dies at the end. Very different and quite enjoyable contemporary Jeckle and Hyde An excessively overweight, aging man, overwhelmed by various factors in his life, uses an ancient yoga practice to initially slim down, but his practice ends up transforming him and taking him over as is by demonic possession Barnes has a talent for descriptive narrative and I very much enjoyed the protagonists journey inside himself, although the later in the book I didn t really understand at all the physical transformation the author described that Adam goes through. Not sure how I feel about this reading I started this book twice before and finally finished it on this third attempt The storyline of what I guess I would call a mystical martial arts young man conquering his inadequacies and lack of confidence, and then coming into his ownand then beyonddid not excite I almost gave up on the book again about halfway through since it mostly dealt with this angst While the characters and tension was being setup earlier in the book, it was relatively uninteresting and overwhelmed by the main character s story And then, when the action picked up and the whys and hows of the story began to make sense, the bigger picture never came together for me and the resolution was unsatisfying, particularly in a way that would help me care about either the characters or the story as a whole. Written in the early 1980s, this book seems like the last gasp of the spiritual science fiction spawned by the flower children of the sixties.Barnes creates mystical logic as if he was breast fed eastern religious tracts as a baby I doubt the book could have held a reader s attention half so well, without this earnest and seemingly sincere persuasion.The protagonist is a sympathetic loser, whose transformation borrows from a long tradition of super men What makes this journey different is that Adam seems to be taking a darker route less ubermensch than Ungeistmensch.Few overt moral judgments are imposed on Adam s path So at one point, the reader is quite willing to supper the rising anti hero reveling in his newly found power and violence This may say about male power fantasies than the author Regardless, I enjoyed it all, especially the ending. This is a guy s guy s book I am not the target audience for the book Barnes probably put a lot of himself into the character, and he probably had a lot of fun doing it The book is entertaining The protagonist is sympathetic, the pacing is good, and the internal movie screen never flickers If you are looking for a book about a guy finding his internal power and having some sob moments, internal revelations, and head trips along the way, then this is your book. Adam Ludlum Has Always Been An Underachiever Then, As His Father Lays Dying And His Girlfriend Gives Him One Final Chance To Shape Up, Adam Determines To Take Control Of His Life He Pursues A Path, Through Yoga, Martial Arts And The Teachings Of A Mysterious Eastern Mystic Known Only As Savagi, To Immense Strength And PowerWhile Early Changes In Adam S Fitness And Physical Strength Seem Positive, As His Abilities Grow Adam Finds Himself Unable To Control His Anger Or His Reactions He Has Gained Superhuman Powers And Become A Fugitive From The Law As Well As The Focus Of A Sinister Cult Stepping Back From The Precipice Of Killings And Uncontrollable Violence Seems Impossible, As Adam S Friends And Two Los Angeles Police Detectives Seek To Halt The Destruction That Adam Has UnleashedA Fast Paced, Moving And Powerful Novel A Thriller That Leaves One Questioning The Boundaries Of The Natural And Supernatural An interesting book, several good ideas well told. This book took my on an out of America experience Adam is incredible at times when it comes to him controlling his own life destiny.