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Condensed Version Of The Best Selling Book, Replete With Color Photos And Essential Highlights Of The Original Book Covers A Vast Range Of Bead Materials And History Includes Page, Fold Out Time Line Full of information, and also very nice photos. Originally, I bought this book as a gift for a friend who has taken an interest in African Trade Beads We both had bracelets made from Millefiori beads and learned a little of their history from the jeweler who fascinated us with stories of their prominence in African trade over the centuries.In the 5 months since the original purchase my friend has become somewhat of an expert herself, purchasing a number of books on bead history through the ages It was time for me to put my feet into the water and am beginning with this book which is a wonderful and comprehensive look at beads It s a perfect book for a bead beginner or someone who just wants to add to their library.The book arrived timely and in pristine condition and would make a fine coffee table book for a casual buyer I doubt my own copy will be in pristine condition by the time I have read and reread it s pages and appreciated all the wonderful photographs included I can almost guarantee you will have a new appreciation for the art of beadmaking if you buy the book.Kudos to the seller on this purchase This book comes in two versions a concise version and a huge hardcover version I own both, but find the unabridged version to be head and shoulders above the paperback bead history lite one This huge tome is a labor of love, and is one of the best books available to learn why every culture devised by man has valued these little objects with holes in them.There are plenty of photos, and the book follows the parallel paths of humans and beads throughout history It can be startling and amusing to discover that what we consider to be new and exciting has been done many times in the past by people in cultures everywhere I personally found it facinating to discover that one of the first things that humans do when we discover a new material is to punch a hole in it and wear it as a bead.Intrinsically, beads are mostly worthless, but this book shows how they bind us all together and add to our knowledge of the people share our planet, both now and in the past A must read for the serious bead artist. This is a great book on the history and cultural significance of beads throughout the ages I have been amazed at the historical knowledge presented in this book, the author really did a lot of research It is presented in a fascinating way, too, which makes reading it very enjoyable There are tons of interesting photographs which are a pleasure to look at I think many people would like this book, including anthropologists, people who like or study art, historians, and of course, anyone with an interest in beads and beaded jewelry All in all a really good book I definitely recommend it if any of these subjects are of interest to you