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Nico Medina S World Is Eleven Miles Away From Mine During The Day, It S A Place Where Doors Are Open Where Homes Are Lived In, And Neighbors Love But When The Sun Sets, It Becomes A Place Where Young Boys Are Afraid, Where Eyes Watch From Idling Cars That Hide In The Shadows And Wicked Smoke Flows From Pipes West End Is The Kind Of Place That People Survive It Buries Them One At A Time, One Way Or Another And When Nico Was A Little Boy, His Mom Always Told Him To RunI M Reagan Prescott Coach S Daughter, Sister To The Prodigal Son, Daughter In The Perfect Family Life On Top LiesMy World Is The Ugly One Private School Politics And One Of The Best High School Football Programs In The Country Can Break Even The Toughest Souls Our Darkness Plays Out In Whispers And Rumors, And Money And Status Trump All I Would Know I Ve Watched It Kill My Family Slowly, Strangling Us For Years In Our Twisted World, A Boy From West End Is The Only Shining LightQuarterback HeroHeartGoodI Hated Him Before I Needed HimI Fell For Him FastI Loved Him When It Was Almost Too Late When Two Ugly Worlds Collide, Even The Strongest Fall But My World It Hasn T Met The Boy From West End

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    5 stars Honor.Brotherhood.Tradition This is my favorite kind of YA read Just the right amount of romance, heavy on the feels, self discovery, family and friendship Add in the fact that it was a sports romance, that just made it all the better The Hard Count is not only a beautiful YA romance, it s also uplifting and inspiring It had such a wonderful message and makes you want to do better, to be better Nico Medina goes to the same school as Reagan Prescott, but he s from the West Side A very different part of town He s a scholarship kid and he s there because he s smart He and Reagan love to argue and have a great banter going on in class That s about as far as their relationship goes Until Reagan s brother and the star quarterback gets hurt Once Reagan sees Nico playing football with his friends, she knows how much of an asset he would be to the team And seeing as her dad is the coach and his job depends on them winning, she gets Nico to try out The she gets to know Nico, the she realizes he s not at all what she expected I love seeing their banter turn into friendship I love even watching their friendship turn into love Nico is a wild stallion full of promise and gifts, and I m not sure if he can be tamed I m not sure if he should Reagan and Nico have a bit of forbidden love going on the privileged girl and the guy from the wrong side of town There is something that is so special about YA romance It s so pure, so sweet Reagan and Nico s love story was beautiful I loved that they started out almost as enemies and then fell for each other Reagan is a heroine that had so much character She s smart, she knows what she believes in and stands strong even during times that aren t easy Now to Nico Medina He is the best kind of hero I loved everything about Nico His drive, determination, his morals, ideals of family and loyalty He was just wonderful The first part of this story was a little slow for me, but let me tell you once it picked up, I didn t want to put it down I was completely enad This story had so much heart and soul It s a truly beautiful and all consuming read I didn t want it to end That last half, so so good As I said before, the friendship aspect of the story and the romance were both wonderful, but this story was about so much than love and friendship It was about overcoming adversity, seeing past stereotypes and overcoming obstacles Things weren t easy for this couple, but that made it all the better when things finally started to come together for them The Hard Count is a story I would recommend to YA lovers and romance readers alike It s my favorite book by this author and a complete stand alone YAY I would, however, LOVE a spin off about a few of the characters in this story Noah and Izzy, Sasha, even Colton I loved the unique premise and the forbidden love aspect This is a 5 star favorite you won t want to miss out on Alive, he says against me, his lips grazing mine with the sweetest words ever Loving you it makes me feel alive

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Just don t ever stop looking at me Look at me like you expect Look at me like it isn t going to be easy He breathes the words against my lips Make me earn it I ll earn it I ll never stop trying to earn it to earn you Holy wow, this story had SO MUCH HEART It was a YA sports romance that drew me in from the first few pages The author perfectly captured the intense passion of the game in a way that brought tears to my eyes and made me want to cheer out loud, and in the midst of it all was a beautiful forbidden romance between the coach s daughter and the new star quarterback from the wrong side of the tracks, falling in love against the odds, believing in their love enough to withstand criticism, racism, and jealousy, and playing hard enough to win My heart raced and the story came alive as I read It was different It was inspiring It was beautiful I highly recommend it Nico Medina s world is eleven miles away from mine During the day, it s a place where doors are open where homes are lived in, and neighbors love But when the sun sets, it becomes a place where young boys are afraid, where eyes watch from idling cars that hide in the shadows and wicked smoke flows from pipes West End is the kind of place that people survive It buries them one at a time, one way or another And when Nico was a little boy, his mom always told him to run.I m Reagan Prescott coach s daughter, sister to the prodigal son, daughter in the perfect family Life on top Lies My world is the ugly one Private school politics and one of the best high school football programs in the country can break even the toughest souls Our darkness plays out in whispers and rumors, and money and status trump all I would know I ve watched it kill my family slowly, strangling us for years.In our twisted world, a boy from West End is the only shining light.Quarterback.Hero.Heart.Good.I hated him before I needed him.I fell for him fast.I loved him when it was almost too late.When two ugly worlds collide, even the strongest fall.But my world it hasn t met the boy from West End Right from the start of the book, I was blown away by the writing and utterly consumed by the story It felt like I was right there seeing everything unfold before my eyes This was the first book I d read by this author and several times within the first few chapters, I literally stopped reading, sat back, and just went WOW.This story takes place during the senior year of high school Raegan came from a world of privilege, power, and opportunity From the outside, her world seemed perfect, but that was only a facade hiding the corruption and ugliness inside Nico came from the other side of town, the wrong side , West End only eleven miles away but a world of poverty ruled by gangs What West End had that her world could never comprehend was a sense of family loyalty, devotion, caring, love The closest thing her world had was their football team, where brotherhood and teamwork were at its heart But even though Nico was a star student and a better player than anyone they d ever had on the team, there were people willing to do everything in their power to bring him down Racism, jealously, and outright bullying followed his every step but in the face of adversity, their love, talent, and determination prevailed I m a part of Nico s story And he s a part of mine I believe in him More than I ve believed in anything This is a standalone YA sports romance and in this case it is literally both a sports story and a romance, and I was equally absorbed by both sides It s not a steamy read, but you definitely feel the pull between them I believed in their love and I cheered for their games I should say that I m not a sporty person in any way, but I was completely captivated by the games in this book Usually I m only really into the romance side of stories but during all the sport focused parts of this book, I wanted to cheer out loud My heart raced I felt the thrill of it as though it were happening right before my eyes It was exciting and I couldn t help but get caught up in its intensity and momentum.This truly was an all consuming read From the moment I started reading, I couldn t put it down It s a story of unexpected heroes, of overcoming the odds, the determination to win, and the power of love The writing was addictive, the characters felt real, and the story swept me away I loved every word and highly recommend it Rating 4.5 stars Standalone YA sports romance Buy THE HARD COUNT Kindle Buy THE HARD COUNT Paperback __________________________ For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe by email

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    I rarely rate my books in herebut damn itI believe in this one I hope you all love it too It s every little piece of me XO

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    5 Stars In our twisted world, a boy from West End is the only shining light I absolutely loved everything about The Hard Count Ginger Scott is a magician with the written word I was reminded whilst reading this book why I love YA books so much It was filled with love, loss, friendship and family I ve struggled to find a great book that really speaks to me and has the ability to stay with me forever This book has it in spades and then some This is a story of what happens when two, completely different worlds, collide..BOOM I m willing to go the distance..No matter how far that is Reagan Prescott appears to have the perfect life A straight A student, her dad is the head coach of her private school football team, her mum is head socialite of the boosters and twin brother Noah, is the starting quarterback Things aren t always as they appear appearances are just facades to hide the truth from the outside world that everything is not so perfect in this perfect family.If I were to define what I want from a YA hero, then Nico is just that He s smart, sexy, athletic and has just the right amount of confidence or is that arrogance and spunkiness Nico is from West End West End is on the wrong side of the tracks, or eleven miles on the wrong side of the highway Nico attends the same prestigious school as Reagan due to his intellect He s known as a scholarship kid Reagan and Nico s relationship is somewhat of a star crossed lovers story the good girl from the privileged family and the bad boy from the rough area of town Their love was absolutely awe inspiring and beautiful This story captured all the purity of what YA books should entail I loved how Nico and Reagan were so competitive with each other, especially their very articulate verbal sparring I can t say a bad thing about this story I would recommend this to anyone who loves reading books that epitomise YA romances Anyone who loves reading beautifully written stories with lovable characters will also find this a great read If you haven t already read this story, then I urge you to give it a go Hands down, this is one of my favourite books for this year.

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    My favorite book is live 333 BEAUTIFUL STARS Home.Nico is so much like home like no home I have ever known This story was perfection I loved it so much, I was torn between wanting to finish and wishing it would never end, because it was so beautiful It wasn t a simple romance, it was so much Lately I ve been reading a lot of sport romances and this one was the best Everything in this story is special, original and unique I love Ginger Scott s writing, as always she managed to have me mesmerized me and drowning in her story One of the things that I loved about this one apart from the romance, is that behind the love story, we see the characters dealing and struggling with some serious issues that kids can face in a school I m a part of Nico s story.And he s a part of mine.I believe in him.More than I ve believed in anything, and the enormity of it makes my chest hurt Nico and Reagan s romance is so sweet and pure, I had butterflies each time they interacted They were so adorable together I loved all their moments, they were so innocent, yet what they have was beautiful and realistic.Nico was mysterious,smart and so special.I loved him Also the secondary characters are fantastic and they played an important role to the story Even there, in black and white, he owns me in a way that makes my palms sweat and my nerve endings fire in anticipation.He s made me want to act, to be better This story is unforgettable It s one of those that you will want to read again and again

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    I was pleasantly surprised with this book It s a young adult book with a sports theme In the beginning I thought I was going to become bored with the football talk and play by play on the field but that was the farthest from the truth As I continued to read, I found out this was a story that showed the value of family, loyalty, perseverance and love This book is an angsty read but it s full of heart Nico is the boy that lives in the West End, which is the bad neighbourhood, one where they may be poor but they know the value of family whether it s family by blood or family by loyalty and friendship Then there is the girl who catches his eye she s the coaches daughter and lives in the richer side of town The thing with her life is that even though it may look good on the outside that is a lie there are so many issues that come with being a family that has a father as a coach, a football star brother, and a mother who runs the committees at school.This story shows the dark side of sports and many other things as well Even though there is a heavy tone to the book, there is also a heartwarming romance that evolves through the harshness A must read when you are looking for something a little emotional and in depth The author did a brilliant job writing an amazing read

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    Title The Hard CountSeries StandaloneAuthor Ginger ScottRelease date July 15, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGI DEDICATE THIS REVIEW TO MY FAVORITE HOOCHIE ANA She never gave up poking me to get this off my currently reading shelf and I deserve all the crap she s giving me now Thank you, hoochie, love you One thing that I can rely on when I read a book by Ginger Scott is that the hero will be lovable, strong, special and I have yet to read about a heroine of hers I dislike Another thing we often get present day problems addressed in a delicate manner.In this book we meet Nico Medina, an 18 year old scholarship student who earned his way into a prestigious high school with his intelligence and hard work The football team s head coach s daughter Reagan Prescott is his opponent in class and often than not they debate just for the heck of it When Reagan watches Nico play football she sees his raw, vast talent and her twin brother, starting quarterback of The Tradition, injures his leg and can t play for the season she convinces her dad that Nico could be the person to take the team to the top again And a win is what they need this seasonWith Reagan spending a lot of time around the football field for her movie about the team she gets to know Nico Their grudging respect for each other turns into a friendship and eventually love Along the way to their happy ending however lies a lot of adversity You can be a toad in love with a beautiful girl all you want, but in the end, you re still a toad That s how everyone is going to see you, and you know what That s how the beautiful girl sees you, too when other people are looking The perfect facade the Prescotts hold up crumbles when forces work against the coach and he may lose his job Nico s struggles on the team because he s the Latino kid and replacing the popular quarterback, his need to prove his worth as a football player and the fight to overcome prejudice and racism are portrayed as well as Reagan s own conflict about their budding love Make me earn it, he says, pausing again to take my top lip between both of his I ll earn it I ll never stop trying to earn it to earn you One thing that I absolutely love about YA books is that the characters love is pure and innocent, the few sex scenes are tasteful and oddly erotic in their innocence and definitely don t distract from the story but complement the relationship of the main characters And that s exactly what Ginger Scott does best I think she gets young people She is a kickass YA NA author who always brings something new to the table and fills her stories with beautiful words and deep emotions that I feel physically Nico Medina and Reagan Prescott are special, like all her other characters They are the ideal people should strive to be Nico is the twist in the tale He s the element of good He s what humanity should be the lesson to be learned He is hope.

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    Whose house is this Our house I m in love with this book, period This was such a great read for me As a sports nerd and a huge football fan, this book was everything I expected it to be and then some This book reminded me why I love YA so much and why I should read YA often The High School experiences, the anticipation, that first touch, the first kiss, the first love, this book had all of that, and I enjoyed every second of it The difference between our two worlds is impossible not to notice the second my feet step onto the bare concrete floors of Nico s home Cornwall is a prestigious private school with a legendary football program Honor Brotherhood Tradition , those are the foundations of it and success is what everyone strives for If you ve ever watched Friday Night Lights the TV show, which is perfection , it s a very similar concept A football program that is hugely competitive and where the expectations are extremely high for all involved, coaches, players, even the community.Reagan Prescott is the coaches daughter, and the main narrator of this story She was born into privilege and opportunity She s smart and beautiful and dreams of going to film school She also bleeds football, it s in her veins and The Tradition Cornwall s football team is a huge part of her life and her identity Reagan also shows us the ugly side of that football tradition, the politics, the backstabbing, the insecurities and instability of a system that solely depends on winning So, on the surface, her life is perfect but it is all a huge fa ade The price of winning is steep, and sometimes it doesn t seem worth it Nico Medina is the hero of this story, and let me tell you he is the HERO in every sense of the word He makes this book extraordinary Nico is from the West End, the wrong side of the tracks A dangerous place, a place full of at risk youth, a place no one on the other side wants to acknowledge it exists Nico is academically gifted and extraordinary he goes to Cornwall on a scholarship and is in line to be valedictorian He and Reagan often butt heads because they re basically the same person but she definitely knows Nico is very special I m not sure what it is, but the way we see Nico through Reagan s eyes is perfection Nico is a wild stallion full of promise and gifts, and I m not sure if he can be tamed I m not sure if he should Nico is also a gifted athlete he s passionate about football although he does not play any organized sports in school When the team s quarterback, who happens to be Reagan s brother, gets injured, she convinces Nico to try out for the team in an effort to save her father s job and the football season and that s when the story truly begins This is what makes football great The moments when impossible happens the boys who make impossible happen The story is a little bit enemies to lovers and also a little bit forbidden since she s the coaches daughter and they come from different sides of the tracks Their friendship soon evolves into something beautiful and they realize that those barriers they thought they had and seemed impossible for them to be together were far from it Look at me like you expect Look at me like it isn t going to be easy Nico breathes the words against my lips, pausing when his bottom lip connects with my top, the faintness of the touch so much better than any other real kiss I ve had Make me earn it, he says, pausing again to take my top lip between both of his I ll earn it I ll never stop trying to earn it to earn you I really don t want to say anything about this book, it s one of those you should experience for yourself and you ll see it brings all the feels I adored Reagan, and I loved Nico with all my heart I also loved all of the secondary characters, Reagan s family and Nico s family, and all of their friends This book is simply amazing It s about, love, family, brotherhood, trust It s about how we re really not that different It breaks barriers and as a sports romance, it is at the very top of my list now We do things in life to make others happy We make sacrifices because that feeling the one I once thought was altruism, but have since learned is just love it makes us feel good We give, but it s never selfless Nico has given so much He s lost than his share, and he s sacrificed beyond what is right If you are a sports romance fan and a football fan, you MUST read this book, you won t be disappointed And if you re not, you still MUST read this book, you won t be disappointed You will totally love Nico and Reagan and their story This is my first Ginger Scott book and it will definitely not be my last Loving you it makes me feel alive An ARC was generously provided by the author and Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review JOIN THE SISTERHOOD FIND US ON FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOG