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Readers Favorite International Book Awards Winner And Gold MedalistSomething Is Not Quite Right In The Leafy Savannah Neighborhood Of Gordonston As The Friends And Fellow Members Of Her Afternoon Cocktail Club Gather To Mourn The Death And Lament The Life Of Their Neighbor, Thelma Miller, Not All Is What It SeemsWhen Old Friends Vie For The Attention Of Widower, Alderman And Mayoral Candidate Elliott, Jealousies Surface And Friendships Are Strained An Old Woman With A Dark Secret And An Infamous Uncle Plots Her Revenge For A Perceived Wrong Done Over Thirty Years Before, A Once Successful Children S Writer With His Own Secret Is Haunted By Memories Of The Past And Aspiring Model Kelly Hudd Has Just Won The Trip Of A LifetimeAs Secrets Are Revealed And History, Both Old And Recent Unravel, And An Intertwined Web Of Deceits And Lies Surfaces In The Middle Class Neighborhood, A Killer Lurks And Is Anyone Really Who They Seem To Be An Enigmatic European Gentleman In South America, A Young Italian Count Parading The Streets Of Paris And A Charitable And Kindhearted Nephew Recently Arrived From India Add To The Remarkable Assortment Of Characters In This Story Of Intrigue, Deceit And Revenge What Is The Secret A Recently Retired Accountant Is Trying To Hide And Just Why Did The Former Showgirl And Attractive Sixty Two Year Old Widow Carla Zipp Really Have Plastic Surgery A Mysterious Organization With Links To Organized Crime, A Handsome Fire Fighter Who Can Do No Wrong And A Trio Of Widows With Deep Hidden Agendas Compound A Story Of Simplistic Complexity As Twists And Turns Lead The Reader To A Conclusion That They Will Not See Coming And A Sucker Punch Ending That Will Leave You Breathless, The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club S Top Priority Remains The Need To Chastise The Culprit Who Refuses To Scoop After His Dog Walking Sessions In Their Treasured ParkNALIST IN THEREADER S FAVORITE ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL AWARD CONTEST IN THE HUMOR CATEGORY WINNER ANNOUNCED SEPTEMBER

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    A black comedy of a mystery, full of nasty, yet compelling characters Slow to start, but by the end the reader is hooked, needing to know what comes next Something is up in the quiet, middleclass neighbourhood of Gordonston I really don t want to go into the plot, for fear of giving anything away Let s just say what seems like a normal, everyday suburb is anything but This book has several jaw dropping moments, and you will get a few laughs out of the antics of the neighbours All just pretending to be walking their dogs in the parkRecommended for lovers of light crime fiction.

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    The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead, is a short novel that sort of defies a specific genre I suppose one could place it in the mystery suspense thriller group and be OK But, there is touch of satire thrown in as well.This book has about 196 pages, and I believe the publisher is Dog Ear Publishing and is a 2012 copyright.Gordonston is a nice neighborhood in Savannah On the surface it s a place anyone would feel comfortable living in There s a nice park where on any given day you can see the citizens walking their dogs You might notice three older middle aged women, sipping cocktails out of paper cups and enjoying each other s company while they gossip and let their dogs play.However, appearances can be deceiving These lovely ladies just lost one of their best friends to cancer Other residents of this quite neighborhood have their own problems as well Doug and Veronica are having money problems Tom and Kelly are just too good to be true, both beautiful and healthy and in love, until Kelly wins a trip to Paris and Tom can t go.Elliot just lost his wife,Thelma, to cancer and his running for mayor He s worried about something from his past coming out before the election.Then there is a gentleman that refuses to pick up after his dog after walking him in the park The ladies vow they will have address this issue.Slowly, we see this idealistic, charming neighborhood become a hot bed of jealousy, greed, dark secrets, lies, and maybe even murder I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this novel This is I believe the first novel for this author and if that s true, then I m impressed No one is what they appear to be on the surface and I promise you will never figure out what is going to happen next Dark humor and quirky characters, twist and turns abound The tension builds to a climax that you never see coming.This is a unique, imaginative story, very different from anything I have read in while I recommend this on for those who love a good satire, mystery , and a litte dark humor Overall I would give this one a B.Thanks Netgalley for the the ARC

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    The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club yes, it s a mouthful, LOL was funny, intriguing, and a little dark at times and I loved it If you re a fan of Desperate Housewives, I think you will find this a great read as well It s set in a kind of a ritzy suburban neighborhood where everyone is talking about everyone and no secret stays hidden for long From the very beginning, Duncan Whitehead s style of writing keeps you inches from all the untold truths and just when you are about to say OMG, I didn t see that coming , he lets out a titillating piece of story and then your left thinking, OMG, I didn t see THAT coming Whitehead had my emotions in the grips of is hands the whole time I found myself sympathizing with certain characters Tom , wanting to beat certain characters to a pulp Kelly , wanting to call some of them out Elliot , and wanting to hide under the table and peak through the curtains while the crap hit the fan Literally the whole time I was reading The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club, I was filling my husband in on what just happened next and he usually isn t a fan of readingI know right and he was laughing right along with me at what came next Shock, Shock, Shock That is what you experience throughout this book On top of all this, you have a killer picking off residents of this beautiful on the outside, dysfunctional on the inside neighborhood and let me just say..your jaw will be left hanging and you ll be scratching your head when the final and most shocking twist comes in the end I am definitely anticipating the sequel to The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club because while the book ended with a bang, I can t wait to see what happens next I would highly suggest The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club to all of my book loving friends You will have a hard time putting it down, NOT laughing out loud, and you most certainly will not be disappointed For great and honest book reviews, please visit my blog

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    Not fair Arrghhh I want to know what happens nextI loved the characters in this book some dumb, some evil, some nasty, some devious, some just plain crazy.Brilliant plot very cleverly done and what a surprise ending that left me shaking my head and wondering when there will be a part twoI WANT TO KNOW MORE MR WHITEHEAD Please, please, please write a follow up to this fantastically different book and please kill off somebody else.

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    This 20 chapter book was okay Heidi, Cindy, and Carla were part of the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Cub The other member, Thelma, had died from cancer she hadn t even been buried that long before Cindy and Carla fight over Thelma s husband, Elliot The neighborhood was like Wisteria Lane times ten They had secrets galore and were crazy It was awesome how psycho people became towards the end.My favorite part was when one of the younger neighbor s visited Paris without her husband Once she returned home, everything unraveled in everyone s lives When I say everyone, I mean every single character The story didn t just focus on the three ladies of the club it also involved their neighbors two couples, two older gentleman.It was cool once it was revealed who the hitman and director was And I loved knowing when a character was plotting on someone else without their knowledge it was like I was in on the secret There were four hits requested throughout the novel but only one was picked I liked how the ending suggested that the other ones still weren t safe Like maybe there could be a sequel The author was great with setting The way he described things allowed me, as a reader, to see hear, taste, and smell what the characters did.The first chapter was impressive and suspenseful A man dug up a hole and readers knew someone will die by the end of the book But after that, there was a bunch of headhopping unless it was written in the omniscient point of view One time a dog s feelings was described , so I couldn t get lost in the story It felt like I was reading about characters instead of getting a chance to go through their journey with them It seemed like there was a lack of immediate scenes The story had a lot of narrative summary, so I wished there would have been showing rather than telling.The story started off slow, but towards the middle and especially the ending , it picked up and was pretty interesting I loved seeing the friendships and romantic relationships self destruct One other thing facts kept being repeated throughout the story I wish things were only told once especially backstory For example, chapter 1 and chapter 18 were exactly the same, word for word I figured it was to remind readers that a guy was there to kill someone and now the plan was about to spring into action, but readers already knew that since the first chapter.If you think you can get past the repetitiveness, then give the book a try.

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    The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead is one of the most fun and enjoyable books I ve read in a long time If I had had the time to read it in one sitting, I would have When I had to put it down, I found myself looking forward to picking it up again, anticipation for a special treat.The plot focuses on three well heeled ladies who live in an exclusive neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia, and who regularly meet each afternoon in the neighborhood park for the purpose of letting their dogs play In reality the ladies meet to sip their favorite cocktails concealed in plastic cups while they gossip about their neighbors.Duncan Whitehead has distilled the worst attributes associated with southerners into his characters so accurately that I found myself laughing out loud when so called best friends became worst enemies while still maintaining total social decorum I am not going to go into any of the plot because I do not want to reveal any of the twists and turns that make this novel so entertaining Suffice it to say that if you like duplicitous, backstabbing, self indulgent, prejudice, and cowardly people who outwardly attempt to appear perfectly kind and good to the world, you ll love this book.Mr Whitehead s writing style is fluid and descriptive His use of the third person omniscient point of view fits perfectly with his characters and their reactions to the people around them I especially like his technique of establishing a scene and then revisiting it later after the reader has gleaned additional information about the characters.If you like mystery, murder, intrigue, and dogs, buy this book right now It is a five star read.

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    If you re a fan of shows like Desperate Housewives that sway between the farcical and the semi serious, with a lot of humorous coincidence thrown in, then this one s for you The Southern lady dogwalkers of Gordonston are a gossipy bunch of drinkers with a little too much time on their hands Their business is knowing, or imagining, everyone else s business in the small, privileged enclave where they live Of course, the line they tread between consideration and meddling is too easily crossed Add in hearty doses of judgment, deep veins of social propriety, the panicky need for absolute control, and you get a bunch of prim and proper wackos who will stop at nothing to maintain the sense of order each one requires Unfortunately for the ladies, they are fighting a losing battle against the forces of Southern hospitality, a mid life boob job, a life changing trip to Paris, a contract assassin and a houseful of Nazis, not to mention the guy who doesn t pick up his dog s poop The author could easily be writing for TV This is well done and a fun read, with a nice twist at the end to keep you guessing what s going to happen.

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    The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club is a tour de force, a sort of Grand Guignol, Peyton Place on steroids with tongue firmly in cheek My early impression was one of sprawling farce, but I soon came to realize this was an intricate, tightly plotted work without spare parts The result is highly entertaining, and I recommend this book without reservation.

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    Twisty turny with great appeal Sexy, sassy and sinister all cloaked under the auspices of an innocent dog walking club Loved this fast paced tale tail and it is a quick read The intersections of characters lives is exquisite Loved this book

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    It took me awhile to get into the book, but that s probably my own problem as I like actionand lots of it But OMG Stick with it and that book ROCKS I hope there is a another book Great job, Duncan