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Love books by Betty Phillips In Tres French, Best Selling Author And Interior Designer Betty Lou Phillips Explains The Age Wisdom And Fervent Beliefs That Have Long Defined French Decorating And Reveals The Principles Behind Designing The Perfect French Room With Than Awe Inspiring Photographs, Tres French Also Shares Secrets On The Ways Color Solves Irksome Design Problems Without Moving Walls Or Making Other Structural Improvements, Addresses The Art Of Hanging Art And Dressing Salon Windows, Then Moves Into The French Kitchen And Bed Chamber To Explore Those Unique Cultures Not impressed.actually, very much like Ms Phillips other book or booksshe tells you nothing of before or after, just pictures and no depth no substance as to the thinking of why this room was designed or done this way or why not another way..was it the sun light..great book if you want pictures While there is nothing inherently amiss with this latest offering from Ms Phillips, there is nothing fresh either In spite of generous budgets and good photography, her Franco Texan style is wearing a bit thin perhaps Texan than Franco Again, there s nothing wrong with this book, but if you ve seen Betty Lou Phillips earlier works, you ve pretty well seen them all. Almost everything in this book is beige Fine if you like beige, I suppose.