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THE BURNING LEGION HAS COME Led By The Mighty Archimonde, Scores Of Demonic Soldiers Now March Across The Lands Of Kalimdor, Leaving A Trail Of Death And Devastation In Their Wake At The Heart Of The Fiery Invasion Stands The Mystic Well Of Eternity Once The Source Of The Night Elves Arcane Power But Now The Well S Energies Have Been Defiled And Twisted, For Queen Azshara And Her Highborne Will Stop At Nothing To Commune With Their Newfound God The Fiery Lord Of The Burning Legion Sargeras The Night Elf Defenders, Led By The Young Druid, Malfurion Stormrage, And The Wizard, Krasus, Fight A Desperate Battle To Hold Back The Legion S Terrible Onslaught Though Only Embers Of Hope Remain, An Ancient Power Has Risen To Aid The World In Its Darkest Hour The Dragons Led By The Powerful Aspect, Neltharion Have Forged A Weapon Of Incalculable Power The Dragon Soul, An Artifact Capable Of Driving The Legion From The World Forever But Its Use May Cost Far Than Any Could Have Foreseen The Second Novel In An Original Trilogy Of Magic, Warfare, And Heroism Based On The Bestselling, Award Winning Electronic Game Series From Blizzard Entertainment

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    The Demon Soul War of the Ancients Trilogy 2 , Richard A KnaakThe second novel in an original trilogy of magic, warfare, and heroism based on the bestselling, award winning electronic game series from Blizzard Entertainment The night elf defenders, led by the young druid, Malfurion Stormrage, and the wizard, Krasus, fight a desperate battle to hold back the Legion s terrible onslaught Though only embers of hope remain, an ancient power has risen to aid the world in its darkest hour The dragons led by the powerful Aspect, Neltharion have forged a weapon of incalculable power the Dragon Soul, an artifact capable of driving the Legion from the world forever But its use may cost far than any could have foreseen 2008 1386 432 9786009012346 21

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    1.5 starsI ll admit I m considering the one star rating for answering two of my most important lore questions in the worst manner possible, but I suppose I ll have to be rational.Series review

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    I like the Warcraft Universe so much that I left aside the poor choices concerning the writing style, the rather limited vocabulary and stylistic choices I found that at times the author over played the beauty of the female characters, if anything, aiding to the stereotyping of women.Warcraft and World of Warcraft is one of the few games where a gear set put on a male character is the same as the one on a female character, without unnecessarily revealing breasts, hips, legs So, considering the book was based on the game, I would have appreciated some decency in terms of clothing description.However, I would be lying if I were to say this book was not captivating, fast paced, rather too short for my thirst of warcraft action I did really enjoy reading it and would recommend it for any Warcraft aficionado.

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    When reading a book the reader should feel some type of emotions form the book to better understand the characters thoughts and understand the characters actions Richard A Knaak does a interesting job at describing the feelings of the characters and others through either the environment of the character This review is about the book Warcraft The Demon Soul by Richard A Knaak It takes place in the magical world of Azeroth where night elves rules and other magical races are under classed It has been this way for centuries until the arrival of the burning legion, a army of demons whose soul purpose is the destruction of all life With this arrival the world set a blaze, night elves fight defend their homeland while others plan on how to save the world Among those is the great dragon aspect Netltharion He has guarded the planet with his fellow aspects for millenniums but form a mysterious force his mind is being corrupted What is to be expected form the great dragon has yet to be seen Following Netltharion s corruption comes madness Richard A Knaak uses of emotional words gives a in depth look into each specific characters emotions and gives foreshadowing for what the character might do next An example is from page 245 During this scene Neltharion is in his domain alone hearing voices that lead him into false emotions It says Over and over, the voices repeated such dire things, warning him of duplicity, betrayal The use of the word betrayal gives the reader a better understanding of why Neltharion is so mad and why he begins to pan against his friends The author doesn t just stop there but uses words to describe the certain emotions of characters On page 275, Captain Varo then sees how much his queen loves another than him It says, A pang of jealousy struck the officer Through this whole book the reader will encounter sentences like these The one thing is that the book does reveal so much emotion that it isn t hard to find out the next part of the book This decreases the suspense and thrills of the book just a tad but it makes up for it with descriptions.

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    Warcraft, War of the Ancients 2 The Demon Soul, by Richard A Knaak The Demon Soul continues where the first book of the trilogy left off Krasus and Rhonin, who are from the future, have joined forces with the night elves of Azeroth s past to defeat the Burning Legion The Burning Legion is an ancient force of evil demons who are attempting to take over the world This book delves into the dragons, and the creation of the Dragon Soul an artifact that has the potential to drive away the Burning Legionbut only if it is used properly Its creator, Neltharion, will become a figure of Warcraft legendbut not for the right reasons His name will become synonymous with evil, just like the Burning Legion The Demon Soul further fills in the history of the War of the Ancients, giving Warcraft fans a fun romp through the past of their favorite world In it readers learn about the dragons, the night elves, the first druid Malfurion, and Also in it the downfall of Illidan, one of the great bosses of the Burning Crusade, is depicted Like the first book in the trilogy, The Demon Soul is an enjoyable read This isn t meant to be high or original fantasy it s based on an established game series, but Knaak doesn t let that stop him from writing an interesting book that will surely be enjoyed by Warcraft fans There s plenty of action, plenty of battles and fights character development for many of the legendary game figures and lore One thing I love about this Warcraft trilogy is that reading it always makes me want to go back and visit the parts of the game that were described, or visit the characters that were given detail 4 5.

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    I just finished reading this book and so far I love the series I can t wait until i can start reading the next novel Part of what made me like and even want to to read this book was how it is based of the lore or history of a popular game Reading this book was really interesting because I could connect its characters and events with the games plotline Seeing some legendary villains and heroes as children growing up was defenitely something very interesting to read I think the author did a good job of connecting the lore of the game with a thrilling plotline that could mix perfectly together Reading this book has enhanced playing world of warcraft and in turn playing it has made reading this book so much enjoyable I think this is a wonderful series and would reccoment to anyone who has played warcraft or world of warcraft Even if you havent played the game anyone who wants to experience an epic adventure in a world of dragons and magic, this is the book for you.

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    whoThe three friends a mage a wizard and a veteran warrior try to fight a demon lord by combining their powers.and its beginning with the highborne calling on the demon lord archimond want they want to go home and be able to be with their family s and be with their own kind because their a dragon a human and a orc because they are stuck in a time period where literally anything could end up killing them obstacles a giant army of demons known as the BURNING LEGION who kill everyone who they encounter the whole legion of black flight of dragons led by their insane leader Neltharion and their both groups are ending trying to get in their way and kill them all.what do they do they try to beat them with sheer power which is kinda crazy and lead the whole army of night elves against them to save them.