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The Darkest Pleasure takes place right after The Darkest KissI didn t re read nor review the latter because I actually re read that book not too long agoand it s book 3 in the Lord of The Underworld series This is one of my favorite instalments that, not only has likeable MCs but also introduces us to a few new characters that will play important roles in the future It also gives us an inside on how the Titans operate and what Cronus really wants.Reyes and Danika, as a couple, truly work in my opinion I think they re very compatible and they bring the best out of each other Danika shows Reyes the good and kind and the love and Reyes does the same but he also gives her a bit of the darkness they both can tolerate and enjoy and that s great I didn t have a single issue with them nor with the plot I also liked the rest of the Lords and William and Ashlyn and Anya I never once doubted their role in the book and I m thirsty for some girl bounding, man Paris, Aeron and Sabin were the ones that developed the most in this book and it ll be interesting to see how the author will make them grow.I d say this book is one of the strongest of the series because it gives what it promises It accomplished exactly what it meant, closed the deal with the main couple and helped the plotline as a whole and I m very intrigued by Danika s powers I can t recall if they re explored later in the series but she might as well be the most powerful of the artifacts because, if she could incapacitate a god, she could transport them to hell, right I ll be extra careful from now and see if they mention something like that. July 25, 2013 4.5 stars He was possessed by a demon, and yet he had the heart of an angel The contradiction delighted her, and she suspected she could happily spend the rest of her life learning his nuances and there would still be to learnThe Darkest Pleasure is the third book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Reyes, Keeper of Pain, and Danika Ford, a human woman with an incomparable ability Danika first appears in book one, The Darkest Night, where Cronus commanded Aeron to slay her and all her family sister, mother, and grandmother No one knew the reasons of Cronus, but Aeron resisted the order At the end of The Darkest Kiss Reyes locked Aeron away, who was lost in bloodlust by then, to keep the women safe The Ford women now are hiding in the US separataly from each other.At the beginning of the story, Danika is attacked and captured by Hunters Reyes rescues her, but she blames the Lords for being in danger ReyesThis is starting to feel like a damned circus Can t a man do a little sulking and self mutilation in privateReyes can t experience pleasure without pain Further his demon has a bad influence on his partners making them hurt others Though Pain reacts to Danika in a unique way, Reyes is afraid to ruin her, so he tries to resist the temptation I love this protective and tender side of him very much From the beginning, his heart had recognized this woman as his Like the demon, she was part of him, a part needed to make him whole Her courage delighted him Her teasing way, now that he d experienced it, tempted him Her willingness to help him despite everything that had happened touched him.Right here, right now, she was his A ticket out of hell and into heavenDanikaDanika is haunted by dreams about death, screams, macabre, pain, and blood since her childhood She tries to get these scenes out of her head by painting them afterward.She is very determined to protect herself and her family, she wears the angry, hard, tough girl image Though first she blames the Lords for being in danger, soon she realizes that the Hunters fanatic hatred toward the Lords is unjustified Every time she spied him, hate should have filled her Hate and rage and violence But every time she peered into the dark fathomless pools of knowledge and pain that were his eyes, she experienced something else She drowned, pieces of her dying then quickly reforming for him Him Not her family, not her own survival HimWhat I liked the most about her is her heritage by her grandmother How brilliant is to make view spoiler her one of the much wanted artifacts, the All Seeing Eye hide spoiler Reyes Demon of PainButterfly on his chest and neckHis curse Pain, pain and then pain He connects cruelty with pain, sex with pain, enjoyment with pain Any acts of cruelty by him are entirely linked with the gain of just pain.Danika Ford Artist Supernatural ability She has a secret that not even she knows about it view spoiler She is the All seeing Eye, one of the four keys needed to find Pandora s box hide spoiler 3,7 , Although this series had a shaky start, I am really loving it Heck, I m a sucker for Greek mythology, so that helps Throw in a tortured hero, and the battle s practically won But, really, these are good stories, and I could tell that Gena Showalter is finding her groove This series is much darker than her Atlantis series, and quite violent But then, it s about Immortal, demon possessed warriors Comes with the territory These books are also very steamy Not too steamy, though Reyes was very tortured I mean, what a curse To have to hurt oneself to feel pleasure, or to maintain one s sanity In a way, it was almost sickening for me, to see him carving himself with knives and hurting himself, relishing being horribly wounded by others There was a bit of an ick factor there for me Having said that, I was okay reading this story I think that this was an iffy story, but the execution was well done I m so not into that painful pleasurable sex storyline, but I kept reading I was glad that Ms Showalter managed to keep most of that out of the sex scenes Otherwise, oh, I would have been way out of comfort zones.I loved how tender Reyes was with Danika, even when I didn t think she deserved his devotion I tried really hard not to judge Danika, knowing that she was just being a human who was in a rough situation But, I thought I would hate her forever when she started working with the Hunters I was crying, No That s so wrong In my mind, it was The Lords didn t hurt her at all They let her family go and protected her Yes, Aeron was off his rocker, but it was clear that they were going to do their best to protect her and her family So, I was on the edge of hating poor Danika It was a see saw with me I was glad that Reyes was aware that she was considering betraying him With his eyes open, I felt better about his willingness to show her such loving, selfless devotion A girl can only be so lucky In the end, I was okay with Danika, although I much prefer Anya and Ashlyn Reyes loves her so much, I can t hate the girl, after all And, I ended up liking the reveal when it came to what Danika truly was.This series is building nicely I am eager to read about the other Lords stories My heart goes out to poor Paris I hope he is able to get a happy ending It was great seeing Lucien and Anya, and Maddox and Ashlyn in their gushy lovey dovey ness I loved all the smart alecky comments and sarcastic quips from the gang, as well Anya makes me laugh, her and William Lucien is sigh worthy I just love him Gideon cracks me up with his lies Sabin made me want to slap him in some scenes, and feel very sad for him in others I hope she writes a story for poor Cameo Maybe there will be a man who can love her despite the misery she inspires in those who hear her voice and see her face The Hunters got on my ever living nerves Initially, I didn t like them as the main villains at all But it turned out to be a solid source of intrigue, especially with the developments with a former Lord I liked that Ms Showalter took the Greek mythology and took it in a novel direction by focusing on the Titans.Honestly, this would have been five stars, were it not for my intermittent dislike of Danika Otherwise, it was an enthralling read that I found hard to put down After this one, I ll take a break and read something else, so I don t run out of these books But, I m excited to continue this series. 3.5 4 Cut Me Deep Stars This is the third book in the Lords of the Underworld PNR series The story of Reyes and Danika Reyes has the pain demon inside of him The only time he feels any kind of pleasure is when he hurts himself That is until he meets Danika in book one.Aeron the keeper of the wrath demon has been summoned by the king to kill Danika and her family The brothers took matters in their own hand and locked Aeron up so he couldn t do as the king requested This leaves Danika and her family on the run They spit up and never stay in the same place for long Danika is working at a diner Hunters know Danika was captured by the Warriors and they want to know what she seen while there Danika puts up a fight and she kills one of the hunters While packing up her few belongings to run Aeron finds her Of course Reyes is there to stop him and tells her to run Reyes then chains Aeron up far in the ground Aeron is so close to hell that he makes a friend Legion is a demon minion He She loves to play games with Areron Legion also seems to calm the wrath demon I loved Legion While on the run Danika is captured by the demon hunters They want to use her as bait to get information from the demons Danika is confused with what to do because she can t stop thinking about Reyes How he saved her The hunters finally convince her to help them after filling her with lies Does Danika help the hunters or does she finally admit to herself that she has feelings for Reyes Does Aeron break free from his chains again and succeed at killing Danika and her family Why not a five star you say Wellthere was a lot of re telling of the two previous books in this one I skimmed a lot during the first 40% I m sure it would of been a great thing if you were reading these when they first came out It would of been a nice refresher for you after a long wait But meI was bored with it because everything was still very fresh in my mind I wanted to get to the good stuff Haha I love how in each book we get chapters on the other warriors My heart is breaking for Paris I had tears in my eyes when he had a decision to make Then I was yelling yay The ending in this one seemed a bit on the perfect side to me But also left me wanting I m happy to say I will be moving on to the next book I can t stop now lol They are off to Egypt I can t wait to see what s in store for the fierce Sabin the keeper of doubt His story is next Reyes Is A Man Possessed Bound By The Demon Of Pain, He Is Forbidden To Know Pleasure Yet He Craves A Mortal Woman, Danika Ford, Than Breath And Will Do Anything To Claim Her Even Defy The GodsDanika Is On The Run For Months She S Eluded The Lords Of The Underworld, Immortal Warriors Who Won T Rest Until She And Her Family Have Been Destroyed But Her Dreams Are Haunted By Reyes, The Warrior Whose Searing Touch She Can T Forget Yet A Future Together Could Mean Death To All They Both Hold Dear I loved it One of my favorite books There was a lot that I liked about this book The plot,the characters and generally the world Genna creates.In this book, we focus on Reyes and Danika.Reyes is the keeper of the Demon of Pain and Danika is on the run from Wrath who has been commanded by the Titans to kill Danika and the rest of her family Some hunters have kidnapped her and asked her to go to the Lords of Underworld and find information for them.I loved so much Reyes He wants to protect Danika and he doesn t want to hurt her.Everyone he gets sexually involved with gets sucked in to pain and he tries to avoid it with her.But can he resist her Can she resist him The chemistry between them were incredible I loved all their moments together Their moments were hot and passionate I loved it so much There was a lot of action, something that I loved in this series I also believe that Genna knows how to create an amazing paranormal world that captivates many people and of course me , 3 Gena , guilty after pleasure