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Absolutely brilliant read from the first page to the last I was extremely moved by this beautiful little story which will touch your heart The author really has captured the innocence in the mind of a child S E FletcherA lovely story that really touched me very well written and moving Highly recommend that people give it a read M L SibleyReally enjoyed this short story about a small boyTook me back to my childhood made me shed a tearEagerly awaiting the next book by this new author S Carter50% of all profits made will be going to Winston's Wish

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    In Tony Gilbert's The Cloud Diary we come to hear a six year old boy's stream of consciousness regarding a cloud entering his life this is discerned as becoming friends with the cloud through the means that imaginary friends are always made The cloud isn't just here to listen but to be tangible and steadfast It's a direct stunningly sweet story of a boy gaining knowledge on a confusing world through uite a period of time and it captures you from the words 'I saw a cloud' I think that even though its a lengthy amount of time it doesn't seem like it but still is uite moving The lasting impression I gained was that rain isn't bad It shows us that a soul understands I think children will understand the morals Reviewed on my book blog here

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    A beautiful and touching story that captures the innocent mindset of a young boy going through a difficult and confusing time exuisitely The writing is wonderfully simple with not an unconsidered word would thoroughly recommend

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    I am so glad I had the chance to read this Amazing Children's Short Story This Book was written so beautifully and imaginatively it brought tears to my eyes It is about a little boy who had lost his Mother and was getting ready to lose his Father as well His teen aged Sister and her boyfriend have to take over his care while his Father is sick The great part about this is that the boy's Mother finds him in the form of a cloud during this time The cloud is always comforting him and singing his favorite lullaby when he is sad or upset The cloud also explains to him why his Father acts the way he does toward him Which is because he looks like his Mother who his Father misses terribly To top it off the Father is dying of a broken heart At the end of this book when the boy and his Father have their last talk and it stops raining and the cloud shows upwell lets just say it brought tears to my eyesThis book would be a perfect read for a child who is dealing with loss bless their hearts But it can be a great lesson for any child really You never know what could happen unfortunately I enjoyed reading this and do plan on reading it with my 3 older children as well aged 6 10 and 14 I highly recommend this to a child of any age loss or no lossThe best part about this is an entire FIFTY PERCENT of the profits go to Winston's Wish The Charity for Bereaved Children That is a generous donation and such a great cause Winston's Wish is a Registered Charity England and Wales 1061359 Scotland SC041140Winston's Wish now in its 20th anniversary year helps children rebuild their lives after the death of a parent or sibling enabling them to face the future with confidence and hope We are the largest provider of childhood bereavement services in the UK and offer the widest range of practical support and guidance to children families professionals and anyone concerned about a bereaved child We know from experience that the right support offered at the right time can have a life changing impact on bereaved children and young people For information please visit Helpline number 08452 03 04 05

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    Name of Book The Cloud DiaryAuthor Tony GilbertISBN 1009998979Publisher NAType of book Coping post death children's book relationshipsYear it was published 2013Summary Absolutely brilliant read from the first page to the last I was extremely moved by this beautiful little story which will touch your heart The author really has captured the innocence in the mind of a child S E FletcherA lovely story that really touched me very well written and moving Highly recommend that people give it a read M L SibleyReally enjoyed this short story about a small boyTook me back to my childhood made me shed a tearEagerly awaiting the next book by this new author S Carter50% of all profits made will be going to Winston's WishCharacters There are some characters and they do grow and try to move on with their livesTheme I'm not sure how to mention the theme without spoiling the story but let's say it has something to do with death and life after deathPlot Its written in first person narrative from a mysterious child's point of view not sure of what genderAuthor Information from goodreadscom url born in The United Kingdom gendermaletwitter usernametonygilbert8 genreChildren's Ebooks Horror member sinceMay 2012Opinion This is a simple child's story that I found beautiful and well written It's a sad story and things are revealed lightly and gradually throughout The story is short and I fear that writing any of it will completely spoil it Its a slight mixture of supernatural and realityuick notes This was given to me by an author thus this review will appear in its entirety on goodreads as well as the bloghttpsveta randomblogblogspotcom 5 out of 5 0 Stay away unless a masochist 1 Good for insomnia 2 Horrible but readable; 3 Readable and uickly forgettable 4 Good enjoyable 5 Buy it keep it and never let it go

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    Beautifully simplistic and understated this delicate meaningful story speaks to the heart Moving and acutely sensitive this delightful little short story is full of warmth understanding and truth Focusing on the difficult subject of bereavement and how a young child copes with the tragic loss of a parent the author reaches out with empathy and compassion through the powerful writing Filling one with a sense of closure and optimism for the continuation of life I would highly recommend this story to all children who find themselves in this situation With fifty percent of the profits going to “Winston’s Wish” charity I commend the author for producing something so lovely and appropriate One follows the story of a young boy whose mother has passed away and his ‘cloud’ that helps him come to terms with her death For any adult coming to an awareness in ones consciousness that a person or in this case parent has passed on is difficult let alone for a young child who is guided and nurtured even so by their parents This strong bond is one of the most significant within our lives and so helping a child to face their future with confidence and hope is of such great importance “I caught a cloud the other day”Profoundly meaningful and thought provoking I adored how sublime simplicity combined with thoughtful narrative made this children’s story so conseuential Full of substance and as delicate as poetry; as you capture the connotation and light nuance behind each and every word that professes heartfelt genuine sincerity Exuisite imagery ie bashing against the box – remicent of captured Butterflies with their beating wings makes this story all the reminiscent I was sent an e copy of “The Cloud Diary” by Tony Gilbert to read and review I would like to thank the author for this opportunity

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    I didn't know what to expect when I began reading this little story The Cloud Diary It's told from a child's point of view about dealing with the death of his mother It's very sad and touching Children usually only receive the barest amount of information any time something bad happens so now not only are they grieving from losing someone they had loved very much they are also confused by the current situations and events that are taking place around them I would highly recommend this story to anyone going through the death of a family member I think it could do some good for both children and adults

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    The story itself is simply written and beautiful A little boy has lost his mother and now finds his father pulling away Loosing a parent can be a difficult thing to deal with and this story not only does a fantastic job of giving voice to that pain but also helps raise money to help children in dealing with that loss A book worth reading and sharing

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    The Cloud Diary by Tony Gilbert Illustrated by Philip Howell is a short children’s story told in first person that conveys the thoughts of a young child and the emotion of a bereaved family as seen through the child’s eyes It’s use of language and sentence structure is compelling and appropriate for young readers affording an easily understood clear compassionate story It recommend it as an excellent read for a child or an adult with a young child to better grasp what it feels likeThe story offers hope through the recurrent imagery of a cloud that becomes the child’s friend and freuent companion with whom the child enjoys songs and often sings along Also the child is also comforted with dreams of the concerned mother who has passed away and through relating those experiences offers comfort to the fatherFor any anyone going through a similar difficult time with a young child in bereavement or a child with a friend who is struggling to understand the loss of a loved one The Cloud Diary will help Fifty percent of the profits go to Winston’s Wish a charity for bereaved childrenElgon Williams

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    This short story that sets out to help raise money for a worthy charity is both well written and effective in its simplicity Written from the point of view of a young boy who has lost his mother it is a sad and poignant tale that brings home the deep sense of loss felt by the death of a parent This is a tragic experience for any age but for one so young is a life changing experience The author visualises the confusion of trying to cope and at the same time to help the remaining parent An insurmountable task for a six year old who has enough trouble attempting to come to terms with the loss himself The child is trying desperately to hang onto his mother in the life that is still going on around him sad but heartwarming Well worth a read

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    This short story is a wonderful way of exploring how a child can see a situation and how far their imagination can stretch especially when dealing with grief I also really enjoyed the whole idea of 'the cloud' because it seemed to be how the main character expressed himselfI would strongly recommend this to childrenanyone who is dealing with grief or anyone who just wants a uick light readMy only wish with the story is that it was written as a novel or even a short novella to allow development of characters and plot which would have made it affect after reading it even strongerAll in all though a very enjoyable light read and buy making a purchase you are making a donation to Winston's Wish a very worthwhile cause to support