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Talk about being blown away by a book I didn t think Stephens could improve upon perfection with her first novel in the series, The Case of Jack the Nipper but she did with this second installment I cannot stress how much I highly recommend this book No matter who you are, if you love history, animals, adventure, mystery, or just love a good who done it , you are going to love this incredible story, filled with adventure, friendship, laughter, poignant moments, and a real in depth look at how animals communicate with us and each other It made me laugh and cry I could NOT put it down There is so much depth of feeling in The Case of the Wayward Fae, with the love and faith of both people and animals, it will bring you to tears, make you laugh until it hurts, and leave you begging forH.L Stephens is a genius At The Hanover Country Estate, As Mister Marmee And Sir Happy Heart Take A Much Needed Respite From The Rigors Of London Life, They Discover The Wicked Never Go On Holiday As The Bodies Pile Up In What The Local Authorities Are Calling Unfortunate Accidents, The Detective Duo Begins To Suspect There Is Much To These Mishaps Than Meets The Eye When Evidence Of Faerie Mischief Begins To Intertwine Among The Deceased, Sir Happy Strikes Out On His Own To Dig Up The Truth When Sir Happy Is Unjustly Accused Of Attacking A Well Respected Man And Finds Himself A Fugitive, It Is Up To Mister Marmee And A Menagerie Of Animal Friends To Come To His Rescue And Clear His Name The Only Direction Mister Marmee Receives From Sir Happy Before He Disappears Is To Follow The Faeries Could The Answers To Mister Marmee S Questions Lie In The Shadowy Banum S Wood With An Irish Healer Named Biddy Early, Or Is The Mystery Behind Sir Happy S Plight And The Murders He Was Investigating Beyond Even Her All Seeing Eye Mister Marmee Will Have To Use All Of His Wits To Save His Friend And Solve The Mystery Of The Wayward Fae Before Sir Happy Becomes The Next Victim I could hardly wait for this book to come out, I stayed up until midnight just to download it to nook and begin reading it Before I knew it, I had read the entire book and my kids were getting up to start the day It is such an engrossing read, and wonderfully told story, that I could not put it down until I hit the last page I felt like I was right there in the story with the characters and I felt their emotions I cannot give itthan 5 stars, for if I could I gladly would Ms Stephens builds a world and fills it with characters that you feel you have known forever I cannot wait for the next book in this series.As you may have noticed, I did not include details of the book, I do not intend on spoiling anyone s adventure. Cute and atmospheric A real feel good for animal lovers. The Case of the Wayward FaeI was waiting with great anticipation for this book and it wildly surpassed my expectations I loved it, eventhan The case of Jack the Nipper and I did not think that was going to happen This book shows how strong faith and solid morals wins the day I would feel totally comfortable sharing with my grandchildren as it has a wonderful uplifting story I started reading and read until my eyes would not stay open, got up at 5 00 AM and finished it I cried, talked out loud, smiled and groaned I rarely read a book that I am this involved with, and I do read a lot I can not tell you how much I felt like I was right there sharing this adventure It was a magical and emotional experience for me I recommend this book to everyone What a great storyteller this Author is The characters are so believable, the love so strong and the evil so real Please do yourself a favor and read this book. I read her first novel and it was intriguing but this book was evena page turner Fantastic Held your interest and made you feel like you were there where the book took place You became a part of this incredible journey too I just can not wait fornovels from this author I give it a five star rating evenif I could A two thumbs up book for sure Its for anybody who loves to read young or old Congrats on another winner Please keep them coming I will look forward to the next novel Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us Darker in places than might be expected from a book with a dog and cat and assorted other animals as the main protagonists This one even has a dash of the Reichenbach Falls to it, although the if only we d known what bad stuff was going to happen at the end of each chapter got a little unnecessary Still, all in all it was a good read Even if I think Mister Marmee the cat should be Holmes, while Sir Happy Heart the dachshund ought to be Watson But maybe that s just my cat person bias I really like this book 3 An interesting story Might be a bit disturbing for animal lovers since many of the animals get injured, either by intent or accident A bit heavy on the Christianity for my taste but there s also the supernatural fairy activity to give the story some balance A very enjoyable read and I ll read the third book in the series when it s available. Awesome book, Sherlock but with acheerful Dachshund as Sherlock and Watson as a cat named Mr Marmee