The Chronicles of Mister Marmee ~ The Case of Jack the Nipper Prime –

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes you will feel right at home with this new four legged intrepid duo Written in the language style of the Victorian era, it is not at first apparent that the writer, Mister Marmee, is in fact a cat His sweet Annie has to go away and he is left to board with London s top veterinarian, Dr Stephen Hanover, and his dachshund, Sir Happy As he arrives a man is accusing a little dog of biting him, the dog is quickly cleared of the crime but Sir Happy realise that there is a serial biter out on the streets of London Then a child is seriously injured, and a man killed Sir Happy decides to find the attacker and solve the crime As the investigation proceeds he teaches Mister Marmee the art of crime detecting The two animals are not the only critters to appear on the pages of the story there is a rather wonderful pigeon, a mother dog and her pups rescued from a dire situation and Lady Jasmine who was forced to fight for her owner from the time she was just a puppy She knew killing other dogs for sport was wrong and one day she made her decision to stop The story flowed beautifully as the investigation proceeded and emotions ran high warning you WILL need a handkerchief H.L Stephens is a very descriptive writer, without resorting to wordiness The characters both good and bad the scenery and the actions were recreated perfectly into pictures in my mind I loved the scene were Mister Marmee goes to Church to appeal to a higher power and also loved the scene where Inspector Farley finally realises that the animals are trying to communicate with him when they find clues There is suspense, action, cuteness, plot twists and drama in this first instalment of The Chronicles of Mister Marmee. I thought this book was great It combines my favorite genre mysteries and animals It held my attention and I just had to find out how it ended The characheters are well written especially the 4 legged ones Looking forward to the next in the series. This SHOULD have been one of the best cozy mysteries I ve ever read, if you go by the blurb, the setting and the characters I adore cat cozies, the Victorian era, and books from an animal perspective Yet I HATED this book The writing is sloppy and repetitive, the narrative slow Basically this book could have been written with half the pages and the story would have been better for it The sheer times that manners got in the way of the story and Marmee and Sir Happy had to spend page after page apologizing and saying jolly good show was beyond irritating Is it possible for a book to be TOO Victorian I think I found one.This book actually put me into a reading slump Not only did I not want to read it, I didn t want to read anything else either and I couldn t move on until I d finished it Despite hating every second, I still like the idea of this book and that frustrates methan anything the wasted potential Even the mystery turned out to be simple and easily solved Will I read the second You can bet your Sweet Annie I won t Just leave me weeping in the corner for what might have been The book was recommended by a friend of mine I most say that I dont regret one bit , that I bought this book First of all, I love the language, the way she so carefully have selected all the refined words and put it together in this absolutly wonderfull book From the first moment reading the book I was captured I love mysteries, and this book is indeed a fantastisk mysterie How she is able to tell this storie so, lively so intriguing is beyond me There is never a dull moment reading this book And that her inspiration is that little very real Doxie is just amazing R.I.P Happy Dog I LOVE this book, and cant wait till the next one is comming out Not many books makes me cry, but this one sure do So this book takes a similar idea to Rita Mae Brown s Mrs Murphy books the animals investigating the crime and moving forward the plot and runs with it The two main protagonists are a dachshund, who takes the role of Sherlock Holmes, with a slightly plump marmalade cat as his Watson They are ably supported by a variety of other charming and less than charming characters, both human and animal It s mostly a cozy, with a tinge of fantasy to it as there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required that the lead characters are animals that are as smart as if notthan humans However, the darker elements, especially to do with dog fighting, mean its definitely not a definitely not a kids book, despite having animal protagonists Nicely done, and I ve already bought the second one in the series. Thought it was a marvelous, funny, captivating book A story with some of the best characters I have ever read. It All Began On A Wednesday, And Everyone Knows Life Changing Experiences Hardly Ever Happen On A WednesdayMister Marmee Was A Victorian Gentlecat First And Foremost, Not A Detective, Or So He Thought That Is Until He Took Up Residency At Hanover Place With London S Premier Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine, Stephen Hanover, And Met His Vivacious Dachshund Detective, Sir Happy Heart With A Nose For Finding And Following Clues, Sir Happy Soon Began Teaching His Feline Friend The Tricks Of The Investigative Trade It Was Not Long Before Mister Marmee Was Earning His Tabby Stripes As An Amateur Detective Along Side His Canine FriendThe Case Of Jack The Nipper Is The Chronicle Of Mister Marmee And Sir Happy S First Case Together And Incidentally The Moment When They First Met Within Short Order Of Making Himself At Home In Hanover Place, Mister Marmee Finds Himself Whisker Deep In One Of The Most Perplexing And Brutal Crime Sprees London Has Ever Seen Drawn Into The Fray By The Charming But Bewildered Hyrum Farley Of Scotland Yard, Mister Marmee And Sir Happy Endeavor To Track Down A Killer Canine Before It Strikes Again It Is A Chase That Takes Them From The Slums Of Cheapside And The Dogfighting Rings Of The Warehouse District To The Sleepy Manors Of The Countryside Onto The Very Doorstep Of Hanover Place Itself It Is A Race Against The Clockd Time Is Running Out Written in the voices of the two main animal characters, Mr Marmee, an orange marmalade cat, and Mr Happy a miniature tan and black dachshund , this is a charming book It takes place in Victorian London and follows the lead of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Of course, there are several mysterious and violent attacks upon unsuspecting people which seem to originate from a large canine beast Mr Marmee and Mr Happy have several human helpers in this novel and Dr Stephen Hanover, a local veterinarian, among others help the animals in their investigation I enjoy novels where the animals are the main voices and humans take second place This novel especially explores the strong emotional bonds between pet and owner However, it does not lack for action After Dr Hanover is brutally assaulted the crime solving team with help from the humans track down the terrible criminal which takes them from London to the English countryside Being the owner of a dapple colored long haired dachshund, I was predisposed to like this novel I must say, however, it was an interesting and entertaining read I am looking forward to the next investigative exploits of the clever lads I purchased The Case of Jack the Nipper by H L Stephens to fulfill a reading challenge from the Cozy Mysteries group here on Goodreads I am so glad that I did The detective dachshund, Sir Happy Heart and his feline friend and detective in training, Mister Marmee made a fantastic team using their wit and cunning to help their human friends bring some vile and nasty evildoers to justice The affection and respect between the animals and their human friends enriched the story immensely The Case of Jack the Nipper was a really fun entertaining read I look forward to readingabout this delightful duo s future endeavors. This is a hugely enjoyable read Beautifully written with an affectionate nod towards the classic, melodramatic, Victorian who done it Only this is a Victorian murder mystery with a unique difference Forget Sherlock Holmes and Watson The super sleuths this time around are a cat and a dog, no less An ingenious twist to the genre So, suspend belief, and prepare yourself to be thoroughly entertained.