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The Untold Story Of How The Dutch Conquered The European Book Market And Became The Worlds Greatest Bibliophiles The Dutch Golden Age Has Long Been Seen As The Age Of Rembrandt And Vermeer, Whose Paintings Captured The Public Imagination And Came To Represent The Marvel That Was The Dutch Republic Yet There Is Another, Largely Overlooked Marvel In The Dutch World Of The Seventeenth Century Books In This Fascinating Account, Andrew Pettegree And Arthur Der Weduwen Show How The Dutch Produced Many Books Than Pictures And Bought And Owned Books Per Capita Than Any Other Part Of Europe Key Innovations In Marketing, Book Auctions, And Newspaper Advertising Brought Stability To A Market Where Elsewhere Publishers Faced Bankruptcy, And Created A Population Uniquely Well Informed And Politically Engaged This Book Tells For The First Time The Remarkable Story Of The Dutch Conquest Of The European Book World And Shows The True Extent To Which These Pious, Prosperous, Quarrelsome, And Generous People Were Shaped By What They Read

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    Maybe because I m a retired academic and my father, uncles and grandfather were all printers, but I found this book totally fascinating, start to finish The amount of research the authors had to do was extraordinary, and in itself very interesting, like adding up the clues in a mystery or watching a map gradually define a territory This also becomes a much fuller picture of Dutch citizens than even Simon Schama s wonderful EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES provides, because the focus here is much broader than in the earlier book The writing can be a bit dense, but it s always extremely clear, as is the book s organization There are also a number of relevant and attractive illustrations artworks, maps, documents and so on So the book calls for a major investment of time and attention, but it pays back that investment very handsomely Really a great accomplishment, and a book I m delighted to have on my shelves.

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    Not as interesting as I had hoped.