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Click Read Book Icon To Left And Read FREE Chapters Following A Bizarre Lightning Storm, A Young College Student Named Rayna Powell Finds Herself Alone In A Desolate Wasteland Zone Called The Band In Making Her Way Out, She Realizes The Band Was Only The Beginning Of Her Ordeal Trapped In A Strange Land Where Danger And Death Lurk Behind Every Corner, Rayna Sees Magic Everywhere The Very Watch She Wears Now Glows With Unknown Energies She Is A Student Of Science And Logic Yet, What She Witnesses In This Place Defies Them Both Reluctantly Joining Forces With A Mysterious Woman With A Bounty On Her Head, They Struggle To Survive And Avoid Detection From Nephredom S Minions Rayna Finds Herself Caught In The Middle Of Political Strife And Faction Wars, As She Comes To Terms With The Chaotic Power Growing Inside Of Her It Is A Magic So Fierce, That The Inhabitants Of Taren Call Her A Power , The Greatest And Rarest Kind Of Mage Though She Does Not Yet Know It, Rayna Is The Only One Who Can Prevent Taren S Destruction Rayna Must Find A Way To Control Her Magic And Use It Well If She Is To Survive What S To Come Accompanying Rayna On Her Reluctant Quest Is Arstinax A Tall, Strong Warrior Who Is As Gentle With Her As He Is Fierce In Battle In Spite Of Herself, Rayna Falls In Love With Him, Which Makes The Adventures They Share Together All The Thrillingand The Stakes Couldn T Be Higher Read about half of this, yawned, and abandoned it It was much too simplistic and juvenile Read like a good teenage essay than a novel the writing style felt artificial and forced And there were too many misspellings Moving on quickly to some adult reading