download kindle The Art of Resin Jewelry: Layering, Casting, And Mixed Media Techniques For Creating Vintage To Contemporary DesignsAuthor Sherri Haab –

Lots of pictures instructions on making resin jewelry Several ideas I can t wait to try. Introduces The Art Of Creating A Variety Of Unique Jewelry Designs From Plastic Resins, Explaining How To Work With Liquid Resin, The Techniques Of Design, And Complete Instructions For Necklaces, Bangles, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Rings, And Other Projects Original Well written and well researched I especially liked the fact that the suppliers of materials needed for creating the projects in the book, were listed in the last part of the book Sherri s instructions were easy to follow and the photos of each step were extremely helpful It good that both advanced as well as beginners are able to use this book and come up with excellent results.Many of the different techniques possible for using resin were explained which gives the reader the desire to jump in and start to make some lovely creations. This book takes the mystery out of working with resin It explains mold making in good detail and provides useful info for choosing the right raw materials Not every artist can also teach, but Ms Haab is skilled at both The book is well laid out, not repetitive, and provides sample projects along with a list of necessary materials Many of the projects are not my style preference, but written descriptions and pictures are clear and can be used for inspiration Published in 2006, it is recent enough that the raw materials are still relevant and available. Other than the project featured on the cover, everything else in this book is terribly pedestrian at best Gloopy, unprofessional, and ugly projects I look to these books for great ideas and inspiration, none of which I got from this book Only that one project gave me inspiration One project in an entire book isn t worth it I rarely return books, but this one didn t come close to living up to what it said it was. Ever since I saw my first superchunky, gorgeous colored resin bangle, available for sale at an online store back in the early 2000 s, I have been intrigued by the mystique of always different resin jewelry Yes I kick myself to this day that I never bought that bangle Now I spot brilliant fabulous clear resin jewlery, with pretty silver embellishments, and inlaid semiprecious stones, for sale online I see resin as well on etsy with yummy looking real candy pieces or sprinkles and glitter floating cheerily in the molded colorful bangles or pendants.Well, I have finally broken down and bought my own how to book, from the best teacher around, and I am thrilled Now that I own this award winning book, The Art of Resin Jewelry, by Sherri Haab, I can stop looking and start doing Having already devoured this great book, I plan to get to work or to play as soon as possible I am hoping to stretch my imagination to the fullest, and to see what I can do as well, with resin as my launching pad Sherri Haab is the perfect guide for a neophyte like me I need HER clear writing style I need the fun of seeing the variety of her projects, such as her high art Pod Bead bracelet, shown in two colors, and her ultra hip Techno Polymer Clay Bezels which obviously use than just resin as the medium you work with That second project I just mention comes from a whole section in the book she offers which is called Combining Resin With Polymer Clay Everthing is so fascinating The author is straightforward in her writing style and her book is great, in the manner in which she assists the reader to take the intial steps toward learning how to create coated resin, casted, molded or combined medium resin jewelry.Not only did she produce this super cool book, she has a website where you can pick up the things you will need to create you own jewelry molds, resin, colors, powders, bracelet blanks, ring blanks and without going through the sometimes confusing process of wandering around in a local craft store or even two, looking here and there and checking and rechecking your list of required resin needs you have to obtain to get started This book and her site will get you started Who knows were you will end up I love this book I am please with the saftey precautions she is careful to explain, I love the projects, and I feel that this is a terrific all around crafting book