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Finally, Alarm Wristwatches Are Recognized For Their Mechanical Ingenuity And The Beauty Of Their Design This New Book Traces The Development Of Mechanical Wristwatches With An Acoustic Alarm Function, One Of The First Wristwatch Complications, And Gives Detailed Information For Collectors Hundreds Of Watches Are Examined In Color Images In Addition To The External Design Of The Watch, Special Attention Is Paid To The Movements And How Their Creators Solved The Multitude Of Challenges That Confronted Them Michael Philip Horlbeck, A Scholar And Collector Of Alarm Wristwatches, Has Written The Standard Work, A Complete History Of The Alarm Wristwatch Nearly Every Model Ever Produced Is Chronicled, In Words And Pictures The International Array Of Companies Include Eterna, Omega, Bruguet, Bulova, Citizen, Corum, Cyma, Jaeger Le Coultre, Lemania, Pierce, Poljot, Ronda, Seiko, Venus, Vulcain, And Wittnauer, And Many The Technical Data For Each Watch Is Recorded This Is Required Reading For All Wristwatch Fans And All Who May Become Such Whether You Are Interested In The Design Or The Mechanics Of These Watches, You Will Not Be Disappointed

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    this recently published book is a complete and thorough listing of alarm watches from their re invention around 1949 until the present day With many photographs and details, a novice can develop an understanding of the nuances and clever inventions of this mechanical watch feature Compliments to the author for his detailed photos of both the movements front and back views and the assembled watch and dial Highly recommended

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    Great reference book well researched

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    This is no doubt an exceptional book in German It s clear from the photos, in depth descriptions and the massive amount of work that has gone into this book German standards of horological literature are very high However, this book has been ruined by an inept, unreadable translation Most of the translation that does not deal with horological matters falls below the standard of online browser translation But when it comes to horology, the translator feels free to invent any words he wishes He has apparently never heard of such dictionaries as G.A.Brenner Dictionnaire proifessional illustre de l hologerie in four languages, including German and English, the ISO concordance of watch parts in German and English, and many other technical dictionaries of watch terms in German and English There is also a wealth of information on German English watch terminology on the Internet The result is a muddle of unbelievable confusion Even though as a trained watch maker I understood somewhat what he was trying to get at, I gave up about page 100 I was too confused and frustrated to go further The translator s terminology got muddled as the book advanced.To give two quick examples, there is no such thing in a watch as a membrane There is also no such thing as a Hook anchor in English Perhaps the translator meant inner back cover and pin lever Why didn t they have a bilingual watch maker there are plenty proof read this book The word arrogant is not too strong to describe the attitude of the translator and publisher There is a well establish and well known vocabulary in this field in both German and English It is also a highly technical field where communications necessarily require an absolutely correct use of vocabulary and terminology This has been entirely ignored A final word may be said about the quality of the printing of this book in general It is printed in China The print quality as well as the printing of the color plates lacks something It is a pity that such an outstanding book has been so poorly translated.