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Ok, how can Eric be SO obsessed about a KISS when he spent an entire week in another country with another girl who he went out with multiple times, who had grabbed his croch, kissed him, and then he licked her lips Absolute nonsense What can I say Elizabeth Reyes has once again blown me away I loved Sofie s novel and her and Eric are just meant to be I was super happy when I saw this had been released on.co.uk sad that I will even say this but I did a happy dance I can t wait to read the next two books in the amazing series. I loved it The glimpses we get from Sofia s and Eric s past, how they fell in love were wonderful I ve adored Eric since reading Forever Mine Angel s story and I m glad to say I love him even now I also really liked how we read some scenes from Forever Mine in Sofia s and Eric s POV It gave me my much needed Angel fix.I devoured this book from beginning to end in one sitting Now I m sleep deprived but it was worth it Sweet Sofie is a delicious read for anyone who s a fan of an forever and ever kind of a love story. I can t get enough of these books Sofie and Eric s story was just as intense and emotional as her bothers You could see from the beginning that these two belonged together.I love that we get to see Sofie every so many years growing up and how her relationship with Eric blossomed I had so much fun watching Sofie push Eric to his hormonal limits when they were in high school He was always so careful and patient when it came to her but she was not having it Having her three BIG older bothers, one being Eric s best friend, always looking after her made it extremely hard for her to have any kind of relationship with anyone I felt so nervous for Eric because he had so much to deal with being in love with Sofie and trying to hide it from his best friends and especially from Alex her most temperamental big brother It wasn t easy and after an attempted beating from Alex of course it all work out for Sofie and Eric while they were in high school.As time goes on, they get older, go to college things begin to change in Sofie and Eric s relationship This is were all the heart ache really begins but by the end of the story it was totally worth going through the emotional roller coaster If I had to describe this series in three words I would say these books are intense, emotional, and genuine I absolutely love me Bk 3 is shorter than a full story but seemed too long to be considered a novella Even with the shorter length this bk kept my interest throughout the story, had depth and came to a good ending without seeming rushed I even liked the format for this bk which told Sophie s story in increments beginning at age 5 through age 21 Each book advances the story of not only the main characters Sophie and Eric but the others as well Angel Sarah, Alex Val, Romero Isabelle and Sal Another great story but had to take this one down one star Not due any lack by the author or the story telling, but just because I was a bit disappointed in Sophie While her behavior can certainly be chalked up to immaturity, lack of experience and being easily impressionable, I wasn t happy with how she treats sweet Eric Sophie certainly has her share of the Moreno s passionate nature and fiery temper, but her mistakes just didn t sit well given the depth of emotion the Moreno brothers have for their women At the end I was left with the impression that there may still residual bad feelings between Sophie and Eric or that the repercussions of what happened between them didn t make them feel as solid as Sophie s brothers and their relationships Looking forward to bk 4 Romero as well as Sal s book. I won t even bother to write a review because it won t express my feelings as good as this reviewer did. 4.75This is my favorite one yet in this series I laughed soo much with Romero in the beginning when they were kids I love Eric and Sophie s story Love early child teen crushes that turn into romance You can identify with both Eric and Sophie s POV that you just can t be upset for him her acting the way they did I felt for Brandon and I never thought he was playing Sophie Do we get a story on him If not, why What I love about this series is the memories it brings back Thank you Elizabeth for introducing these wonderful characters You are definitely on my top list. I went into Sweet Sofie thinking I already knew their story from reading Forever Mine and Always Been Mine Asking myself, What can be left to say However, I was still excited to read it out of my love for the former books and my new ever growing loyalty for their author But I was so wrong Elizabeth Reyes took this story to an incredible height, that I did not see coming Eric and Sofia are absolutely amazing together There is not a dislikable character in this book Nor, is there a thing to be changed, 5 stars no doubt about it Here I am, once again reviewing a story from the mind of Elizabeth Reyes The biggest rule in writing is to write what you know With that in mind, I m frightened by the things Ms Reyes knows Sweet Sofie is a novella attached to the Moreno Brothers series which consists of two full length books dealing, respectively, with the relationships of Sofia s older brothers Angel and Alex In Forever Mine, I got my first glimpse of the way Sofia was treated by her older brothers, and was thoroughly disgusted The second Moreno Brothers story, Always Been Mine offered a little in terms of things Sofia s been through while being the youngest and only girl in the Moreno clan So let me start off by saying that I was completely ready to be offended by the way her brothers treat her in Sweet Sofie, and I wasn t disappointed I actually think I may have underestimated Ms Reyes ability to piss me off We ve all known guys who are overbearing and uber male The ones who act like women are fragile little flowers who can t be trusted, don t have brains in their heads, etc The Moreno brothers take that attitude to new heights, and the thing that pissed me off was not that they acted this way, but that the author treated the behavior as if it were not only normal, but completely acceptable I m sorry, the way Sofia s brothers treat her is not normal, and it is far, far from acceptable Sweet Sofie begins when Sofie is a little girl In the first scene, she is attempting to show her brothers and her crush and later love interest, Eric that she can ride a bike off a ramp just as well as they can Angel and Alex almost don t let her do it, but she manages to press onward and the scene is supposed to underscore the fact that Eric is the only one who supports her in the things she wants to try After her jump, they hear a car accident and the boys rush off to see what happened, Alex telling Sofia to stay put as if she s some sort of dog Instead of staying put, Sofie.tells her brothers to go fuck themselves and follows anyway Nope She sneaks around to see the accident from another vantage point where the boys won t catch her Way to take a stand there, girlfriend As she s standing there checking out the accident, Brandon Billings, a neighbor boy with the nickname of Bad News oh, how original , comes out and starts trying to take Sofie s bike from her Of course, Alex, Angel, Eric, and Romero show up and chase Bad News off Poor little damsel had to be rescued again Then she was told to stay away from Brandon As if telling her to do so would be necessary Well, she is a dumb female, after all Each chapter thereafter progresses in time as Sofie ages, all the while maintaining her crush on Eric while trying to live her life under the shadows of her older brothers At one point in middle school, Sofie catches her mom alone in the kitchen and asks for permission to attend the after school dance the following day Her mother is, of course, fine with it But then Alex walks in, overhears what s going on, and begins making a scene The conversation went a little something like this You going to a dance, Sof Who with Some friends, Alex Why, you have a problem with me going Maybe I do At that point, their mother interceded, but I was effectively creeped out The following day, Sofie walked out of her school with some friends and she was talking to a boy.of course, her brothers and their friends showed up to ruin it, Angel telling her to get on his bike so they can take her home Does she tell them to go to hell, she s talking to someone and she is perfectly capable of using her own legs to get home Nope, she hops on the bike, angry and puffing, and off they go During these little moments, we get glimpses of Eric s POV and he s happy her brothers keep her from talking to other guys Understandable, I guess, but also a little sick By the time Sofie is 15, her entire life has revolved around what her brothers are comfortable with her doing All of her decisions are based on whether or not her brothers would be OK with what she s about to do When she and Eric begin seeing each other, they both keep it a secret because they re afraid of what Alex and Angel will do to Eric if they find out Nice, healthy way to begin a relationship This all pales in comparison to the scene that nearly had my head spinning A mere 18% in and we re clued in to the fact that Sofie continually has to stand back and watch while cheerleaders flirt with Eric and he does nothing to dissuade them, oftentimes playing along These two sentences, from the mind of oh so chivalrous Eric, nearly made me chuck my Kindle through a window He knew she couldn t be happy about seeing him with those girls yesterday and today But if she thought she was going to be hanging out with guys she had another think coming After the delight of reading this amazing bit of double standard nonsense, the reader is treated to Eric going all alpha male on some kid that Sofie was talking to In public With plenty of other people around The way Eric overreacted, you would think Sofie was half naked, letting some guy finger bang her in the parking lot in front of an audience But I digress When that s all over, the reader has to endure a few pages of Eric justifying cheerleaders flirting with him by claiming it s different from guys flirting with Sofie He claims he only lets girls flirt with him to go along with his friend Romero, then he says something so profoundly stupid it actually made me choke on my own laughter I promise you I won t do anything with anyone else ever He kissed her forehead But you gotta cut me some slack around Romero Just because I go along with what he says or does to shut him up, doesn t mean I m doing anything I ll never do anything to hurt you Instead of doing what anyone with even a quarter of a functioning brain would do, like perhaps saying something along the lines of, You being a weak willed piece of shit does hurt me, you insensitive, stupid bastard , what does Sofie do She falls for it I have never wanted to beat the holy shit out of fictional characters so badly in my entire life We can skip most of the crap after that Up until Eric and Sofia are in college, anyway All throughout high school, Sofie had maintained a loose, but steady acquaintance with Brandon Bad News Billings Now, at the age of 19, she runs into Bad News again He s just returned from a stint in the Marine Corps and he and Sofie strike up a tentative, slightly uncomfortable friendship, during which they share a rather passionate kiss Sofie, wracked with guilt, ends up telling Eric about it and he is, of course, livid Things happen and her brothers end up finding out about what happened, with eldest brother Sal being the first to know anything They are all convinced that Brandon planned the entire thing to get them riled up and they all nearly go on the warpath After that, Sofie is not allowed to have any contact with Brandon Really I can understand, to a point, Sofie s unwillingness to spend any time with Brandon, but for her brothers to flat out forbid any contact.I mean, I m sorry, whose life is this again Sofie, instead of standing up and saying she s capable of making her own decisions, just goes along with what her brothers wantonce again The whole rest of the book is just a bunch of whiny, ridiculous BS Eric can t forgive her, he gets angry any time Sofie mentions so much as seeing Brandon somewhere, and the brothers are insistent that Sofie was played Finally, toward the end of the book, she s becoming angrier about everyone s assertions and finally stands up to Eric, in her own feeble way, and says it wasn t planned, she wasn t a pawn, she knew what she was doing Apparently Eric would rather think she was an idiot than that she went into the situation willingly and with some idea of what might happen With Eric on an internship in Spain, things are pretty strained in the relationship towards the end, especially with Eric s dad encouraging Eric to move on and find someone else But then, just when it appears all hope might be lost, Sofie is in the drugstore when Brandon approaches her He tells her that his dad is dying and that he s taking both of his parents to live in Georgia He then tells her he s in love with her, has been for years, and that the kiss they shared almost convinced him not to re enlist in the Marines Then he tells her goodbye and leaves Sofie is standing there when Eric s dad appears behind her and asks, Was it really just a kiss Apparently Eric s dad had been under the impression that Sofie had done a lot with Brandon, which was why he was trying to get Eric to dump her So then Eric gets a call and his dad tells him what I ve been wanting to scream at both characters for the last seemed like several hundred chapters It was just a kiss, get over it and grow the hell up God, thank you What does Eric say to this dad She let him, dad She let that idiot who was only trying to use her to get to me and her brothers Um, wow, self centered much The way the men in this book treat women is only overshadowed by the way the women allow the men to control and command them Sofie s brothers order her around constantly and, even though she gets mad, she never once does anything about it The way Alex behaves towards Sofie goes far beyond the way a brother, even an overly protective one, should behave and heads right on into a realm of sickness that I don t even like thinking about It becomes pathological and disconcerting They act less like Sofie s brothers and like jealous boyfriends Ick.Are these characters realistic Unfortunately, yes Are they worth reading about Hell no Especially not when they re being portrayed as good people They are uncaring, selfish, self centered, petty, melodramatic and stupid, and they have very little if any respect for other people If I met people like this in real life, I would run in the other direction as quickly as possible Once again, Elizabeth Reyes has managed to portray unforgivable behavior as endearing and adorable and it makes me want to hurl, especially when I consider all the mindless women out there just lapping this shit up Get a clue, controlling assholes aren t cute And please, for the love of everything holy Ms Reyes, learn the difference between worse and worst A few times looks like a simple mistake, but after three books of you not getting it right even once, it becomes glaringly obvious that it stems from ignorance. Her Entire Life Sofia Moreno Has Dealt With Her Overprotective Brothers With Three Overbearing Brothers Always Lurking, No Boy Would Dare Reach Out To Her Luckily For Sofia The One Boy She S Got Her Heart Set On Has Always Been Within Reach Her Brothers Best Friend Eric Even Though His Loyalty To Her Brothers Runs Deep, Sofia Knows There Is Only So Much He Can Do Before Giving In To HerTwo Years Older Than Her, Eric Diego Has Always Known There Would Be Hell To Pay If He Messed With His Best Friend S Kid Sister Sofia Through The Years He Watches As She Blooms Into A Beautiful Young Lady Right Before His Eyes With Teenage Hormones Raging And Sofia Than Willing, Eric Agrees To The Unthinkable A Forbidden Secret Romance Feeling Emotions And A Feverish Passion That S New To Them Both, Neither Is Ready For How Quickly Their Romance Spins Out Of Control