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This book and the science behind it is so interesting and I m excited to start playing I love how customized it can be for anyone, anytime, anywhere. While this book is well written and has an interesting premise, it should not have been than an article Stretching it out to a full length book makes it lose its edge and become a tedious chore to read. An Innovative Guide To Living Gamefully, Based On The Program That Has Already Helped Nearly Half A Million People Achieve Remarkable Personal Growth In , Internationally Renowned Game Designer Jane McGonigal Suffered A Severe Concussion Unable To Think Clearly Or Work Or Even Get Out Of Bed, She Became Anxious And Depressed, Even Suicidal But Rather Than Let Herself Sink Further, She Decided To Get Better By Doing What She Does Best She Turned Her Recovery Process Into A Resilience Building Game What Started As A Simple Motivational Exercise Quickly Became A Set Of Rules For Post Traumatic Growth That She Shared On Her Blog These Rules Led To A Digital Game And A Major Research Study With The National Institutes Of Health Today Nearly Half A Million People Have Played SuperBetter To Get Stronger, Happier, And HealthierBut The Life Changing Ideas Behind SuperBetterare Much Bigger Than Just One Game In This Book, McGonigal Reveals A Decade S Worth Of Scientific Research Into The Ways All Games Including Videogames, Sports, And Puzzles Change How We Respond To Stress, Challenge, And Pain She Explains How We Can Cultivate New Powers Of Recovery And Resilience In Everyday Life Simply By Adopting A Gameful Mind Set Being Gameful Means Bringing The Same Psychological Strengths We Naturally Display When We Play Games Such As Optimism, Creativity, Courage, And Determination To Real World GoalsDrawing On Hundreds Of Studies, McGonigal Shows That Getting Superbetter Is As Simple As Tapping Into The Three Core Psychological Strengths That Games Help You Build Your Ability To Control Your Attention, And Therefore Your Thoughts And Feelings Your Power To Turn Anyone Into A Potential Ally, And To Strengthen Your Existing Relationships Your Natural Capacity To Motivate Yourself And Super Charge Your Heroic Qualities, Like Willpower, Compassion, And Determination SuperBetter Contains Nearly Playful Challenges Anyone Can Undertake In Order To Build These Gameful Strengths It Includes Stories And Data From People Who Have Used The SuperBetter Method To Get Stronger In The Face Of Illness, Injury, And Other Major Setbacks, As Well As To Achieve Goals Like Losing Weight, Running A Marathon, And Finding A New JobAs Inspiring As It Is Down To Earth, And Grounded In Rigorous Research, SuperBetter Is A Proven Game Plan For A Better Life You Ll Never Say That Something Is Just A Game Again Having a super positive frame of mind to start with, I got through the first hour or so of this audio book and am deciding to set down Yes, I ve read many of the reviews and I can see why others find this framework help It s just not for me. This was a pretty amazing book and definitely changed the way I think about games The first section is a very well researched rundown of all the ways gaming can help us, how it can build connections with others and motivate us to do better all the time In the second section McGonigal lays out a plan for using gaming to help a person achieve just about any personal goal I felt like this could really work and could make a difference in my life and others Unfortunately, I was not in a place where I could actually follow along and do the steps And as I got further away from reading the book my drive decreased I still hope to some day get back to it and use the system Even without using the book properly I think it made some small but significant changes in the way I approach problems I highly recommend this book but read it during a time when you will be able to really engage with it. So I first fell in nerd love with Jane McGonigal when she performed a TED Talk and wrote her first book Reality Is Broken SuperBetter is even better and there s also a great TED Talk to introduce it Or rather, if Reality Is Broken gave readers a well researched argument for why gaming is an important part of our human nature, SuperBetter gives us the guide on how to actually make life like a game and improve mental, emotional, physical, and social health She stacks the first half talking about the game she has devised SuperBetter and the research it has been built and tested upon For the second half, she breaks down how you can play the game on your own and with friends There is even an app and website you can log your gaming efforts into What I like so much about McGonigal s prose is that it is accessible and lively She s encouraging throughout for people to make even the smallest bit of progress to their goals Additionally, the ways to play the game she offers up are actually really smart ways of just improving one s life without having to start some dread and draconian regime If you want to change your life and have fun doing it, check out this book Wow, this is an amazing book I listened to it from the library as an audio book I ve now ordered a hard copy for myself and plan to reread it I ve already had the opportunity to recommend the book to others who are struggling with depression and health concerns A playful, empowering, and innovative way to look at mental and physical health. I abandoned it Too busy.. This book would be better named SuperHype primarily because McGonical has grossly exaggerated the science behind games.The research on McGonical s game SuperBetter best exemplifies this.The dropout rate from the SuperBetter study was huge about 90% This is despite recruiting a group of highly motivated participants So the bottom line is that even the most motivated people struggled to engage with SuperBetter.The high dropout rate makes any claims to the benefits of SuperBetter highly questionable at best and realistically probably irrelevant As the authors of the research say should be interpreted cautiously in light of high attrition rates and the motivated, self selected sample I d also point out the research was very poorly designed As mentioned earlier small biased sample predominantly females interested in positive psychology , no placebo control is it better than a sugar pill , self report measures, and no reasonable follow up does it last longer than a month most of these interventions don t.The poor quality of the research and the high dropout rate probably explain why the research couldn t be published in a first grade journal.I have just focused on the gaming of science in the book The New Yorker also carried an excellent review that expressed far eloquently than I could many of the other issues with the book google A new movement seeks to turn life s challenges into a game Finally the book is hardly revolutionary For those who have read self help books, the information will look awfully familiar to you This is a central theme of the other negative reviews of this book.It really is the same old information dressed up in the hype of gamification An article it looks like the whole gamification thing is over in fortune magazine best captures this I guess this is why McGonical avoids using the term gamification.Don t you find it intriguing that Superbetter has supposedly helped 400000 people, yet no one else seems to be able to make gamification work And everyone of the 400000 people kept using SuperBetter, which is contrary to what the superbetter study found How could this be As an aside, SuperBetter is based on positive psychology And research suggests the impact that positive psychology has on depression is limited See So sadly it would seem SuperBetter was going to fail before it even got started.So would I recommend the book If you are into science fiction or fairy tales, then you might find the book interesting However if you after something that will improve your wellbeing, then probably not Games might work for some people but for most they are just an interesting diversion from reality sorry couldn t resist the bad pun on McGonicals previous book reality is broken I have also avoided opening the can of worms that suggests that games might have an adverse impact on health and wellbeing.And Ms McGonical I am happy to correct any factual errors I am one of the first people to admit that video games are a tremendous waste of time They are used by a lot of people to avoid reality, but that is not what this book is about.Super Better is a refreshing look at the science of gaming, and its main claim is that we can use gaming theory to enrich our lives and overcome our weaknesses by turning the entire thing into a game, rather than an ordeal.I listened to this book as an audiobook, which was very frustrating because there is a lot of material in it that does not lend well to easy listening as you drive There are concrete steps that lead you to design your own game to transform your own life, and I had to get a hard copy of the book to lock down the concepts.Super Better challenges the reader to pick a quest, find a bad guy, enlist allies and go after nagging problems with a gameful, positive attitude than they might normally use I intend to try it out for the next month to see if it works, even though I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination There is a Super Better website and app, and it has its own community of gamers.Jane McGonigal uses her own experiences dealing with recovering from head trauma to show how she developed the game, and it seems to have worked well from her She claims that people who have great traumas can experience growth from the experience Even better, those who do not experience traumatic events can grow as well by experience growth inducing quests related to their life goals.There is a lot of science backing up her claims, which is most impressive, and the stories of burn victims using games to combat pain or trauma victims playing Tetris to keep the memories from locking in and causing later issues was fascinating to me.My main problem with computer and video games is the enormous time waste when immersed in an alternate world that has little to do with the real one Superbetter warns against escapist gaming, and says that intentional gaming, used to improve real world performance is extremely powerful.Not an easy read or listen, but a good book to shake up your thinking and make your life fun and powerful while decreasing stress and depression Four stars.