[ Free Audible ] STEM Activity Book: Science Technology Engineering Math: Packed with Activities and Facts (STEM Starters for Kids)Author Catherine Bruzzone – Vivefutbol.co

The Acronym STEM Stands For S Cience, T Echnology, E Ngineering, And M Ath These Subjects Are Closely Related To One Another And Are Sometimes Overlooked As Critical Subjects In Education, Often Dismissed By Students And Teachers After Primary Education Is Completed However, The Need For These Subjects In Our Society Is Crucial The Aim Of This Book Is To Pique The Interest Of Children In These Areas Of Study, Stress The Importance Of These Subjects, And Help Encourage Children Who Are Interested To Continue Within These Fields As They Grow And Learn Br Whether It S Through Marvelous Mazes, Puzzles, Testing, Quizzes, And Other Fun Activities, This Book Introduces Children To The Inner Working Of The World Around Them And Might Even, One Day, Inspire Them To Contribute An Invention Or A Theory Of Their Own My daughter loves this book. The book is full of great activities