[[ download Best ]] Soutache: How to make beautiful braid-and-bead embroidered jewellery and accessoriesAuthor Donatella Ciotti – Vivefutbol.co

Discover Soutache, The Art Of Creating Modern And Unique Jewellery From Looped Braids Donatella Ciotti Shows You How To Create Stunning, Expensive Looking Costume Jewellery, From Earrings And Bracelets To Brooches For Hats, With Full Colour, Detailed Photography To Guide You Through Each Process There Is Even A Gallery Of Images At The End Of The Book To Inspire You To Create Your Own, Bespoke Soutache Masterpieces Learn About The History Of Jewellery Crafting And The Ever Growing Trend For Affordable Yet Stylish Costume Jewellery, Before Trying Your Hand At Your Own Soutache Pieces Begin With The Basic Techniques Of Finishing And Sewing The Cords And Inserting Pearls And Cabochons Or Cameos, Discover The Secrets Behind Coiling Your Soutache Braids To Make Buttons, Then Begin To Make Bracelets, Rings, Headbands And MuchYour Soutache Creations Will Be Eye Catching And Entirely Unique To You