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Raised By A Gambling Addicted Father, Dog Trainer Lulah Wallis Yearns For Some Security In Her Life And Everything S Looking Good With A Job Promotion At Dog Haven Sanctuary In Her Sights, Plus The Opportunity To Buy The Modest Cabin She Calls Home Adding A Hot, Reliable Boyfriend To The Mix Would See Her Totally FulfilledCombat PTSD From Two Tours In Afghanistan Has Left Vince Marr With A Failed Marriage And Blocked Access To His Precious Daughter Crippled By Flashbacks Of The War That Came Home With Him, He S Keeping His Head Down To Prevent Anyone Stateside Becoming A Victim Of His Inner Battle Finding A Kindred Spirit In Calliope, A Rescued Pit Bull, He Lets Lulah Talk Him Into Training Her, Together, As His Service DogAs Lulah And Vince Work Together, Their Connection Unintentionally Deepens Vince Isn T The Rock Lulah Hoped For, But She Sees Enough Hope To Persuade Him To Seek Help For His Condition For Vince, Having Someone See The Better Man He Could Be Is Just What He Needs To Make The Effort Growing Friendship Ignites A Passion Neither Can Resist, But The Doubts Cast By Their Deep Scars Grow Along With It And Old Wounds Are Slow To Heal For Both Of Them Love Is Unsafe, And Trust Is A Terrible Risk This Time, It Might Be Worth It

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    Yay Another AMAZING addition to this series In fact, Soul Scars is my favorite so far Vince is a man who has been taken through the wringer and then some As a result from being in Afghanistan, Vince suffers through PTSD Not only does it continue to damage who he is, but it also wrecked his marriage and put up a wall between him and his daughter This subject throughout the book and the struggles Vince has to endure really made me appreciate those who fight for us so much Yes we thank them, we donate, we hold parades, but the spotlight is never really put on what THEY suffer through Even when soldiers are home and safe, they hold onto the memories, the deaths, and the pain they endured They are stronger than I can ever imagine being and I truly cannot thank them enough Soul Scars takes this topic and yet again, like book 1, turns it into a beautiful story I don t know how Tasman Gibb can take such a sensitive subject and perfectly interlace it within her stories, but she does it And she does it stunningly Lulah, my favorite girl from book 1, is at her peak in this book She is so strong and doesn t allow Vince to suffer on his own She puts her own needs behind her and helps guide Vince back to sanity time and time again I LOVED her and Vince together I feel as though they completed each other and fought each others demons as if they were made to do so It was so easy to let this book swallow me up and it didn t surprise me when I found myself finished in less than a day I m praying that there are books to come and I m hoping that everyone else who reads this is as moved as I was by this story When reading, don t hold back your emotions Trust me, let them happen It s awesome I m weird, I know, oops Soul Scars kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    Wonderful second novel in this series I loved the characters I was especially touched by how real this book was The emotions were spot on and so were the situations I was very pleased this book had Vince depiected so clearly as a wonderful man and great warrior who had returned to us fractured and struggling with PTSD So many of our nation s heroes need love and support and this book brought that into focus I loved the retreat and celebration of sharing I especially loved the training of the dogs to be companions to help our returning loved ones who struggle Service dogs are so important I also loved the love story It was real They had struggles They lived It wasn t just a fairy tale of sweetness that doesn t exist away from Disney ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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    I really appreciated how well the author handled, not only Vince s PTSD, but also Lulah s struggle to not become codependent Both are really difficult topics to address and I think both were given their due in this book As for Vince and Lulah s story, I really enjoyed seeing it blossom in this book There were hints in Saving Justice, of course, so I was happy to see these two get their own book

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    This book is the second in the series, it brings a how new set of problems everyday people deal with This one in my opinion is much intense then the first one It pulls you in and takes residence inside you all the way to the end It s moving, emotional, and inspiring all at the same time Full review at

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    Soul Scars is number two in the series but stands totally alone.Read full review in the

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    1.5 rounded up.Unfortunately and despite the very interesting premise this was so distanced and pedestrian in the writing and prose that I couldn t get past 10%.

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    another great love story I love the dog sanctuary aspect and using the dogs to help heal our wounded warriors Lula and Vince both have things that have scarred them and they help each other heal.

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    5 stars

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    This book talks to the soul.The book really spoke to my soul It truly shows how people can go through so much in life and others come into it and help us heal.

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    Review coming soon