Sony Design: Making Modern epub –

I like this book It s nicely printed and full of pictures of beautifully deigned Sony products However, I wish it has content on the design stories behind these products Actually, Sony website offers way design stories than the book.Another small complaint is the book misses some of Sony s very nice designs Some of these absences are products announced after the book was published 2015 which is understandable However some other absences I just can t understand For example, the book doesn t include Sountina NSA PF1 which I consider one of Sony s most beatiful designs. What a pretty book printed in high quality Surprised that there were actually beautiful products that I ve never seen from Sony too and also made me realize some old products my parents had were actually classic Sony This is really a beautiful book the layouts are clean, the photography is beautiful, and the machines are all in amazing condition.Also, the My First Sony kicked me right in the nostalgia Wonderful. Hardly much information sadly on the history of their products It seems like it goes through a few product shots finally ending with a ps4 shot not even the full product just a partial view I had planned to have this book for product inspiration and design but the layouts are not interesting and there is little to no backstory at all on the products they decided to show No behind the curtain of their design information at all You d be better off going to their website honestly Two stars just for the cute history of the company at the beginning, from there on it drys up. Phenomenal reference Brilliant photo s spread throughout Sony archives classic and modern This book can also be secretly used as important UX and button inspiration for all of you web interface designers out there Only minor issue I had was the lack of classic record player turntable products and no Sony PSX Playstation 1. An Impressive Book Dedicated To The Innovative Designs Of Sony, A Trailblazer In Personal Electronics And Pioneer Of The Legendary And Highly Successful WALKMAN, Handycam, And Other Portable Electronics Emerging From The Ashes Of The Second World War, Sony Corporation Pioneered The Miniaturization Of Electronics And Created Some Of The Most Innovative Technologies Of The Postwar Period Following The Model Of One Of Its Founders, Masaru Ibuka Established Sony With The Goal Of Doing What Had Never Been Done Before Beginning With The TR From , The Worlds First Truly Pocket Sized Transistor Radio, Sony Launched The Consumer Microelectronics Industry And Gave Rise To Some Of The Most Memorable Products That Transformed The Way Billions Of People Consume Media Notable For Their Ease Of Use, Sonys Products Embody The Utility Of Good Design And Have Themselves Become Objects Of Desire This Book Beautifully Catalogs Their Vast Achievements In Design And Impact On Global Culture For Almost Seventy Years In Depth Case Studies From Sonys Archives On The Development Of The WALKMAN, The Handycam, The Flat Screen TV, And The PlayStation Make This The Definitive History Of Sony Design Through Sonys Relentless Pursuit Of Innovation, This Book Is A Tribute To The Passion That Continues To Live On In Their Products Today With A Stunning Cover And Interior Design Inspired By Some Of The Most Memorable Sony Products, This Book Is A Must Have For Design And Technology Enthusiasts