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Sketching Working Experience The Workbook Provides Information About The Step By Step Process Of The Different Sketching Techniques It Offers Methods Called Design Thinking, As A Way To Think As A User, And Sketching, A Way To Think As A Designer User Experience Designers Are Designers Who Sketch Based On Their Actions, Interactions, And Experiences The Book Discusses The Differences Between The Normal Ways To Sketch And Sketching Used By User Experience Designers It Also Describes Some Motivation On Why A Person Should Sketch And Introduces The Sketchbook The Book Reviews The Different Sketching Methods And The Modules That Contain A Particular Sketching Method It Also Explains How The Sketching Methods Are Used Readers Who Are Interested In Learning, Understanding, Practicing, And Teaching Experience Design, Information Design, Interface Design, And Information Architecture Will Find This Book Relevant Features Standalone Modules Detailing Methods And Exercises For Practitioners Who Want To Learn And Develop Their Sketching Skills Extremely Practical, With Illustrated Examples Detailing All Steps On How To Do A Method Excellent For Individual Learning, For Classrooms, And For A Team That Wants To Develop A Culture Of Design Practice Perfect Complement To Buxton S Sketching User Experience Or Any UX Text Author Maintained Companion Website At Http Grouplabcpscucalgary Sketchbook

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    Utile per chi deve spiegare cose complesse La conferma che tutti possono disegnare, non solo quello che sanno disegnare Molti i punti di vista, interessante la parte relativa agli oggetti da conservare pre creare disegni.

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    Ottimo libro, scritto bene, con moltissime fotografie e ancor pi spunti lavorativi per migliorare.Lo consiglio a chiunque lavori nel settore.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book I came in with the expectation that I would learn how to sketch better, but in reality, this is of a rudimentary guide for students For the veteran UX designer, much of this will be a 101 review of the basics However, for the student or new practitioner, I see incredible value in this as an introduction to the many of the techniques used in the workplace.For example, the book explains in a very beginner friendly and illustrative manner how to conduct a think aloud session, how crits work and introductory level usability testing techniques So, all in all, don t expect too much depth here if you re a couple of years into the industry but if you re a beginner looking for an easy starter book on UX sketching, this is your pot of gold.

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    I use this book regularly in classes to teach software developers what a basic user experience design process looks like It it accessible and concise It has lots of illustrations and examples, and includes useful exercises.If you or your team would like to work on modern user interfaces, this book will guide you through part of the process to do it It s not really about the understanding phase of design, so it doesn t cover aspects such as user observation, but it covers the sketching phase quite well.If you like it, you can move on to the conceptual book that inspired this one Sketching User Experiences Getting the Design Right and the Right Design by Bill Buxton You might also be interested in Bill Buxton s videos, which are available on the usual video sites.

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    Over the past two years I ve spent many evenings and weekends teaching myself everything I can about IA UX IxD and so have surveyed many of the books available For the most part those books can be broken into two categories The first are theory books About Face 3,Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and design pattern books Designing Interfaces,Designing Web Interfaces Not to mention user research books but that s a whole different step of the process.Unfortunately, I haven t found too many books that focus on the skills of sketching a user experience I have read and worked throughDrawing on the Right Side of the BrainandVisual Meetingsbut found the first was really focused on fine art sketching and the later is really focused on meetings and sharing general ideas with people Sketching User Experiences is a good in between that focuses on the practical skills of sketching interfaces and experiences and communicating that to others.The book starts with very basic sketching exercises and by the end gets into really fun and tangible advanced techniques Some of the advanced techniques I loved involve creating sketches from photos, creating hybrid sketches photos sketches and building poster board prototypes of physical devices Each exercise in the book is discrete and has a clear set of instructions, an explanation of how it fits into the user centered design process and references to follow up with Each exercise was structured enough that if you want to pick and choose things to do it s perfect for that.All in all I would recommend this book for IA UX IxD professionals of all levels and anyone else who needs to communicate user experiences to others I especially think this book would be useful for developers who are looking for a better way to express their ideas or frustration to clients, designers and other stakeholders because there is a big enough range of exercises that he should be able to find something that works.The other place I would recommend this book would be for an advanced user interfaces undergrad graduate level college course There s enough work in here to make for a really fun semester s worth of work I hope a professor picks this up and builds a course around it Happy sketching

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    I am not a designer but have been reading a lot about design and this is by far one of the most practical books you will buy Some of the techniques are practical and wil change the way you do wireframes I guess these are commonplace techniques used by designers but for non designers it just changes your perspective This is a true workbook, so be prepared to spend time doing versus reading you wont be disappointed especially if you are an engineer looking to learn design It is not a book about principles of design there are many books out there that do that , this is a book about practical, real world techniques.Before reading this book I thought sketching is for the creative designers, but the techniques here take pictures, trace make it really simple.

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    Especially for people who are and are not artists as in everyone , this book presents using sketching for any project that requires innovation and multiple steps In the first pages, it demonstrates that ideas can be expanded, discarded for something better, improved and entirely new approaches realized While this is available in all disciplines, sketching is a good medium for capturing and exploring ideas from daily exposures I m thoroughly enjoying reading and using the ideas.