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In , British Customs Confiscated A Book Containing Hundreds Of Samples Of Different Qualities Of Silks From French Agents Who Were Attempting To Sell Them Illegally In London This Merchant S Sample Book Was Acquired In By The Victoria And Albert Museum, And Today It Provides A Fascinating Record Of The Th Century French And English Silk Industries And Their Commercial Practices Alongside A Full And Faithful Reproduction Of The Whole Beautiful Album An Extremely Rare, Fragile, And Significant Object Lesley Miller Describes How The Sample Book Was A Marketing Tool For The Premier European Silk Weaving Center Of Lyon, France, And A Model For English Textile Manufacturers In Spitalfields She Also Discusses How The Silks Were Made And For Whom Through The Use Of Contemporary Portraits And Archival Documents Dating To The S The Album Itself Is Astonishing, Reproducing Hundreds Of Patterns

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    Si tratta di un bel volume illustrato Dopo un introduzione riprodotto interamente il volume di campioni di seta Proprio quello che cercavo

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    I recently saw a review of this book in World of Interiors and was delighted that I was able to order it one click from THIS is a lot of bang for the buck a beautifully designed volume with gorgeous photography of the fabric swatches and a real dedication to presenting the pages as near to the real thing as possible I am so pleased that publishers in this case, V A Who better, right have begun to realize that there is a hunger to explore these rare and arcane sample books..a trend that I hopes continues Dare I say I would be first in line if the V A published a whole series of these amazing sample books, different cultures different eras I am so happy to add this book to my art library.

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    This book is a must have for anyone that loves textiles The photos are stunning There is a reverence about the history and your imagination will be perked I discovered it in World of Interiors and thought it would make a great curiosity was not going to rest until I ordered it It arrived and I was than satisfied.had to keep it for myself and order can buy it with confidence knowing that it a gorgeous and truly informative addition to your library or a stunning gift.

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    Fabulous book The color photography is beautiful and the paper is high quality gloss that makes you want to touch the large samples This is than the title suggests and should please any fan of color or pattern The additional info about the history of the original 1700 s book is apx 1 4 of the book and includes historical information about the silk industry as well as a few portraits of dress of the period This goes into my permanent collection.

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    Stunning book, impressive scholarship, heart stoppingly beautiful silks For several periods in the 18th century, England banned the importation of French silks for various commercial and political reasons This did not stop wealthy English customers from wanting to buy the silks of France The sample book reproduced here is plausibly presented as a sample book for English buyers to order the French silks they desiredillegaly Confiscated by an English customs official, the sample book went through various hands until it was purchased by the V A This is an important book The samples are photographed brilliantly fiendishly difficult to do The author leaves no stone unturned to place the silks, and their makers into commercial and historic context And even a casual look through the books will amaze you the technical range, the colorways, the designs, and the sheer rococo exuberance is entrancing You will ache to own just a small fragment This book is as close as you will get If you love fashion, fabric, or are a designer, if you costume for stage or theatre, or just delight in beauty, invest in this book.

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    If you love textiles, history of textiles, antiques and books this is for you