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Dr Alex Delaware Doesn T See Many Private Patients Any, But The Young Woman Called Lucy Is An Exception So Is Her Dream Lucy Lowell Is Referred To Alex By Los Angeles Police Detective Milo Sturgis A Juror At The Agonizing Trial Of A Serial Killer, Lucy Survived The Trauma Only To Be Tormented By A Recurring Nightmare A Young Child In The Forest At Night, Watching A Strange And Furtive ActNow Lucy S Dream Is Starting To Disrupt Her Waking Life, And Alex Is Concerned The Power Of The Dream, Its Grip On Lucy S Emotions, Suggests To Him That It May Be Than A Nightmare It May Be The Repressed Childhood Memory Of Something Very Real Something Like Murder

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    Just because others have it worse doesn t mean you have to suffer in silence As usual, Jonathan Kellerman writes a potent tale with his lead detective psychologist sleuth team Alex Delaware, renowned retired psychologist, is enlisted by his best friend, detective Milo Sturgis, to help recover a potentially hidden murder from the memory of Lucy Lowell It s nice to see Delaware in personal clinical setting again, delving into intense emotional sessions to uncover a morbid mystery Suspense is here as always, and some of the characters such as Lucy s father, are unearthly revolting Kellerman s books featuring Alex Delaware have in depth characterization and intelligent dialogue that seems genuine for the most part Much of the writing style is dialogue based with short, colorful sentences.One of the better parts of the books, especially if you ve been a fan of the series, is that the witness juror Lucy has a crush on Milo I loved this awkward situation Perfect Alex shows a little humor than he used to, although he still manages to get into hot water as much as ever Speaking again of Lucy, Alex delves into hypnotism, something I m still not sure about Is it valid I have doubts The scene almost seemed to be stretching it due to that, and also all the convenience that rolled into the plot as a result of this quick acting method Robin is again in the background as a supportive romance interest that doesn t add much, and again the highlights are the friendship and contrasts between Milo and Alex.Twists abound and the ending left me surprised, uncovering something I hadn t been able to guess This wasn t as captivating as some of his others, however Some of the plot threads weren t as interesting, some seemed a bit too convenient, and there s a lot going on that can feel disjointed.

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    While I am a huge fan of Jonathan Kellerman s Alex Delaware novels, this one was a bit challenging to follow It seemed to have too many characters, and the connections weren t very clear I enjoyed the book, just not quite as much as usual I did read this book rather quickly, which may not have been the best idea.

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    One of the doctor s patients has a recurring dream that turns out to be a repressed memory from her childhood, that ties in with murder Looking back at these early books, it is interesting to see the legwork that Milo and Alex put into researching crimes before personal computers and cell phones Alex actually had to write Robin a note to tell her where he would be instead of texting her

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    I love Kellerman but this wasn t one of my favorites The plot was weak and predictable and the story too long, I skipped most of the end when they re interviewing the bad guys, just didn t seem relevant What I loved was the dialogue of old man Lowell I don t think I ve ever read anything so creatively cruel come out of a character s mouth Ever You have to admire someone who can come up with it Really genius stuff.

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    Good book in this series They always keep my attention Always moving and working your mind This one again about family Oh family can t live with them can t kill them and get away with it Ha ha Just the ones you should always trust right They have your back Maybe

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    alex, alex, alex

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    For my notes Ah yes, this one came back to me in lots of small pieces I finally visited the Sand Dollar when I went to Paradise Cove I liked this one a lot Starting with the dream it was an intriguing start The narcissistic, compassionless, failing once genius artist was a really interesting character I could see how damaging he could be to children and yet we get to see him as this bedridden, repulsive old man who still is trying to stand on his laurels.It is cracking me up to read a book that was set over 10 years ago as I watch Alex Delaware do research in the library on microfilm and leave messages on an answering machine.

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    If you like suspense filled mysteries, this is the book for you Alex Delaware may be one of my favorite characters in literature Doctor Delaware treats a referral made from his friend Milo After a trial of a killer, Lucy survived but began to be tormented by a strange recurring dream It is disrupting her life, and Delaware is afraid maybe sexual or homicide filled memories are coming up in Lucy s dream Lucy receives strange phone calls and little incidents happen that scare her Then she ends up in a hospital for something she can t remember happening When she is able, she tells Delaware someone is probably out to kill her Are Lucy s fears self induced or is she right to take extra, maybe life saving, precautions This book was especially good because it had great red herrings Hurry and read it.

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    Another good story of the good Dr Delaware This story has a few twists that has you going in all sorts of directions.

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    It s a pretty quick read, perfect for a holiday week or extra long weekend Kellerman is no Louise Penny the measure of all thoughtful mysteries for me , but it was well plotted, kept me guessing to the end Recommended, if you like this sort of book.