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This volume contains 30 of Maupassant's classic stories Boule de SuifIn the SpringThe Graveyard SisterhoodMadame Tellier's EstablishmentA RuseAn Old ManRustTwo FriendsThe JewelsThe ConservatoryThe Matter with AndréMy Uncle JulesA DuelThe ConvertIn the BedroomRegretThe decorationThe Piece of StringThe ModelThe HandIdyllMother SavageGuillemot RockImprudenceThe SignalIn the WoodsThe DevilThe HorlaThe MaskMouche A fair selection of the master's short story output Roger Colet has written the introduction for the Penguin Classic edition

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    Master storyteller Guy De Maupassant covered the full range in his short fiction by turns as realist as Balzac as romantic as Dumas as naturalist as Zola as decadent as Lorrain or as Gothic as Poe What a powerful versatile imagination This collection of short stories includes three well known classics – Boule De Suif The Piece of String Madame Tellier’s Establishment – but I will focus on four very short tales that by telling detail and the author’s grasp of the nuances of psychology capture the human heartA VENDETTAIn a tiny Italian fishing cottage built on a mountainside overlooking the sea a widow lives alone with her adult son and dog named Frisky But one night tragedy strikes after a uarrel the victim of underhandedness and betrayal her son Antoine is knifed by one Nicolas Ravolati who escapes back across the sea to Sardinia After the son’s body is brought back to the cottage the old grieving widow sits next to howling grieving Frisky and then bends over the body and says “Don’t worry my boy my poor child I will avenge you Do you hear me? It’s your mother’s promise and your mother always keeps her word you know that” In the days that follow looking out at sea in the direction of Sardinia she can discern the white spec that is the home town of Nicolas Ravolati But what can she so old and so weak possibly do to avenge her son? Then ah Maupassant you clever master We read “One night as Frisky began to howl the mother has a sudden inspiration the fierce vindictive inspiration of a savage” What unfolds is simply unforgettable Thanks Guy Frisky love that dog’s nameTHE MODELHow deep is our love; how extreme our emotions what moves us to sacrifice our lives; why would we be willing to destroy everything in a fit of passion? A short tale of love obsession remorse and love This Maupassant story of a painter and his wife reminds me of how we as humans can develop our minds to be super sharp our bodies to be incredibly strong and flexible but what about the emotions? Curiously enough the emotions play such a major role enough to keep us and the world spinning round and round and roundTWO FRIENDSHow to articulate the close bond of friendship amid the stupidity of war the warm blood of humanity amid the cold blood of inhumanity? Maupassant captures the human all too human in this tale of two Parisians French to their marrow as they decide after a few drinks to brave the chances of encountering Prussian soldiers in order to relive the simple pleasure of fishing they both enjoyed out in the countryside prior to the war The artistry of every single touch of character bit of dialogue and unfolding of events is a stroke of storytelling geniusTHE MINUETDuring a discussion amid friends an elderly bachelor who stepped over many a dead body during his years of military service and witnessed multiple additional tragedies in his long life spoke up “The crude violence of nature or man may bring cries of horror or indignation to our lips but it does not wring the heart or send the shiver down the spine as does the sight of certain heart rending though trivial incidents Suddenly there opens before us a chink of that mysterious door leading to the intricate maze of the subconscious mind with its incurable misery the deep seated because apparently not acute the agonizing because apparently indefinable the enduring because apparently imaginary; these persists in the soul as it were a trail of sadness an after taste of bitterness a feeling of disillusion which it takes years to dispel”The old bachelor then goes on to relay an experience he had many years ago at the Luxembourg garden in Paris whilst a young law student when he would freuently visit this grand old 18th century style garden in his leisure hours and indulge in dreamy philosophical musings On a few such outing he noticed there was another person an oddly dressed little old gentlemen who also freuented the garden On those occasions when the two of them had a chance encounter they exchanged pleasantries but then the bachelor observed something peculiar “Suddenly one morning thinking himself uite alone he began making strange movements; first a few little jumps then a bow then he executed an entrechant which still showed agility in spite of his spindly legs; then he began a graceful pirouette hopping and jigging up and down in the oddest way smiling to an imaginary audience bowing with his hand on his heart contorting his poor old body like a marionette waving pathetically ridiculous greetings to the empty air He was dancing” What happens in a future meeting with this odd gentlemen burns a hole deep in the old bachelor’s memory As our bachelor wryly observes such is the irrationality of life

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    I read this book about ten years ago and I was reminded that I had it this morning when I was looking at another Goodreader's shelves as is my wantLooking briefly through this selection of thirty short stories the most famous of which was the Boule de Suif or suet dumpling I vividly recalled this one about a Rouen prostitute She wasShort completely round fat as a pig with puffy fingers constricted at the joints like strings of tiny sausages taut shiny skin and huge breasts swelling underneath her dress her freshness was so attractive that she nonetheless remained desirable and much sought afterI guess that there is no accounting for taste but this book is worth acuiring purely to read thisThe stories are wide and diverse and I feel that Maupassant was a great loss to the literary world with his early death in an asylum at the age of forty twoAn excellent read

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    Insightful humane modern these are some of the wordsthat strike after reading Maupassant's stories and novelsNever mind the puritanical comments on this siteMaupassant touches deep chords of feeling the chordsof a full symphony His characters refuse to be defeated inside their hearts; his irony pleads the case of human nature But always Maupassant sees human pretense Maupassant's people sometimes flawed limited foolish pass through enough experience as did he to bear the look at humanity itself The great director Max Ophuls filmed 3 stories under the title Le Plaisir A work of consummate beauty The Jewels is considered x many superior to his pop The Necklace In the former a gov clerk married toa simple beauty enjoys sending her off to the opera withfriends when she's wearing her paste jewels Ah she lovesthe fake glitteries so much she finds Struck downby pneumonia she dies Husby decides to sell her junk anddiscovers they're worth a fortuneIn The Matter With Andre a wife's lover pinches her infant black blue to make him stop crying when they're abed When husby returns and sees the scarred bebehe fires the nanny who found it impossible to find another situationA handsome buck doing the uadrille at a club inMontmartre collapses on the dance floor and it's discoveredthat he's wearing The Mask The real face is that of awrinkled relic See Ophuls filmIn his short career Maupassant left astonishing stories

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    Man this guy knew how to write a great story The best stories in this collection – Boule De Suif Madame Tellier’s Establishment and Mouche – are wonderful combinations of artful characterization realistic descriptions of human pecadillos sharp humor liberal sexuality and authorial cruelty There is a good reason these are classics Many of the other stories are sometimes half baked confections where the balance of the above virtues is somewhat off Interestingly there are a few uasi sci fihorror stories in the style of Poe such as The Hand and best of all The Horla

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    Towards the end of his life de Maupassant suffered from paranoia due to a syphilis infection Reading his stories though I can see how he might have become paranoid in any case He saw people very clearly and for the most part what he saw wasn't pretty De Maupassant shows us small failings playing out in ordinary lives They aren't usually great Evils but it's bad enough pettiness greed lust and self interest It's pretty dispiriting stuff although often very funny thanks to his particular art The acuity of his observation make his stories timeless; after all we haven't changed so much since he wrote them The directness of his language make them approachable and easily understood I think it's easy to underestimate the difficulty of writing so simply and Flaubert's hand in de Maupassant's education is definitely discernible I would be interested to read of de Maupassant's supernatural tales of which this collection only had a few I liked his longer work A Woman's Life much less than the shorter works

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    Going to have to set this aside for now I simply cannot focus I don't want to give up on it I've read it once before many years ago and this reading was to settle the Do I Really Want To Keep This Book uestion Not at all fair to allow sinus pressure to influence such a decision though It's my nose it's not the book I'll come back to it Someday and try again

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    I read them when I stays at the high school By preparing the competitive examination for begining secialist MD I decided to read all books of Maupassant I hesitated with Proust but I wanted short stories In fact it was rather fast I read all the books in a few days neglecting even my examsSometimes I read again one or Novel choosen by random and I am always dazzled by the style and the story

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    This anthology is a wonderfully entertaining volume of comical bawdy stories offering a sharp and withering analysis of people and society Boule de Suif is a wonderful story of time and place and people caught up in the moment exhibiting the very worst traits of human behaviour When confronted by a crisis people will look to others to make sacrifices to help them overcome their own inconvenience rather than make sacrifices themselves He doesn't shirk the chance to ridicule pompous bureaucrats and petty officials or the materialism of middle class entrepreneurs and shows that people whatever they might say to the contrary about their sense of honour and duty or their patriotism or religious and moral scruples will revert to self interest when push comes to a shove The harlot Boule de Suif shames them all of course by being the only character in the story to adhere to her principles Maupassant was the best selling writer of his generation and he published over 300 stories some short some long and some very brief sketches which are merely anecdotal but all contain an accurate portrayal of human behaviour as he reports what people say and how they say it allowing the reader to see the motivation and draw conclusions rather than offering an internal dialogues They bring to mind the paintings of Manet Renoir Monet and the Impressionists as they describe the joys and sufferings of the decadent and suffocating lives of le beau monde in belle époue France boating on the Seine train journeys the random encounters of travellers and rural pursuits like hunting and fishing not to mention the lives and loves of a whole host of people including harlots and their admirers Like the artists Maupassant produces uick pithy sketches of life in Normandy but they deceptively simple if presenting banal fragments of life that are ruthlessly comic and at the same time devastatingly cruel to the characters involved making clear the hypocrisy underpinning everyone's life

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    I was close to giving a 5 star rating to this superb collection in the end choosing four stars only because there are a few stories here that are not up to the standard of the restBeing British myself I can say that our nation tends to stereotype the French as being rather too preoccupied with matters of the bedroom It must be said that Maupassant does nothing to dispel this image Love or accurately lust is the predominant theme of these stories Maupassant's male characters seem to fall head over heels for anything in a skirt and his female characters are not exactly the type to follow vows of chastity either In fact hapless deceived husbands are a favourite theme of the author and it seems to me that Maupassant enjoyed highlighting just how far people's actual behaviour varied from the conventional morality of the eraThat said there is huge variety in these tales Rust and Madame Tellier's Establishment are gloriously comic whilst Boule de Suif The Devil and The Matter with André are all stories that highlight the uglier side of human nature The Franco Prussian War in which Maupassant was a participant features as the background to several of the tales Maupassant uses this background to explore the uneual relationship between conueror and conuered Apart from the aforementioned Boule de Suif I found Two Friends to be a memorable story in this category For me personally though The Horla was the best story of all in the collection and is up beside Anton Chekhov's Vanka as the most powerful short story I have read I hadn't read Maupassant before but after finishing this collection I would say his reputation as The Master of the Short Story is fully justified

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    These short stories had such sympathetic and honest portrayals of the characters in them I liked how human nature was depicted very realistically and naturally in this collectionI really enjoyed the bookI had a hard time getting into it at first because I don't speak french or any other foreign language for that matter Also I've never visited Rouen or any other place in Paris The only place I ever took a vacation in Europe was Brussels in Belgium and the farthest away from there that I've been in Europe has been the Heathrow Airport while transferring flights in the U K I wished I could picture the vivid imagery of Rouen or the Siene River in my mind's eye but the details were so sparse as to what that locale is like that I had to rely almost exclusively on my imagination A worthy foot note about location details The counter point to this btw is Franz Kafka's novel Amerika which was well known because it depicted the way America is so vividly and yet Kafka had never once set foot on the U SNonetheless the short stories by Maupassant were really well done I dug the book If you like short story collections of literary fiction go check this collection out