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4.5 starsThis book is a Crowned Heart Winner On sabbatical from the police, Adam Guildford s research contract with an animal welfare group sends him to the Dog Haven Sanctuary in Halo Peak, Washington Researching dog fighting may also spur Adam into moving on with his life, after years of mourning his wife s death His inspiration is delivered in the form of Marlo Croft, a gifted canine behaviorist She s selfless and devoted to a traumatized dog s rehabilitation Her own behavior reveals she s suffered harm, which arouses Adam s once numbed feelings to protect her Perhaps he can help Marlo before he returns to New Zealand, but will leaving her be as simple as he thinks Ms Gibb delivers a powerful punch with a winning combination of sympathetic characters, a thoughtful demonstration of knowledge, and a remarkably tender romance.The full review may be read in the November 2013 issue of InD tale.Additional tags rescue dogs, PTSD, and New Zealander cop hero, heroine with abuse in her past Marlo Croft, Canine Behaviorist At The Dog Haven Sanctuary In Halo Peak, Washington, Has Her Life Neatly Organized The Trauma Of Her Past Is Well Buried, Her Emotions Tamped Down, And Rehabilitating And Rehoming Damaged And Unwanted Dogs Gives Her The Focused, Contained Life That Makes Her Feel Secure The Arrival Of A New Rescue Dog, Justice, Also Brings The Unwelcome Distraction Of A Handsome Stranger Who Is To Shadow Marlo And Justice Through The Dog S RehabilitationSuffering Guilt Over The Death Of His Wife, New Zealander Adam Guildford S Short Contract In The US To Research Dog Fighting Is What He Hopes Will Pull Him Out Of The Limbo He Has Floundered In For The Past Four Years He Arrives Prepared To Tackle The Emotional And Behavioral Needs Of The Rescued Dogs, But Completely Unprepared For The Way His Presence Unnerves Marlo And Awakens His Own Dormant FeelingsAs They Start To Gain Justice S Trust, Marlo Loosens Her Grip On Her Inner Fears And The Simmering Attraction Between Her And Adam Heats Up Adam Works Carefully To Dismantle The Emotional Barricades Marlo Erected, Until One Day He Unwittingly Delivers The Horror From Marlo S Past Straight To Her Doorstep, An Action That Tears The Three Of Them ApartThis Contemporary Romance Contains Adult Themes Including Sexual Situations, Language And Mature Subject Matter After a dog fighting ring is smashed, Justice, a traumatised dog is taken to Dog Haven Sanctuary to be rehabilitated Marlo who is in charge of the sanctuary has suffered just as much trauma in her life as Justice Suffering from PTSD after a sexual assault she prefers the company of dogs to people After his wife was killed in a revenge attack aimed at him, Adam took a leave of absence from the police force in New Zealand and accepted a job for an animal welfare organisation In the U.S to observe the law enforcement response to dog fighting, he meets Marlo and immediately recognises the signs of PTSD Together they slowly bring Justice back from his almost catatonic state and as they are working with Justice, Adam also starts to help Marlo deal with her traumas But with anti Pit Bull groups agitating to have Justice declared dangerous and destroyed, the dog fighting criminals out on bail and a spy within the sanctuary, tensions are boiling over, and before long Adam will need to return to New Zealand leaving Marlo once again on her own Saving Justice was a bit of a mixed bag for me I loved the Dog Haven Sanctuarythe rehabilitation of Justice, even the idea that there were anti Pit Bull groups trying to steal Justice and have him euthanised But what could have been a great story was lost in the telling I don t really know why Adam was a New Zealander except for the fact that the author originally came from New Zealand It added an extra layer of complexity to a story that was already quite dense Adam is supposedly a tough as nails cop, but for most of the book he came across as a one of those hippie counsellor how does that make you feeltypes.Most of my friends loved this, giving it four and five stars I think I ll be on my own in rating it three stars. 01 14 2014 Overall Rating 4 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 3 3 5 3.5 StarsWriter s Voice 3.5 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 3.5 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars 2.99 on323 pagesThis was actually gifted to my by Anna She really enjoyed this story and thought a group of us would too She was right When it started, I got a similar feeling like when I read The Horse Whisperer which is one of my all time favorite books It wasn t quite at that caliber, but it was very good I think the one thing that felt a bit off for me, happened in the very beginning and I just couldn t seem to shake it as the story moved along view spoiler When Marlo first meets Justice, she seems to think Justice should bond or show some sort of immediate trust in her This was an expectation I could understand a sense of urgency due to the dogs mental state, illustrated in his behavior, but not the expectation Also, some of this earlier behavioral observations felt a bit too clinical for me Almost stilted hide spoiler 4.5 5.0Ms Gibb delivers a powerful punch with a winning combination of sympathetic characters, a thoughtful demonstration of knowledge, and a remarkably tender romance.Read full review in the Great story It was a nice change to read a story based around a dog rescue center I being a positive pit bull owner was evenexcited when I realized the characters in the story believed in giving pit bulls a chance Then on top of that it was a wonderful love story that was dealing with the main characters wanting a second chance at happiness The techniques Marlo used to gain the trust of Justice reminded me of how we as humans should try to use the same techniques when building friendships and relationships Helping Justice helped Marlo to overcome the tragic event that happen to her as a child The incident proves you can t always base your trust on how a person appears or the uniform they wear With Marlo letting down the walls around her heart allowed her to fall in love with Adam Beautiful story and well written and thank you Tasman for writing about the unfair treatment of pit bulls Not only did you write a beautiful love story but you may have also open the eyes of readers that would normally not see pit bulls in a positive light.Go Pit Bull Not for me Forced myself to read the beginning pages to give it a fair shot Ended up skimming to the middle and then gave up after Marlo s request to Adam following the description of her past Too much repetition, too many times where a character thinks the obvious As a reader, I don t need things spelled out for me, the interaction speaks for itself I liked the concept of saving dogs I wanted so muchon this and so much less on the sex Sure it s a story and anything can happen, lots of license to do what an author wants, and it doesn t have to necessarily be believable This was just too out there for me. This is the first book I have ever felt compelled to review Tasman was able to create a very touching, emotional story while still giving us hot romance I must say this is makes my top 5 list I can t wait for . An enjoyable beginning to a series that focuses on the employees of a dog rescue in Washington and the canines they are entrusted to rehabilitate Saving Justice focuses on Marlo, who is in charge of the Dog Haven Sanctuary, and Justice, the lone survivor of a dogfighting bust after a communication error With Justice comes Adam, a handsome investigator from New Zealand who is following the dogfighting case in an attempt to learn tactics and techniques to take back home and set up a dogfight busting team there Justice as seen as a dangerous dog both because of a good reputation in the ring and because his existence at the sanctuary attracts unwelcome attention from both the media and potentially anyone involved in the dogfighting who hasn t been arrested and might want to try to get their best dog back Marlo feels that Justice can overcome his reputation if given enough time, especially once she discovers the dog to be quite timid and scared in his new surroundings She also finds herself distracted by Adam, who is ever present at the sanctuary, but knows she must keep her distance, lest demons from her past rear their ugly head Adam, however, has other ideas, although he has his own history that forces him to put up walls too.Although I m not usually a sappy romance person, Gibb balances the romance and the dog rescuing angle well, adding in the drama of Justice s story to give it evenaction I found her descriptions to be vivid and often felt like I was there with them in Washington, despite never have visited the state Can t wait to readof the series, which each appear to focus on a different staff member and dog. Dog Rescue 4 stars The rest of the book 2 stars I wanted to love this book, I really did I have owned Pit Bulls and done rescue for years, so this should have been right up my alley Sadly is was a huge fail for me There was just way too many plots going on SPOILERS AHEAD Let me list all of the plots we had to wade through..1 Justice and keeping the former pancake safe from being dognapped 2 Adam and his PTSD of losing his wife 3 Adam and his lack of US Citizenship and the job that just makes no sense at all, and wasconfusing than all of it 4 Marlo and her PTSD of cops 5 Lulah Not really sure where she fits in, but she had her own plot which I missed most of because I started to skim So to say I am disappointed is an understatement It had great bones, but the execution was sub par.