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If have preferred chupacabra back story and horror events and less stereotypical predictable romance story line However, the sex scenes were steamy and there was a decent plot I enjoyed the read, but romance just isn t my genre. I loved it Can t wait to see what s next by Misa Ramirez Something Waits In The Shadows On A Texas Night Twelve Years Ago, Vic Vargas Kissed Delaney West So Deeply That She Almost Came Apart Later That Same Night, Evil Crept Into Delaney S Room As She Slept And Everything In Their World Fell Apart Now Vic Is A Rancher Living A Half Empty Life Punctuated By One Night Stands And A Strained Relationship With His Year Old SonThen Delaney Returns To San Julio, And The Past Comes Rushing Back Along With The Dark Echoes Of That Night So Long Ago Livestock Are Dying Some Say Coyote, But Others Whisper Another Darker Word Chupacabra BloodsuckerThe Past Hasn T Disappeared Nor Has The Instinctive Desire That Snaps And Crackles Between Delaney And Vic And As Those Emotions Ignite, So Does The Evil That Hibernated For The Last Twelve Years The Evil That Waited For Delaney To Return To San Julio And To Vic Vargas Review Copy Courtesy Of Entangled Publishing, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.When a blast from the past walks back into Vic Vargas life, feelings that he thought he d gotten past work their way back to the surface The girl who walked out on him 12 years earlier comes back to town and it appears she s going to stay Add her reappearance to his shocking discovery of the 11 year old son he didn t know he had and the chupacabra that is killing animals on his ranch and the ranches of the neighboring properties and Vic s plate should be officially considered full.When Delaney West decides, after 12 years, to return to the town she grew up in, she hoped the nightmares and sleepwalking she suffers with would cease Unfortunately for her they do anything but that in fact, they increase With the chupacabra or whatever is responsible for the deaths and mutilations of ranch animals on the loose, it isn t safe for anyone to venture out after dark, let alone in a state of sleepwalking The reunion of Vic and Delaney is less than amicable with each person understanding the events from 12 years ago in different lights This is a very well written aspect of the bookIn fact, I enjoyed the entire novel There are several plot lines threaded within each other that give the novel depth and breadth They are clearly written and the author did a wonderful job tying everything together Sacrifice Of Passion deals with a pretty heavy topic and Mrs Ramirez does a great job incorporating it into her novel She does it with finesse and tact, and without making a mockery of anyone who had dealt with this The element of mystery within the pages keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing at who is responsible I was unable to put this book down once I started and completed reading it in one evening after I got home from work.Vic s character is written with depth and compassion It s not as self evident at the beginning but the author does a great job evolving him He is very much the protector that every family should be lucky to have He s strong with a side of naughty.Delaney is a very likeable character and she, too, was written with depth Her many layers, layers that have built upon themselves for 12 years, are slowly peeled away throughout the story and not all that is revealed is pleasant She also evolves within the pages and is able to finally deal with and overcome a few obstacles that have oppressed her.While solving the mystery of the legend of the chupacabra, Vic and Delaney go on a trip of self discovery and are forced to talk about what happened 12 years ago What each character reveals to the other isn t at all what both of them had been prepared to acknowledge This is a novel that is gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat The plot is solid and the characters are well developed.Please Note This book contains adult scenes. What a wonderful story filled with passion, Vic is the type of man every women wants, he s hardworking, tall dark and sexy, Smart and will do anything to protect his family.Vic Delaney have a past, they were childhood sweethearts who were planning on eloping but when Vic never showed up something happened that made Delaney run and not look back 12 years later fate brings Delaney back at home, they both hold a lot of resentment awards one another and refuse to let the other back into their heart.When animals are found killed and drained of their blood the farmers get together to figure out how to keep the animal s safe Some say it s a chupacabra, a supposedly mythical blood sucking beast and it s not just after the animals it s also wants Delaney Will Vic and Delaney be able to put the past behind them Will Delaney tell Vic the secret she has been hiding for 12 years So they can have another chance at love Or will the chupacabra take from him everything he holds dear.I loved both main characters Vic just wants to be happy and have a family Delaney has had terrible things happen to her in her past and she is lost I finished this book in one day I loved it and I could not put it down The plot, characters everything in this book I loved It s a story about learning to forgive for the past and learning to love again I will defiantly recommend this book to my readers and friends. Know what caught me, the tall, dark single dad Texas rancher As soon as I saw that I wanted to read the newest novel by Misa Ramirez The only adjective she forgot to add was sexy Doesn t matter though because I m telling you SoP is an edge of your seat mystery mixed with a love story As soon as Delaney West returns to her hometown, animals are found exsanguinished, in better terms, sucked or bleed dry.When Vic and his friend find an animal at the corner of their property, they are baffled The killings don t make sense But when a curandera think medicine women or healer named Esperanza appears on the property muttering nonsense all Vic hears is Delaney West the women who broke is heart years ago Esperanza says the killings are those of a chupacabra.Vic s world is turned upside down Three months prior an 11 year old was dropped on his doorstep and he met his son for the first time and now hearing the love of his life was back in town, added with the loss of his farm stock, Vic is having the time of his life not.It doesn t take long for Vic and Delaney s paths to cross really only a day I really enjoyed this aspect I m glad Misa didn t drag out the reunion and loved the tension between the characters Their banter was perfect, both throwing years of anger at each other with smart remarks.When Delaney shows up at Vic s bar, he co owns with his brother, Vic can t stand it any He s been itching for Delaney for years and tells her Only to be shot down.As the killings keep up and become dangerous, Vic becomes determined to win Delaney back, especially after she shows up in his bed in the middle of the night He finds out quickly that Delaney has a sleeping walking problem and starts putting two and two together.Vic starts to think Delaney is the chupacabra and sets out to prove himself wrong The problem is he s hell bent on getting her back into his arms and protecting her if she is.SoP is a sweet, pleasant and very mysterious read Misa does a great job keeping the suspense until the end You ll be guessing and hoping that Delaney isn t the chupacabra, but can t help to wonder if she is Full review at Talk SupeI loved that MBRamirez added familial relationships to SACRIFICE OF PASSION to highlight Vic and Delaney s past and present relationship I loved that the bigger picture involves this fragile relationship between father and son and how Vic struggled to bridge this gap between him and Zack while trying to reclaim his relationship with Delaney by mending this huge misunderstanding they had in the past I loved how protective Ray is of his brother without being overbearing And lastly I loved how MBRamirez pieced it all together and wrote this engrossing deadly thriller and ardent love story that kept me til late in the evening.SACRIFICE OF PASSION was a very gratifying read and the Dead Sexy title EARNED This was a great read from beginning to end, This is the first time I have ever read anything from Melissa Bourbon Ramirez but it won t be the last I was suched into this story from the first page and couldn t put it down till I was finished Vic and Delaney story was fantastic and I loved not only their characters but the side characters as well Sacrifice of Passion is the first book in the Deadly Legends which is a Romantic Suspense Trilogy which is about the legend of the chupacabra This is a story line I have never read before and I loved it This was a refreshing read, I m always looking for something new I get tiered of the same old same old and this definitely fit the bill I highly recommend this book and can t wait to read the next two installments in this series thank you NetGallery for this ARC Sacrifice of Passion Review on K BooksWow, that is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of this book Since I first heard of this book I instantly wanted to read it I have worked with Misa before when reviewing books for other authors through Entangled Publishing but had never read any of her books before This has completely had me thinking why haven t I read any of Misa s books before now I was completely blown away with this book.Vic is struggling with his day to day life Trying to learn how to be a good Dad to his 11 year old son he never knew existed But when strange things start happening on his ranch and the only girl he ever loved, Delaney comes back to town things go from bad to worse Can he figure out what is happening to the animals on the rance and be there for his son And why do all these bad things seem to be pointing to Delaney Can they work out their past and figure out the mystery surrounding the ranches, or are the destined to be apart forever I am still completely shocked by this book When I started I was completely expecting just another normal contemporary romance book This was all I was expecting and so much I couldn t put this book down I couldn t believe the things that were happening and I was sat reading with bated breath wondering what could possibly happen next Sacrifice of Passion has romance, mystery and danger It is action packed and fast paced and sucks you in from the very first page and has you breathlessly waiting to see what s going to happen with these characters.If I had to describe this book in one word it would be hot I totally fell in lust er I mean love with Vic Vic is HOT I was swooning so much in every scene he is in, which is a LOT He is the perfect man than everyone wants to be real I could not get enough of Vic and I am really sad that I have finished this book because I am already missing Vic I love him so much.Delaney is another fantastic character that everyone will love She s such a fantastic main character and although she is going through hell and suffering because of her past she is still strong and is determined to turn her life around and make it better It s true that at times she really irritated me because of all of the secrets she was keeping from Vic The one thing you want than ever is to see them work things out and be together so you want to shake her a little and tell her to stop being stupid and talk to him But as you read and find out about her secrets you really see why Delaney acts the way she does Yea I loved her again by the end.This book just totally blew me away and I already want to re read it I was completely blown away and Misa is now one of my favourite authors I must read all of her other books If you love books with action, romance and a hot heart stopping hero this is definitely the book for you It was completely phenomenal and I would recommend it to everyone Wow This is one of those times when I don t even know where to begin I ve known Misa for a while now as the awesome, super nice publicist from Entangled Publishing and ever since I found out that she s a writer as well, I ve literally been dying to get my hands on one of her books Sacrifice of Passion definitely didn t let me down The story begins in a ranch where one of Vic s goats is killed and drained of its blood Understandably, he calls the cops but no one has any clue about what happened and they have nothing to go on except the ramblings of an old woman named Esmeralda, who s known as a witch among the locals, claiming that it was the work of a chupacabra She also mentions one thing Delaney was back in town Sacrifice of Passion entirely different from what I expected, in a seriously good way I thought it d be a predictable romance with some sort of fight history stopping the hero and heroine from getting together but this book went way beyond my expectations Vic and Delaney have a past they were in love when they were 18 and planned to elope but things didn t work out That night went really wrong for both of them, each unaware of what really happened to the other Now it s 10 years later Vic is a single father and Delaney has intimacy issues So many things drew me in about this book I loved the romance between Vic and Delaney it s the kind that s flawed, bruised, faced betrayal and shows that there s still hope The chemistry passion and history between them was intense and powerful Delaney and Vic are quite honestly, two of the most real characters I ve ever come across, they re both imperfect and yet you can see what makes them special I couldn t help but admire Delaney s strength through the entire novel, sure she has her weak and scared moments but she shows that you can make your way back from anything Misa couldn t have written this in a better way I felt the emotions right alongside the characters in the book and the mystery storyline kept my intrigued the entire time I ve said this before and I ll say it again, I like my stories with a touch of darkness, they re the ones that really give you a happy ending and what s better than overcoming a scary beast and emotionally damaged protagonists I wasn t aware of chupacabra s until this book and the legend completely fascinated me while also spooking me out a bit Misa s writing is witty and so engaging Maybe it was just me but I highlighted so many conversations between Vic and Del, the ones at the beginning were especially amusing, she threw in some humor in between a serious story and made it workHe still hadn t gotten over the fact that Zach had named the potbelly after his mother Sheila had to be cringing, even six feet under Oh and in case I didn t say it earlier Vic is HOT I love his attitude cockiness He oozes sexiness, believe meShe narrowed her eyes You work here I own here With Ray It s probably just me but I loved that line I don t know what else to say about Sacrifice of Passion except that it s definitely one of the best adult romance mystery novels that I ve read so far If you re a fan of romance with a hint of paranormal, you d enjoy this for sure.