Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It Prime –

Simply terrible I seriously want my money back This is an editorial by a hateful person preaching against hate, not a useful or insightful passage here Stay away and save your money. There were times I wanted to rate this book 4 stars, other times 2 I split the difference Some very valid points Sometimes just a rant. I ve enjoyed Mike Monteiro s previous work and have been looking forward to this since I learned he was writing it, I was not disappointed In Ruined By Design, Monteiro accurately describes an uncomfortable reality and provides clear actionable steps that we can incorporate into our lives in hopes of turning things around This is an important book for right now, and one everyone involved with any kind of service or product production should consider, tomorrow may be too late. I m not a designer by trade I ve been a software engineer for 20 years and worked on systems that have informed, entertained and helped millions of users This book opened my eyes to the great power with which I am entrusted, and exposed me to the many deliberately and implicitly harmful decisions many in my industry have been making As software eats the world as some eggheads claim is inevitable, understanding the ethics of our work and our ability as individuals to drive the future in a positive direction will just get important Thankfully, this book exists to give us all a necessary kick in the pants. The World Is Working Exactly As Designed The Combustion Engine Which Is Destroying Our Planet S Atmosphere And Rapidly Making It Inhospitable Is Working Exactly As We Designed It Guns, Which Lead To So Much Death, Work Exactly As They Re Designed To Work And Every Time We Improve Their Design, They Get Better At Killing Facebook S Privacy Settings, Which Have Outed Gay Teens To Their Conservative Parents, Are Working Exactly As Designed Their Real Names Initiative, Which Makes It Easier For Stalkers To Re Find Their Victims, Is Working Exactly As Designed Twitter S Toxicity And Lack Of Civil Discourse Is Working Exactly As It S Designed To WorkThe World Is Working Exactly As Designed And It S Not Working Very Well Which Means We Need To Do A Better Job Of Designing It Design Is A Craft With An Amazing Amount Of Power The Power To Choose The Power To Influence As Designers, We Need To See Ourselves As Gatekeepers Of What We Are Bringing Into The World, And What We Choose Not To Bring Into The World Design Is A Craft With Responsibility The Responsibility To Help Create A Better World For All Design Is Also A Craft With A Lot Of Blood On Its Hands Every Cigarette Ad Is On Us Every Gun Is On Us Every Ballot That A Voter Cannot Understand Is On Us Every Time Social Network S Interface Allows A Stalker To Find Their Victim, That S On Us The Monsters We Unleash Into The World Will Carry Your Name This Book Will Make You See That Design Is A Political Act What We Choose To Design Is A Political Act Who We Choose To Work For Is A Political Act Who We Choose To Work With Is A Political Act And, Most Importantly, The People We Ve Excluded From These Decisions Is The Biggest And Stupidest Political Act We Ve Made As A SocietyIf You Re A Designer, This Book Might Make You Angry It Should Make You Angry But It Will Also Give You The Tools You Need To Make Better Decisions You Will Learn How To Evaluate The Potential Benefits And Harm Of What You Re Working On You Ll Learn How To Present Your Concerns You Ll Learn The Importance Of Building And Working With Diverse Teams Who Can Approach Problems From Multiple Points Of View You Ll Learn How To Make A Case Using Data And Good Storytelling You Ll Learn To Say NO In A Way That Ll Make People Listen But Mostly, This Book Will Fill You With The Confidence To Do The Job The Way You Always Wanted To Be Able To Do It This Book Will Help You Understand Your Responsibilities