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From New York Times Bestselling Author Jon Katz Comes A Moving And Powerful Novel, The First One Inspired By Life On His Celebrated Bedlam Farm And Perceptively Told From The Point Of View Of Rose, A Dedicated Working DogRose Is Determined And Focused, Keeping The Sheep Out Of Danger And Protecting The Other Creatures On The Farm She Calls Home But Of All Those She S Looked After Since Coming To The Farm As A Puppy, It Is Sam, The Farmer, Whom She Watches Most CarefullyAwoken One Cold Midwinter Night During Lambing Season, Rose And Sam Struggle Into The Snowy Dark To Do Their Work The Ever Observant Rose Has Seen A Change In Her Master Of Late, Ever Since Sam S Wife Disappeared One Day She Senses Something Else In The Air As Well A Storm Is Coming, But Not Like Any Of The Ones She S Seen Over The Years This Storm Feels Different, Bigger, ForebodingWhen An Epic Blizzard Hits The Region, It Will Take All Of Rose S Resolve, Resourcefulness, And Courage To Help Sam Save The Farm And The Creatures Who Live ThereJon Katz Consulted With Animal Behavior Scientists To Create His Unique And Convincing Vision Of The World As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Dog Poignant, Thrilling, And Beautifully Wrought, Rose In A Storm Is A Wonderfully Original And Powerful Tale From A Gifted Storyteller

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    This is an amazing story about an amazing dog Although Jon Katz usually writes non fiction I loved his fiction story told from both a human s perspective and a dog s perspective It shows a glimpse of what a working dog on a farm feels and does in a horrible and desperate snow storm It shows the relationships between man and animals and the relationships between different species of animals I definitely have a greater respect for working dogs.

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    Jon Katz has devoted most of his writing to his animals on the farm he lives I have read several of them Rose in a Storm is about his real life dog border collie Rose Although this is in fiction form The story is around Rose who looks over the farm and animals that reside there She is wondering what happened to Sam her owner s wife Katie she does not understand that Katie died it is winter time and a storm is coming a big blizzard Rose has to chase off coyotes and other dangers she also helps an old stray dog referred to as the wild dog who once lived on a farm nearby and ran away years ago when his owner died Sam her owner has an accident where he is taken away to a hospital and Rose is left to manage the farm and blizzard and dangers that go with it I liked this book very much I enjoyed that it was seen through the eyes of Rose the border collie dog anyone who likes to read about Dogs may like this touching book Jon Katz is good at getting into the thoughts a dog may have.

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    I feel so fortunate to have received an advance copy of this book It is a book I could relate to I read it with my faithful black lab at my feet Having worked at a free range veal and lamb farm which employed a couple of sheep dogs, I could easily envision Rose as she went about her work on the farm Jon Katz does a great job of putting the reader into the story His descriptions are so vivid, one can almost feel the strength of the wind and imagine the effort necessary to manage a farm during a blizzard Even though the story line takes place under harsh conditions, happier times are interwoven into the book adding to the enjoyment of the book I have often tried to figure out what goes on in a dog s mind, but have given up trying to put human thoughts into a dog s behaviors Mr Katz s interpretation of Rose s antics is logical and pleasing I wish I had this book to read during this past winter when I was housebound by the blizzards it is the kind of book that you want to read beginning to end in one sitting.

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    I finally finished it I got too emotionally involved and has to stay away from it for several days Where this book really shines is providing an insight into how the world must appear from the perspective of a dog, without excessively anthropomorphizing the view, though some amount is necessary to enable us humans to understand it For example Katz describes the dog s view of the farm and her thought processes as an image implying visual image we humans would be hard pressed to understand an image based largely on scents, as a dog s most likely would be While the plot may be a bit heavy handed, a number of the incidents I have seen earlier in Katz s non fiction work e.g Dogs of Bedlam Farm enhancing the believability of this.This book will appeal immensely to those who love dogs for what they are dogs It will appeal less to those who prefer to see dogs in anthropomorphic terms e.g themselves as mommy to the dog As an aside I wonder if Flash is a reference to Footrot Flats dog.

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    An Exceptional Bookwritten by Jon Katz, a gifted writer, that takes you into the world of Rose, a border collie shepherd mix The bond between Rose and her owner, a farmer, and the raw world of nature that is theirs, is vividly portrayed The story flows with the rhythms and events of the natural world, from skittish sheep, driven by fear, to hungry coyotes A major blizzard disrupts the farm in multiple destructive ways, bringing a snow driven struggle for survival to this powerful story.An extra dimension is provided throughout by Katz s informed knowledge, from both research and direct experience with his own dogs Rose, Izzy, Lenore and Frieda when he takes you into Rose s mind and reveals the canine soul.Not for kids, but excellent for adults and young adult readers, I found this gripping book to be totally engaging.

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    I read this in one sitting which is unheard of lately I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Rose, a border collie, who protects a farm during a massive snow storm I think the author did a great job of getting us inside Rose s thoughts without it feeling forced or gimmicky I have also read Saving Simon by the same author which is a nonfiction work Both books were wonderful

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    This is the second book I ve read about Rose, a working border collie This is a story of survival during an horrific storm as told through the eyes of both the dog and her owner While I really enjoyed the book, I thought the ending was rather odd somewhat abrupt and unfinished But all said, thoroughly enjoyed the book one that will leave you marvelling at the intelligence loyalty of this stunning breed.

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    Katz has his strengths, but there s a separation of species that irks me when he s describing the human dog bond In A Dog Year, I felt such impatience in Katz toward a dog he adopted knowing the dog was troubled In Rose, I felt so annoyed that the farmer felt keeping a distance between himself and Rose implied they worked better that way Also understand that the majority of farms operate on a shoestring, but would a solo farmer in a farming area really take no steps to augment group communication with a blizzard rolling in Sam just seemed stubborn and short sighted And some of the things Katz wrote into Rose s ability to accomplish seemed a stretch too unlikely Herding breeds are amazing independent thinkers, but it got pushed a bit too far And it was twisted to have Rose bred after the injuries and lengthy recovery she d suffered Really Nice reward, to stress her body in all new ways Ugh The Flash subplot was my favorite, a found dog finding new comfort, stability and love But, again, a rather typical Katz disconnect One dog rewarded, another put to work.

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    This is the first book from Jon Katz that I read and I LOVED it I went into this prepared I knew I will lose it somewhere along the plot and I would get emotionally invested both did happen Something about Sam s innocence and Rose s loyalty and determination that stuck out to me from every chapter Certain parts remain muddled to me due to my incompetence but overall it was a solid 4.

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    An interesting story about a farmer and his dog Rose as they deal with a severe storm on the farm It s told from both the point of view of the farmer as well as from the point of view of the dog Pretty good, but a rather strange ending If you like dogs you might like this book.