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Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BZGLNZKNew Adult Contemporary RomancePrim And Proper Middle School Teacher Isabel Montenegro Always Runs The Opposite Direction From Men Like Ramon Romero A Foul Mouthed, Uneducated, Loose Cannon Has No Place In Her Careful Plans But Instead Of Running Away, Isabel Is Completely Captivated The Intensity Of His Nature, While A Bit Daunting, Mesmerizes Her In Ways She Can T Begin To Understand She S Unwilling To Walk Away Even When Her Instincts Are Screaming At Her To RunRomero Has No Idea What He S Getting Himself Into When He First Kisses Isabel Shocked At The Passion She Invokes In Him, He Believes He Can Keep His Usual Short Fuse Under Wraps Falling Fast And Hard For Someone So Flawlessly Sweet Only Makes Him Aware That He S Far From Perfect If She Is Ever Witness To His Biggest Imperfection, He S Sure She Ll Bail But When Her Meddling Sister Does The Worst Thing Imaginable Bring Other Men Between Him And His Izzy That Fuse Is Lit And All Bets Are OffCan Two People Who Are Worlds Apart Teach Each Other How To Love, Or Will The Reality Of Their Differences Drive Them Apart

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    I didn t think I was going to love Romero He was always the goofy one BUT BOY WAS I WRONG This one had all the angst, possessiveness, and romance all Reyes books have Fabulous read.

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    Ramon Romero is a brawny, filthy mouthed, possessive, hot headed arrogant jerk, and I adore him He acts before he thinks, and one minute I wanted to slap him upside the head and the next jump on him and kiss him silly He s been a huge part of the Moreno brother s series and I was so happy that Elizabeth Reyes gave him his own book This book overlaps in storyline with Always Been Mine, Alex and Valerie s book It s where Isabel first came into the picture, and her relationship with Romero took off, much to the surprise of everyone Isabel is sweet, shy, but when challenged, she stands her ground and of course Romero is the person who takes her on Romero is a womanizer, and he likes to play hard and party even harder Raised by his uncles Manny and Max, he s a guy with an edge to him Somewhat reformed from their less than stellar past business ventures, the uncles now own a tittie bar , their idea of respectable Romero has worked for them since graduating high school It s no wonder he leads the lifestyle that he does, although he certainly has lacked for love Manny and Max adore him and are trying to do right by him the only way they know how Their parenting skills are a little unconventional and very amusing They were fun, quirky characters that frustrated Romero, but also brought out his soft side Not lacking in ambitions of his own, Romero is well on his way to establishing his own security firm, when meets his Izzy Isabel comes from an affluent proper family, but she is kind, not judgmental and sees Romero for who he truly is, and falls hard for him Their relationship goes back and forth, and back and forth, which I found to be somewhat aggravating If the author had backed off of this just a little, it would not have seemed so repetitive With that being said, it was a very enjoyable book, fit the personalities of the characters and although the timeline mirrored Always Been Mine, it was a separate story in itself Ooh la la, Salvatore is up next He s the elusive, quiet, eldest Moreno brother, and I have a feeling his is going to be a very interesting story

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    Romero by Elizabeth Reyes Book 4 in the Moreno Brother s SeriesHow does one go about telling about Romero In the earlier books we see him as the one always getting drunk early and only caring about what girls he can pick up at the parties And his mouth, well the words that come out of it, not good Be warned that Romero was raised by his two uncles and they are wellManny and Max are hilarious but pretty crude They love their boy they raised and straightened out some of their activities to be a good example for him but they don t consider cursing to be bad, they don t do well with table manners and they own a bar that is a bit than going out for a beer Along with his drinking, cursing and womanizingRomero also has a temper It goes from cold to boiling in less than 10 seconds and it s pretty dangerous considering Romero s muscular well kept physique Isabel is not from a perfect family but it sure is opposite of Romero s Her sister Pat is all about finding the perfect man for Izzy And Romero is not it, according to Pat anyways If she is not fixing her up with some fancy Navy man than it is dragging Izzy s high school sweetheart into the mix A mix that turns into dynamite if Romero sees a man anywhere near his girl and even a bit explosive if it s an ex boyfriend and it might as well be like a nuclear bomb ready to blow when you add Pat into it, they hate each other.This book is full of up and down emotions You see all the sides of Romero, including the vulnerable one He is as possessive as his friends the Moreno s but not even Alex has a temper that matches his If your like me your emotions will take you from wanting to strangle Pat to struggle along with Romero when he is trying to hold his temper Elizabeth has added another great book in her series and she has a extra mystery in the story that adds to it as well And than there is her humor Be ready to laugh hard at the antics of Manny and Max, Romero s uncles The last story is the oldest Moreno brother, Sal Already looking forward to it Read about her books on my blog at Contains strong language and sexual situations.

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    Absolutely loved this bk I knew I d like it because I love this series, ER s writing style and her sense of humor Just didn t realize how much I d like it So glad ER decided to let Romero have his own bk First of all I gotta say the uncles were outrageously hilarious Lots of LOL moments I kept having to go back and re read parts of their dialogue just for another laugh Yet underneath Romero s bawdy family there was a very endearing love between Romero, Max and Mannie Romero was even sweeter to Isabelle than in the glimpses we got in Always Been Mine There s maturity and character development for all the major players as this series moves along, however, it seemed to me Romero makes the most changes I really like how each bk goes back to scenes we ve read parts of in other bks and expands It s almost like what we read previously was a preview of what s to come I love these characters They seem so real and life like and the smack these guys talk is just so freaking funny I think Romero and Alex are a tie as the most alpha overprotective, hot heads, but at the heart of their protectiveness there s a sweetness I got a bit nervous about 3 4 in wondering how all the drama would resolve itself Really made me think about the anger issue at the heart of Romero Izzy s relationship Fortunately all was resolved nicely and Romero and Izzy got their HEA This series is a re read for me Highly recommend Can t wait for brother Sal s bk.

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    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFRomero is the latest novel in the Moreno Brothers series by Elizabeth Reyes Romero has been around since the beginning of this series He grew up around Angel Forever Mine and Sal Making You Mine , and his two best friends are Alex Always Been Mine and Eric Sweet Sofie Since the first novel in this series, Romero has been my least favorite character His lewd remarks, his filthy language, and his tough guy act have bugged me Sometimes I find these characteristics intriguing, but they never really worked for Romero Having said all of that, I really enjoyed Romero I know, crazy right I put this novel off for almost a month because I wasn t that excited about it I planned on reading it at some point because I love the Moreno Brother series and this novel is an important part of the series, but I didn t have high expectations for this novel I only expected it be okay Well, surprise, surprise I really, really enjoyed this novel.Romero wasn t a saint in this novel, but he really worked on all of the things that drive me crazy about his character his language, his crass remarks, and his attitude There was a huge change in his character from the previous novels to this one Plus, instead of watching him put a tough guy act on for his friends, I felt like I got to know the real Romero.I really enjoyed the romance between Romero and Izzy Their relationship was sweet, but also challenging Izzy s family doesn t approve of Romero, especially her sister Kat Kat causes quite a few problems between Romero and Izzy, and instead of taking the hits as they come, Romero and Izzy muck things up even .I do have one complaint about this novel, and it s this Romero was a little too possessive It s a difficult line How possessive is too possessive I m not sure exactly what makes it too much I like it when characters are a little bit protective possessive However, Romero s temper combined with his possessiveness was too much I know that he would NEVER hurt Izzy, but I don t think that he should control her either There were a few times where his jealousy was scary and overwhelming.I can t wait to read Making You Mine, Sal s story, which is published December 2011 We knew who the love interests were going to be in Always Been Mine, Sweet Sofie, and Romero Making You Mine will be the first novel since Forever Mine that is a complete surprise Not to mention, Sal is quiet, mysterious, and sexy I can t wait to see what goes on in the eldest Moreno Brother s mind.I gave Romero by Elizabeth Reyes 4 STARS 3.5 STARS I strongly recommend this novel and this companion series XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING

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    I really enjoyed it I can t wait for Sal s book.

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    How can I not fall for Romero He s a good looking arrogant hothead who has a filthy mouth, possessive as hell with a temper to boot yet he s the goofy and adorable one I just didn t think I d fall hard for him which I did He has a sweet and vulnerable side which got me.Izzy is Romero s polar opposite in upbringing given that she came from an uptight affluent family while Romero was raised by his uncles who own a titty bar His uncles, while a little rough around the edges, were good guys now They d come a long way from their days of being thugs They gave up the life of trafficking and gambling for a respectable way of life they opened up a titty bar Loved Manny and Max Such colorful characters Romero and Izzy maybe different in a lot of ways but they were perfect together Their story was fun and eventful though it gave me a whiplash from all the back and forth There were so much things happening, a lot of drama I wanted to shout enough already This is the only reason why I had to knock off a star I felt sorry for them STILL I enjoyed their story a lot Another great read from Elizabeth Reyes.

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    Romero is a great addition to the series surrounding the Moreno brothers, I really liked his intensity and how we see past some of the ways that the brothers see him when they are younger His relationship with Izzy was beautifully written and I can t wait for the next book about Sal to come out

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    Loved Romero s story He and Izzy are perfect together I can totally relate to their story There s just one thing that I m still curious aboutwhy does he go by his last name He never explained that

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    Short Reviews for the whole Moreno Brothers series 1 Forever Mine The Moreno Brothers 1 5 STARS out of 5 stars When he finally opened his eyes he saw her sit upand smile at him She was beautiful, her dark hair wastousled, and her green eyes glimmered God have mercy.He d died and gone to heaven WHAT IS IT ABOUT It s about Sarah and Angel s relationship which will be put into test when he finds out about Sarah s unusual relationship with her best friend, Sydney.PLOT PACING Interesting twist s and fast pacing.THE CHARACTERS One of those books that you fall In love with ALL of its characters And that is why I continued reading all of the companion books WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOK The beautiful, sweet and immediate bond between Sarah and Angel.2 Always Been Mine The Moreno Brothers 2 5 STARS out of 5 stars I love you Alex I don t think I ll ever get tired of hearing you say that sweetheart He lifted himself on his elbow and kissed her I love you too Forever Valerie still could t believe the impossibility of this night If she woke up in her bed and this all had been a dream she was going to kill someone WHAT IS IT ABOUT Alex will do anything just to prove Valerie they deserve a second chance He will show her that happiness is only a heartbeat away, if only she gives him one chance PLOT PACING Romantic, intense and hot Veryy fast paced.THE CHARACTERS Alex and Valerie were the characters I mostly fell for because a I felt I could relate and connect with Valerie a lot for some reason and I understand her completely.b I loved how possessive and protective Alex was in a good way when he was around Valerie WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOK The fact that Alex will never give up on them, because they are meant to each other just a little too much 3 Sweet Sofie The Moreno Brothers 3 4 STARS out of 5 stars WHAT IS IT ABOUT It s about Sofie s forbidden relationship with brother s and her childhood best friend, Eric.PLOT PACING The plot was pretty interesting and enjoyable but not as great as the rest of the books Although, it was still worth it.THE CHARACTERS Just one word SWEET.WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOK Its sweetness and purity i4 Romero The Moreno Brothers, 4 5 STARS out of 5 stars He didn t say a word and she didn t ask anything else, just ran her fingers through his hair until his breathing began to calm Without letting go of her or even pulling away to face her he finally whispered against her ear, Please don t leave me I promise I ll try harder Slowly he pulled away and their eyes met I m nothing without you, Izzy WHAT IS IT ABOUT It s about a Casanova kind of boys who falls madly in love with a good kind og girl and he ll do anything for her, no matter their differences.PLOT PACING Sexy, addictive and fast pacing.THE CHARACTERS From the first time I got to meet Romero in Forever Mine , I was very intrigued with him and wanted to see how such a monogamous and not only one girl kind of guy could fall in love and be with only one girl I was amazed to find out how perfect they were for each other, Isabel and Romero.Before him I thought Alex was my favorite boy but now, I think I have two WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOK Easy ROMERO And his temper but don t say anyone I admitted that D.5 Making You Mine The Moreno Brothers, 5 5 STARS out of 5 stars She closed her eyes It s hard to believe I m not dreaming Open your eyes, Gracie, he whispered against her lips We re living the dream Forever starts today She opened her eyes and stared at him Forever He smiled nodding before kissing her again Forever.WHAT IS IT ABOUT It s about Sal and Grace s unexpected acquaintance when she applies for a job at Sal family s restaurant PLOT PACING Beautiful plot and atmosphere and very fast pacing.THE CHARACTERS Sal, like the rest of the Moreno family, did not disappoint Even without the intensity and temper of his brothers, sister and Romero, he was amazing and very caring.Also, I really admired Grace for her passion at cooking Very inspiring WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOK How gentleman Sal was and how passionate Grace was about what she loves.ExtraWHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT THE SERIES I loved the fact that every time I picked up a book, I felt like I belonged with the family.Like I was a part of it, too Imagine that Being a part of the Moreno family FAVOURITE BOOK IN THE SERIES For some weird reason, when I firstly thought about it, Alex came to my mind but now it is impossible for me to decide I loved the whole new Moreno family RECOMMENDED TO Everyone