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I first was exposed to this book in fifth grade and I have to say, it changed me forever The struggles young Cassie Logan and her family faced as a strong black family in the Jim Crow south were eye opening to me I guess as a child, until I read this book, I thought there was slavery and then there was freedom This book taught me that there was a LOT of gray in between and it made me angry to know that there really wasn t justice and equality for everyone in my country, the way it was supposed to be It was the first time a book exposed me to the idea that there can and is a disconnect between what laws say, what the government says, and what actually happens in practice This is the first of a trilogy,followed by let the circle be unbroken and the road to memphis I loved the whole series. Why Is The Land So Important To Cassie S Family It Takes The Events Of One Turbulent Year The Year Of The Night Riders And The Burnings, The Year A White Girl Humiliates Cassie In Public Simply Because She S Black To Show Cassie That Having A Place Of Their Own Is The Logan Family S Lifeblood It Is The Land That Gives The Logans Their Courage And Pride No Matter How Others May Degrade Them, The Logans Possess Something No One Can Take Away when i was little, i would get dropped off at the library in lieu of daycare, particularly in the summer, when there were programs for kids without friends so, if i spent my childhood in a library, how did i miss out on so many childrens classics just what was it i was reading i think i read mostly lois duncan but this book is great, really i have learned to respect the newbery award except for the black pearl which is just a newbery honor, but still this book could be republished as an adult book and no one would notice the writing is very good she has a great ear for realistic dialogue and she builds tension very well, it is even an adult book length and i was so pleased that the ending didnt make everything all right i wonder if the woodside library has summer programs for friendless kids i may have to join them and take the lois duncan out of their hands. I ain t nobody s little nigger The above sentence was hurled in anger by Cassie Logan, a young girl growing up with her strong, loving family in Mississippi at the height of the Depression It wasn t the first time I cheered aloud for her spirit and bravery, and it wasn t the last The Logan family may seem to be at the mercy of the local white folks, but they re not going down without a fight.Her mother attempts to explain to Cassie the facts How come Mr Simms went and pushed me like he did Mama s eyes looked deeply into mine, locked into them, and she said in a tight clear voice, Because he thinks Lillian Jean is better than you are, Cassie When Cassie wonders if Mr Simms thinks Lillian Jean is better because she is his daughter, Mama s answer stuns her No, baby, because she s white Her father explains things a little differently There are things you can t back down on, things you gotta take a stand on But it s up to you to decided what them things are You have to demand respect in this world, ain t nobody just gonna hand it to you How you carry yourself, what you stand for that s how you gain respect But, little one, ain t nobody s respect worth than your own The recorded version I listened to offers a powerful afterward by Taylor, whose great grandfather was born a slave Racism still exists, she proclaims, before going on to decry attempts to whitewash history by banning books that may be too painful or use the n word There is plenty of violence and terror in this book, but it s a compelling story that NEEDS to be read, and a lesson that needs to be repeated again and again As Cassie s wise mother states, Everybody born on this earth is something and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor should not be a book that anyone would want to read or enjoy by any stretch of the imagination It s biggest and perhaps only positive is that it is truthful about the horrors of racism in the 30s, especially in the South Great for historical research and for understanding and knowing how to prevent such a thing from happening again Other than that, it has nothing to recommend it.The characters are either annoying, stubborn, or racist Cassie is not the kind of character I can stand behind She is stupid Why are children in fiction novels almost always dimwits Do adults see all children like this People there s a difference between innocence and stupidity I also very much doubt that even the most sheltering parents of all day which Cassie s parents aren t, truly could have kept Cassie from learning about racism when she is daily the subject of it.The whole book basically plays out like so White people are racist and prejudiced and ignorant Cassie Why would they do that I can t believe they d do that I have absolutely no clue why anyone would behave like that I m just as good as them Actually, Cassie is very stupid not that her lack of mental prowess makes her less, technically , but that has nothing to do with her race Everyone in this book is pretty stupid in a way.Cassie s parents for not bothering to properly equipping their daughter to live in the sad world she was born into Or any of their younger children But somehow ten year old Stacey figured it out What the what The people who are not African American are all stupid and heartless with one or two possible exceptions.Uncle Hammer is an idiot who keeps getting the family into trouble by thinking he s going to make a difference in society by being stubborn and stupid Seriously, I know at some point that man is doomed to get killed And I m not saying that s right that so, so wrong but Sometimes you have to just bear it I m sorry, but it s really true Or if you must die for the cause, which is some ways would be a very worthy thing to do, don t do it in such a way that your brother, his wife, and his little ones will get killed, too Stacey is actually decently intelligent, but he s also foolish at times Also, he seems a lot older than he is But I suppose that s realistic considering the times.I like Little Man But calling him Little Man instead of Clay or something like that doesn t make a ton of sense I just so happen to like the name Clayton Chester Logan Also, Logan is quite possibly the coolest last name ever.The African American folks in this book all spoke with a demeaning way, but so did the white people The word negro in variations was used quite a bit, both by the African Americans and by the white folks I suppose that s kind of realistic, but that doesn t make it pleasant.As I said before, the issues of racism which were brought up were the only good thing about this book It was painfully honest about all the lynching, the social injustice, how terribly the African Americans were treated, etc Pretty scary However, that doesn t override the fact that it just isn t a good story.I think it s important for people to know about these kinds of things, to be well informed so this kind of prejudice won t happen again though I doubt we can prevent some form of it from happening eventually unless Jesus comes soon people are pretty sinful and stupid as a whole, if you haven t noticed.However, we shouldn t be required to read bad books to get one little message I m sure there are thousands of great books out there who deal with this exact same subject in a much tasteful and interesting way.And which have intelligent, informed characters Cause if the character doesn t know what s going on, then I can t imagine some grade school child reading this book will It s seriously a matter of this book just being to confusing and all over the place due to Cassie s narrative to be useful to children its intended audience It s not worthwhile for an adult or teen, as there are better books out there for them, so its purpose is completely and utterly obliterated Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews I loved this book It s definitely a must read for everyone Here are a couple of my favorite quotations from the book During a conversation between Cassie and her mother after Cassie is treated horribly by Lillian Jean Simms and her father I didn t say that Lillian Jean is better than you I said Mr Simms only thinks she is In fact, he thinks she s better than Stacey or Little Man or Christopher John Just cause she s his daughter I asked, beginning to think Mr Simms was a bit touched in the head No, baby, because she s white Mama s hold tightened on mine, but I exclaimed, Ah, shoot White ain t nothin Mama s grip did not lessen It is something, Cassie White is something just like black is something Everybody born on this earth is something and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else Here s the other quote I really like Uncle Hammer chastising Stacey after Stacey foolishly gives away his brand new coat If you ain t got the brains of a flea to see that this T.J fellow made a fool of you, then you ll never get anywhere in this world It s tough out there, boy, and as long as there are people, there s gonna be somebody trying to take what you got and trying to drag you down It s up to you whether you let them or notIf you want something and it s a good thing and you got it in the right way, you better hang on to it and don t let nobody talk you out of it You care what a lot of useless people say bout you you ll never get anywhere What an important piece of work You know it s worth reading when it s a Banned BookRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry made the American Library Association most challenged book in 2002 Some cases where Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was banned or challenged 1993 A Louisiana high school removed it from its reading list because of racial bias Mar 24, 2014 This book is about family and the strong ties that bind them, as well as racism in America during the Great Depression It takes place in Mississippi in 1933, only 68 years after slavery ended The Narrator is a young black girl named Cassie, and it takes place throughout an entire year, as her family struggles with keeping their cotton farm, all while dealing with cruel and harsh treatment from white townsfolk This book won the Newberry Medal in 1976, and I know why What an amazing book The audiobook is so powerful i highly recommend it Not only is the story vividly told, but the author herself discusses her life and experiences that molded this novel and it s truly inspiring And awful Twice I had to stop the audio and get up and do something else, because I couldn t handle the emotions I was feeling with it Anger, sadness, embarrassment, disbelief, to name a few Anger by far was the most prevalent A historical fiction novel this is and isn t mainly on the historical part This garbage is STILL going on, it s still prevalent in this world today and that s sickening This story takes place in 1933, it was published in 1976, and here we are, in 2016, and this book hasn t dated at all So sad. This review was written for my young adult literature classRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor is a beautifully narrated novel about racism, class distinction, friendship, pride, and love This novel is told from the perspective of young Cassie Logan, a fourth grade black girl, and its na ve and innocent voice encourages readers of all ages to question the nature of human cruelty and the universal subject of inequality This is a coming of age, young adult novel that illustrates the complexities of racial and social discrimination inside a community that depends on each of its members, regardless of racial or social status, to survive Throughout the book, Mildred Taylor writes with a distinct style and uses setting and sound to symbolize the growing tension in her novel The first half of her title, Roll of Thunder, also serves as a major motif throughout the novel Taylor writes with a preoccupation for sounds and she develops the extended metaphor of the growing storm to emphasize tension in the community as well as the need for and the inevitability of relief.In the beginning pages of the book, Cassie describes the Jefferson Davis County School, the school that the white children attend The most noticeable detail in Cassie s description is the school s Confederate flag that flies above its American flag showing that racism is very prominent in the community In these opening pages, the setting is described as dry and hot The story is still introducing its characters when the tension begins with the rumors of the burnings The dust from the hot weather, in these opening chapters, dirties the children as they walk to and from school but, this dust is light and undamaging Little Man cleans himself of it before he even gets to school However, the story gets complex with the introduction of Papa and Mr Morrison whose voice was like the roll of low thunder 37 , and following the plot s increasing complexities is the increasing storm When the rain first begins, it seems light and trivial, but very soon it comes down in torrents, turning all the dust to mud The children are covered as they march to and from school and in their misery they intensify the community tension by sabotaging the white children s bus Big Ma speaks to Little Man about his concern for the mud, but she also provides a thread of hope amid the books overall theme of racial equality Lord, child, don t you know one day the sun ll shine again and you won t get muddy no 45.As the story continues, the storm also continues to grow Although the story is increasingly intense, there are moments of flux when both the plot and storm seem uncomfortably peaceful however, each of these times proves to be the warmth and the peace before an even bigger storm erupts At the very end of the story, the tension is at its peak The electricity from the lightning fills the air as the Logan children accompany the injured T.J back to his home At this point the Wallaces drive up in a crescendo of ugly hate 254 that seems to echo the lightning and thunder, and soon it seems that the whole community is at war ironic since many of the men fought together in the Civil War T.J is taken away, Papa leaves the house, and the field starts on fire there is a frenzy of commotion and anxiety as Big Ma and Mama leave to save the land The rain finally comes as a relief from the storm and the fire The Logan children laugh joyously into the thundering night before heading to the fields where they find the entire community, regardless of race, working together to put out the fire In perhaps the most poignant moment of the book, the community gathers together to work and to save what matters most to them The book ends with pouring rain, which suggests that neither the literal storm nor the storm of inequality is over as would the appearance of a rainbow for example however, the rain suggests relief and hope Survival and equality in the community is possible they must work together amid the war Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a book that captures its readers through its emotional story and its captivating narrative Mildred Taylor uncovers many issues regarding racial and societal inequality through her complex characters Her novel is one that describes the harshness of reality, but it does so while providing hope for the future.I loved this book I read it in elementary school and remember weeping at the end Reading it again I realize how many complex issues it discusses and how beautifully it is written Cassie Logan is the most intriguing narrator This book is a must read for children. Wow I read this when I was a kid but reading it now it s a different experience Every day I watch videos of white people, emboldened BY Trump s presidency, calling Black people niggers or telling minorities to go back where they came from and while I was reading this, I just felt a quiet sort of rage Mildred Taylor has created a family that isn t the damn Cosby show They are a simple unit, happy and content, but not unaware of what s going on around them They are aware of the white people around them, but not afraid of them Cassie is a typical big mouth 9 year old I love her character though and she is the perfect narrator for this story I felt the strength from Cassie s mom, dad, and Uncle Hammer flow through me as I read this I would never bow down to a white person ever And I ll be damned if I ever will And my daughter, like Cassie, will follow on those footsteps. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a book about racism in America during the Great Depression During reading this book, it made me feel anxious that the idea of racism, judgment, criticism, and stereotypes are existing in our society I feel bad for the people who are considered different from us just by how they look, what their race is, and what their skin color is I wish that it will be gone forever With a sudden flash, BOOM NO RACISM Everyone is treated fairly Everyone is equal That s my dream society That s my hope and wish that might happen in the future However, I know that this is what cannot happen in reality People s thoughts Our thoughts about people who have different aspects and characteristics should change It is our thoughts that are making people in our society being judged and criticized We need to start thinking in another way about people, humans That is how we can finish racism I thought to myself while reading, When will racism end When will the idea of racism be gone and be broken in our society , and I think that the answer is that, racism and criticism of people who are different from normal people will never end It will last as long as it can Forever Until we come to a day when everyone starts to abandon the thoughts and stereotypes and make a new society where there is no racism existing.