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Recycle, Renew, Reuse And Upcycle Learn How To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure Nd Edition BEST SELLER In Decorating And Decorating Design Do You Ever Wonder What To Do With All That Stuff Just Sitting Around The House Or Piled In The Garage You Hate To Throw It Away, But Dont Really Have A Use For It, Either Upcycle Upcycling Is A Wonderful Way To Express Your Creativity, Have Fun, Decorate, And Make Money Upcycling Takes Something That May Have Otherwise Been Thrown Into The Trash And Improves Or Maintains Its UseDecorate Your House With Unique Items, Give One Of A Kind Gifts, Learn To Plan Parties And Events With Interesting Ideas, And Have Great Projects For The Kids The Possibilities Are Endless LearnWhat Is Upcycling Materials And Tools Youll Need To Be SuccessfulHow To Be Creative And UniqueHow To Make DecorationsGiftsPlan EventsFurniture IdeasHow To Market Your Items And Make A Profit Includes PicturesMuch, Much Start Making Money From Home Make Homemade Gifts Decorate Your Home Get Started Today Download Your Copy NOW

5 thoughts on “RECYCLE, REUSE, RENEW: Upcycle With DIY Crafts (Decorating Your Home, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts, Garage Sale, DIY Hacks) (English Edition)

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    If you are looking for a craft book with step by step project this is NOT the book to get If you are looking for a book with nice photos for every project this book is NOT the one to buy What this book has is a list of ideas of how to re use items you already own and don t want to throw out There are some good ideas, but I would have liked to see than just a list of ideas Like for making a quilt out of old clothing, it just says make a quilt It does not tell you how to make a quilt This book is not fun or entertaining or inspirational It is just a verbal description of ideas I can say that this not the worst book on recycling I have read It does have some pictures and it does not try to promote the author s other books on every page like another recycling book I purchased But I was hoping for detailed project descriptions, and better photos I had a feeling this book was put together in a hurry.Ali Julia review

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    The author began this book with an informative, yet brief explanation of what, why and how to recycle upcycle I especially liked that she mentioned a few times that it s important to include children when repurposing recycled items Kudos to her for that There were some good ideas throughout the book As an avid DIYer Recycler, I didn t find many project ideas that I hadn t already tried or heard about, however I was really hoping to be able to review this book for my DIY Mom blog.This would have been a much better book had there been accompanying instructions and photos Most readers who purchase these types of books want to see the process of creating upcycled items, as well as being able to see how the finished product will look I d like to see an updated version of this book that includes project instructions and photos If it ever becomes available I d buy it

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    I understand recycling, renewing and reusing things, especially since most things seem to be made for throwing away when they become obsolete or are broken But the book spent a lot of time on generalities I thought it would have specific how to recycle or reuse There were some specific projects A few had pictures but the book could have used This would give the reader some visual ideas for their own projects There was one section on reusing paper that I disagreed with Some of the ideas seemed to be things that will just be stuff to be disposed of layer when the chold s room gets cleaned Still there are some good ideas and a lot of readers will enjoy looking at their cast offs through a new lens.

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    Lots of ideas, little substance Very very few pictures and the vast majority of projects had no instruction The editing was really bad, I m not usually distracted by poor editing, yet I was with this book The only reason I give this 2 stars instead of one is she does cover about every possible medium, soup to nuts, so to speak If you are an experienced crafter, you may find ideas in here you ve not yet found on Pinterest or elsewhere.

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    This book is very enjoyable and very interesting Give an old items new life by crafting and upcycling process Upcycling is very fun and enjoyable especially when you and your children are doing it together Every concept of upcycling is truly an art that everyone will enjoy doing it This process will blow your creativity that can improve your creativity.This book has very interesting concept about upcycling that will help you to relax and have fun From this book, you will learned new things that can created in old items such as bottle caps,jewelry and many This book explain the importance and benefits of upcycling not just in our homes but also in our environment I have so much fun reading and applying all the steps and advises from this book I recommend this book to everyone who are interested to become Eco friendly and to have colorful and artistic homes.