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While New Technology And Complicated Theories Promise To Take Your Trading To The Next Level, The Truth Is That Long Term Success In This Field Is Rooted In Simplicity That S Why Al Brooks Has Created Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar With This Book, Brooks A Technical Analyst For Futures Magazine And An Independent Trader Demonstrates How Applying Price Action Analysis To Chart Patterns Can Help Enhance Returns And Minimize Downside Risk Along The Way, You Ll Discover The Importance Of Understanding Every Bar On A Price Chart, Why Particular Patterns Are Reliable Setups For Trades, And How To Locate Entry And Exit Points As Markets Are Trading In Real TimeThroughout These Pages, Some Of The Most Useful Tools For Deciphering Price Action Are Covered In Detail, Including Trendlines And Trend Channel LinesPrior Highs And LowsBreakouts And Failed BreakoutsThe Size Of Bodies And Tails On CandlesThe Relationship Between Current Bars To Prior BarsAnd Much Learning What The Market Is Telling You Can Be Difficult, But With The Right Approach, You Can Achieve This Goal And Capture Consistent Profits In The Process Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar Has All The Information You Need To Succeed At This Endeavor And Will Put You In The Best Position Possible To Make The Most Of Your Time In Today S Turbulent MarketsPraise For Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar Al Brooks Has Written A Book Every Day Trader Should Read On All Levels, He Has Kept Trading Simple, Straightforward, And Approachable By Teaching Traders That There Are No Rules, Just Guidelines, He Has Allowed Basic Common Sense To Once Again Rule How Real Traders Should Approach The Market This Is A Must Read For Any Trader That Wants To Learn His Own Path To Success Noble DraKoln, Founder OfSpeculatorAcademy And Author Of Trade Like A Pro And Winning The Trading Game Al Brooks Is A Trader S Trader He Understands The Focused Energy It Takes To Be Successful At Trading And Works Long, Hard Hours In Front Of The Computer Screen To Beat The Markets In His First Trading Book, He Outlines, Selflessly, His Strategy Step By Step A Doctor And Educator In His Previous Life, He Uses His Eye For Detail And Transfers Lessons He Learned In Training Himself On The Art Of Trading To The Written Page For Those Who Are Willing To Delve Into The Details Of Day Trading And Dedicate The Time And Energy To Do It Seriously And Most Likely Profitably, Al Brooks S Book Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar, Is A Must Read Ginger Szala, Publisher And Editorial Director, Futures Magazine

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    The bible for serious traders, bar none.

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    hard to read, but fairly insightful

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    Read through 100 pages before giving up This book is insanely rich in material, however that simultaneously is its weak point The book being packed with huge amounts of info, is insanely difficult to read and you will find yourself being confused and overwhelmed by even just a paragraph of information Al Brooks rewrote and elaborated the material in this book into three separate books which are written in a comprehensive manner Still however, it is not recommended for absolute beginners.I give this book a 3.5 5 It s amazingly informative There s 1 point lost on the effort and time required to decipher the huge block of texts Half a point is deducted from the lack of annotations and poor placement of the charts.

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    Im rating this 3 5 because while most of the material its good, and it does have some interesting set ups for price action trading, the writing style and organization of the whole book makes it almost imposible to keep track of the setups and logic behind them.Price action bar interpretation is right on, and in tune with other books on the subject, but the lack of organization and the added difficulty of the author giving new names to already known things MB2 means buying a test of the EMA on a 2nd high low, Hight 2 to refer to the 2nd high on a rally makes this a tough non didactical read.The material and set ups are nice, though nothing ground breaking I do like his views on some of this classics of price action, but he should get a better editor.Im going to check out his other books and videos, if any of them are any good I will be rating them for you here at goodreads

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    Takes a huge amount of willpower and concentration to finish this book Even so, I had to skip a few pages now and then when it became overwhelming.This is a no nonsense book on reading price action Even though, like all other TA books, some analyses came across as a tad hindsight driven, the author was able to use a consistent approach to highlight how he came to the interpretations I would say it is very enlightening and provided me with fresh perspectives for my own trading.

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    This is a very serious book Also tough 1.I recommend a follow up from Brooks website where he reviews bars Daily so as to make good sense of what he s written here.http view2 Download End of Day Market data and follow through,if you re also that serious.

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    Note to self He is a trader, not a writer Very hard to read, basically slogged through the entire book Lots of information, not well presented either that or there is something wrong with my comprehension skills